Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project 365 (54/365), And Random Goodness...

.:Sabado Nights:.

Hosted Merei's debut last Saturday, and I'm still on a high about it. Will write more some other time, though.

.:A Return To Magic:.

Joined a tournament last Sunday. This is the first time in a long time that I have, and I'm pretty happy that I did.

.:Met An Angel, Then A Reunion...:.

Last Monday, it was a great time to meet someone I've been speaking to only online and via SMS prior to last night. I also got to know her sister and her sister's boyfriend, so at least it wasn't an awkward encounter and we all hit things off just fine.

Afterwards, I headed out to UP to meet Ma'am Sining, who was in town for a couple of weeks. It's been a while, and it felt mighty great to hear her tell me that she was proud of me.

Ma'am Sining was one of my favorite teachers in college. It wasn't so hard to see why.
.:54/365: Daniel Garcia’s Stop:.

I know this is a plug for “Control”, but DG’s stuff is in this particular DVD.

Ever liked the feeling of someone leaning on your chest? Well, this is one of those incredibly presumptuous routines that can scare the Hades out of your spectator while giving you an excuse to cozy up to them.

While the video might be about “Control”, I’d rather save that particular routine for a different day, and focus instead on the bonus material in this Wayne Houchin DVD, known as “Stop”. His good friend, Daniel Garcia, shows a different side of himself as he performs this routine with all the homoerotic underpinnings they could muster as he stops his heart for Wayne Houchin himself to hear it very distinctly.

The ability of a human person to control his heartbeat has always been a matter of interest for a lot of people both in the medical profession and in the ninjitsu industry, all the same.

This is a routine that I wouldn’t suggest you to do unless you have the persona to pull it off. Asking a random girl to just put her ear to your chest seems to be asking for trouble if you don’t know how to play it off well.

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