Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quickly, Before I Fall Asleep!

.:Disenchanted Kingdom’s Strong Opening:.

Although I did swing by nextdoor to say “hi” to senatoriable Ruffy Biazon, I have to say that Monday’s DK was a really good one, what with the stuff that went on, including Logan singing musicals and talking about the APO Hiking Society concert and the fact that Marf ran into a hot celebrity in Big Fish who actually held his hand that night.

We even took the time out to pick on standup comedian Paul Baluyot, all the way from Canada. Nothing like a little bit of racism to start off his day. Heh.

.:School Of Hard Knocks:.

With my thesis set for a defense soon and my odds of marching hanging by a thread, it was a good time to meet some of my Yale kids from Reedley last night in Eastwood.

Ultimately, I’m happy that Gaita’s been doing very well, Mishka just finished her stint in Big Foot, and Paolo seems to be enjoying his time doing music. At some point, I have faith they will find their true calling and achieve their potential, because really, there’s nothing worse in this world for a teacher than having amazing students who don’t live up to the unlimited potential they possess.

Quite frankly, with the way these guys have been expressing themselves and making headway in their lives, I’m not too worried about that happening.


It was good times last night as I watched the Itchyworms at 70's Bistro, and they played one of my favorites, "Loveteam," even acknowledging that it's a song I love to hear.

I returned the favor though by taking them by surprise when I requested for "Season Of Smiles" shortly after, and they actually obliged me. That was a hilarious night, and the opportunity to open for them in the future definitely attracts me.

Oh, by the way,they actually sang a few songs from the Juan dela Cruz band that night, too.

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