Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reminiscing Briefly...

.:The Start Of Something New:.

Last Monday was memorable because I met up with Ma’am Sining, my teacher way back in Psych 100. It was great seeing her and how well married life was treating her, as she has a very beautiful son, to say the least. Her husband was also very genial and meeting her along with some of her friends really made me feel glad that I kept in touch with her all these years.

I think what really stuck to me was when, after hours of good conversation, Ma’am Sining told me that she was proud of me. As she’s one of my absolute favourites, I think it was exceptionally heartwarming for me to hear that coming from her.

On that day again, I made a couple new friends, as I met up with Grysh, J, and of course, Michelle. They were a pretty fun bunch to hang around with, as I enjoyed talking with them about anything and everything. It was really good because I made friends with them mainly through Facebook, and I didn’t want to seem just like some weird cyber-friend they have or anything like that.

Ultimately, it was awesome getting to meet these people and just enjoying their company. I really felt great knowing that we collectively hit it off right off the bat, and capping our day with a nice early dinner at Bellini’s certainly made our time together that much more awesome. It’s hard to complain about being able to spend my time like that, and I’m all for getting to know them better.

Especially Michelle. She’s such a ray of sunshine. :P

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