Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project 365 (49/365): A Prelude To Escapology

.:49/365: A Love-Centric Prelude To Escapology:.

I think this is a nice way to signpost what’s gonna happen in March: escapology month.

I was meaning not to talk about escapology until March, but I figured that with all the routines involved in escapology that many people point to as perfect for February, it’d be a good idea to bring up the allure of escapology to the thrill-seeking magician.

First of all, the best escape routines do involve some measure of risk, and it doesn’t matter how good you are, things could go wrong. Sure, you’ve practiced suspending yourself upside down for hours to do the straitjacket escape, but what if strong gusts of wind start blowing you around while performing, for example? What if you take longer than expected and black out due to the blood rushing to your head? Escapology is not the sanest form of magic one could engage himself in, to be honest.

But see, with each padlock and rope, with each handcuff and shackle, that little spice in one’s lovelife always bubbles just on the surface. Some performers will gladly point it out, but most will be content in letting the sensations just seep right in. When it comes to escapology, it’s so undeniably raw, so passionate, so... aphrodisiac, even, that the art of escape becomes enthralling, liberating, and downright sexy, even.

Escape artists have a reputation for possessing unbelievable amounts of sex appeal (Maybe with the exception of me. LOL.). There’s something about the danger an escapologist puts himself in that makes him seem larger than life and all the more appealing. Just ask Criss Angel how many girls probably fawned all over him when he did a special set on escape acts. Similarly, a guy who normally puts himself in grave danger, David Blaine, also attracts a lot of attention, albeit he’s not really an escape artist, per se. Their passion for their craft, their willingness to risk life and limb to entertain people, makes them seem dangerous, and appealing at the same time. They like living on the edge, ergo, the implicit conclusion is they must be the same in love.

Also, being bound and gagged can be downright kinky, when you get down to it. There’s that, too.

The next time you think about tying a magician in hopes he’d escape and impress you, don’t be too disappointed if he didn’t get away. Chances are, he likes it that way.

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