Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Latest Article, And Mike Defensor...

.:POC Again!:.

My article was published last Monday, and in this article, I talk about how civil liberties can be given up, as long as they're not *my* civil liberties. I'm one of the good guys, yo.

.:Mike Defensor And Blogwatch:.

Attended my first Blogwatch-related event, and I must say, it was a very good one, in my book.

While Mike Defensor is obviously not the most popular politician in the world right now and a known apologist for the current administration, nobody can deny that he has done a lot of good even during his stint under the current president. This strength of credibility, to me, makes me view his candidacy for mayor with a more open mind than I normally would give to any particular pro-GMA candidate.

I'll talk about him more next time, but needless to say, I wouldn't have attended this particular event if there was no chance of me supporting him, or if I couldn't outright antagonize the man. As I wasn't out to antagonize him, then it's clear that I was more of the former than the latter.

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