Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 (44/365): Magic And PUA

.:44/365: Magic And PUA:.

There are a million and one approaches one can use as a pickup artist, but thanks to Mystery, magic has become one of the weapons of choice for a good chunk of the community. And really, who can blame them? If the girl is a sucker for magic, she’d be impressed and bedazzled. If she’s more of the logical type, it can result in very intellectual conversation that could yield dividends.

The art of picking up women may seem rather demeaning to women, but it’s actually not as simple as putting on airs and then seducing them with time to spare for a couple of drinks with the boys after. It’s something experts, both self-proclaimed and legitimate, have worked on for a long time, indeed.

Am I a fan of PUA? To be honest, not really. Despite that, I cannot help but emphasize how magic has evolved in time because of its association with PUA, to a large extent. There have been many routines before that have never seen the light of day as a routine that could be perceived as romantic. Thanks to PUA, these things have changed.

I won’t lose you in the terminologies and techniques involved in the art of picking up women. I don’t want to anger feminists and experts alike by divulging these “secrets” as it were, but what I feel people should know is that many magicians who delve in PUA find that their confidence level as performers cannot help but rise because of their ability to translate their magic skill into a means of generating interest from beautiful women.

As a working performer, I understand the need to find motivation and drive, and the need for a performer to be able to believe in himself and his skill. PUA can certainly help in this endeavour for some of us, albeit it’s easy to see that it’s not for everybody.

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