Friday, February 05, 2010

Before The Weekend...

.:Yet Another Article Published:.

I’m on a roll lately, so my article entitled “On Choo-Choo Trains and Loco Motives” has been published on The POC. Pretty cool, and I have another column I’m drawing up come Monday...

.:Spicy Monday:.

I opened again for Spicy Fingers last Monday night, and it was quite a fun experience as I performed magic to get the crowd going, what with the Shackles just really getting them all pumped for the rest of the comics that night. That was a pretty good way to really open as it kept the audience at a high energy level throughout the entire show. GB was a revelation that night, as he brought his A-game to slay the audience right then and there. With Tim Tayag as the headliner last Monday, it was a very solid bookend to a very solid night of comedy all around.

.:Alchemy Night:.

It was the eighth time I did standup for the year (Yes, I insist on keeping count.), and I’ve had a lot of success tonight, tweaking my set more and more to my liking, as well as trying out a lot of new material. GB was the main event of the night, and I must say, he really took the stage by storm that night. It was rather amusing that I ended up singing “S2pid Luv” that night, though, and I had it recorded.

.:Foot In Mouth Disease!:.

Apparently, I put two highschool batchmates and one college batchmate on blast on the air last Wednesday on the Disenchanted Kingdom. It was a pretty crazy show, really. The Disenchanted Kingdom featured only myself, Marf, and Logan, and Ms. Topacio cancelled, but we still held our own and had a pretty interesting show regardless.

It was really funny when they asked me about being in an all-boys school, though. Apparently, Logan and Marf both came from co-ed schools in high school, and they found the concept so weird and interesting at the same time. They were trying to figure out what the social cliques were in our school, how we got along without having cute girls to inspire us, and how hard a time our more attractive teachers must have had, being the object of everyone’s attention (and lust).

I even told them a story about two classmates of mine who ran off with each other for a week. For all intents and purposes, they unofficially eloped. And one of them is married to a girl now, so I guess that has to be a weird phase in his life or something. Haha.

Considering how Monday was all about conspiracy theories, last Wednesday was quite a long way off, to say the least. I had to sit out of Thursday and Friday as I wasn’t prepared to talk about Multilevel Marketing. I was just gonna weigh the whole show down if I were there.

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