Thursday, July 03, 2003

Ah, Well.

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Hmmm... me too. ::Laughs::


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I must say that yesterday was a rather interesting day. As was the usual case, I went to La Salle right after my classes, and made it there at around two in the afternoon. I first passed by Pizza Hut, thinking they were there, and ended up seeing Voltage and Charliedoggie playing (What else?) L5R. I then headed off to McDonald's where the group I encountered was significantly smaller than the last time. Nothing much there, really. You might say that I just really went there with no clear itinerary in mind or anything of the sort. I simply went there to hang out with people I know.

Topics of conversation were rather scattered, and I must say that from the point Mac mentioned that a certain controversy in the De La Salle Conservatory has happened and has been published in FHM, the talks turned to a very different bend. It was funny imagining if it was Sean Biggerstaff and not Sean Astin to play the Hobbitt in LOTR... that would make it Elijah Wood and Sean Biggerstaff, which... never mind. ::winks::

The day was exhausting for me, and I was glad I got to practice my KOF in UM, although I must say that I wasn't too good at it at all. I ended up having to use Kula, and neglected practicing my triumvirate of Takuma, Athena, and Billy Kane. Nonetheless, I picked up a few techniques, and it was all good. I got home with Grace telling me to cool my jets. R-ight. My eyes will stay peeled for every wrong move that jabroni makes.

I really don't know what else to talk about my mind's been such a blank lately, and I'm just thankful I have Monday Night RAW to keep me company last night. It sure helped me feel a lot less stressed out, but again, here I am, completely struck with a depression I can't quite understand... that's weird, considering that me and Elbert will be having an immersion in Olongapo for Theology 141, which entails us staying in a residence area for bar women. Of course, the insinuation of me and Elbert getting a little carried away in our, ahem, immersing ourselves with the people there was supposed to be a joke here, but as you can see, that didn't materialize. My sense of humor is leaving me behind at this moment. Urk. Erghh.

I'm glad I'm getting to know some friends who are relatively new to me, yet special nonetheless. One of them would be a person I'm really happy I can speak to quite a deal lately, and I'm thankful that we've quite a lot in common. What can I say? I guess it's a good thing that I really stumbled onto OB, or else I'd be completely bereft of all these special friends I now have. You might say that it was Divine Providence that led me there or something. Same thing with the person I consider to be my best friend, *jaded*. I may be ribbing her a bit lately, but she knows all too well where she stands, and she knows that no matter what changes she feels she's going through, she's still a wonderful, lovable person. She deserves to be happy, especially in the here and now, so I see no reason for her to feel bad about finding someone cute, and being all giddy... of course, that's where the details stop.

I guess that's all I can say about yesterday for now... I really have no idea what to add, as I seem to be completely burnt out over trying to be such an archivist. I'm even having second thoughts on joining the Ateneo Debate Society this year. At the same time, I'm fairly certain that in spite of the temptation because of the incentive, I probably won't be joining the Ateneo Celadon org this year. In case you didn't know, that's the Fil-Chinese org in the Ateneo, ergo, a dream come true, perhaps? ::laughs::

The more we take up Philosophy in class, the more I feel tempted to just go ahead and make a separate blog for my thoughts on Philosophy. What do you jabronis think? :)


I won't tell you what this is about.

Care to hazard a guess?

12. Cindy Mabasa (New, unsure.)
11. Chiyo (New, unsure.)
10. Clarence Lim (Down.)
09. Faye Reyes (Down.)
08. Dione Cotoco (Down.)
07. Edenjoy Dy (Same.)
06. Cecille Lao (Same.)
05. Sharleen Tan (Same.)
04. Jacqueline Sing (Same.)
03. Diane Sayo (Even if... never mind. Same.)
02. Sacha Chua (Same.)
01. Daf Villanueva (New, but way up.)

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