Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365 (52/365): Jay Sankey's Soulmates Routine

.:52/365: Jay Sankey’s Soulmates Routine:.

Pretty good execution, even if his friends weren’t too kind to him.

Nothing can be more clichéd than telling a woman that they are your soulmate. Despite that, it works, and it works even better in the realm of a magic routine.

Look at how the routine goes: people talk about how soulmates are everywhere, and how cards have soulmates. The magician then proceeds to make a fake wager and produce two soulmates in two routines at an unbelievably fast pace.

Now, the concept of card soulmates isn’t very new, and there are a ton of variations, but this is one of two presentations on the soulmate concept that I feel are amazing and worth a close look for the romantically inclined magician. It’s fast-paced, gets a good applause on the first phase, and an even bigger one on the second phase, what with the free choice you give them when you get there.

Sankey’s routines in Firestarter are very useful for February, albeit I’d have to warn you that you really should use a different presentation style if your intent is to really get cozy with someone. It’s best if you figure out a performance style suited for your intentions, because the dry presentation most people who follow Sankey end up using (They don’t like being as zany as he is, and that creeps girls out if anyone but Sankey does it.) tends to not amaze ladies at all. In fact, it bores them.

“Soulmates” is a very good routine on its own. I’m very fond of doing magic on the fly and getting reactions with patter that just writes itself. You don’t even need to follow the patter you see in the video. There are a million and one ways to frame a discussion with an emphasis on destiny and the like.

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