Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Project 365 (34/365): The Falkensteins

.:34/365: Glen Falkenstein and Frances Willard:.

Ah, love. Soft as an easy chair.

It’s not everyday you run into a mentalism duo, and these two performers epitomize precisely that. Glen Falkenstein and his wife, Frances Willard, have performed for decades, and are certainly well-known in the magic industry as great entertainers who have perfected a tandem act that only they could possibly do.

I recently mentioned Falkenstein’s blindfold act in passing in a previous entry, but it bears repeating that the main advantage Glen and Frances have when performing this act is that they are so in tune with each other, that they have devised the perfect way to just make the seemingly impossible happen. Their signature blindfold act is a sight to behold, and it’s filled with great moments of brilliance and comedy.

It’s also interesting to note that the great Michael Ammar is actually married to one of Frances’s daughters (She had a first husband before Glen.). That’s just magic royalty right there, and I must say, out of all the many magician relationships over the history of the industry, it’s this one in particular that tickles my fancy, more than anything else. I know some people love Paul Daniels and his lovely wife more, but as a mentalist, I can’t help but be biased towards Glen and Frances, especially since I also like using their infamous “Gypsy Myster”, even though that’s more of an escapology act when Jay and I perform it.

Call me cheesy, but I think the fact that these two have been in a loving relationship for so long has allowed them a connection so strong that their act has simply been enhanced by it. It’s also a genuine tandem act at that. I personally don’t feel that Frances is merely an assistant to Glen, but truly a partner onstage.

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