Monday, February 15, 2010

Project 365 (46/365): Flower Productions

.:46/365: Flower Productions:.

What’s the simplest way to attract a girl? In a lot of cases, the answer would be “flowers.” Well, thank goodness that magicians are excellent at producing flowers, aren’t they?

There are a ton of different methods for producing flowers, but it’s very direct to the point and catches people’s attention, especially when you’re trying to win someone over. One moment, your hands are empty, the next, you produce a lovely bouquet of flowers. That should at least bring a smile to the face of any lady who likes flowers.

Magicians have always been known for producing stuff out of thin air, and flowers appear to be a normal part of their repertoire. This also explains the sudden and strange onrush of hiring magicians to perform at weddings, which certainly seems weird but is a welcome development for one such as myself, since I’ve already developed routines catered towards that.

I normally don’t do rapid-fire productions, but in my arsenal, I count at least four different ways I can produce flowers on the spot. It’s pretty cool when I think about it, and I reserve those bits for very special performances that I rarely get booked in. It’s a bit ironic that what is standard fare for others is a rarity for me, but I like keeping myself distinct in that way. The raconteur in me gives a very special touch to romantic spiels and the like, and it becomes a journey into love, rather than just magical production after magical production. I like weaving a tale that takes the audience through emotional highs and lows, and ensures that I would never steal the show from the real stars of that night: the wedding couple.

In any case, flower productions are really awesome. Most magicians know how to do at least one variation of it and most of them have probably done it before to attempt to woo somebody. No shame in that.

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