Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Tuesday Shenanigans

Today was a bit more fun, I suppose. I really can't help but laugh out loud at today's Morning Rush, where Chico and Delamar were teasing Brad Turvey that he looks like one of the F4 because of his hairstyle. To even make things more hilarious, they were calling him "Brad Ming Sz", and Frannie "Fran Ming Sz"... plus RX now plays "Can't Lose You". Amazing. I never thought I'd see the day, but then, they already have a radio ad of it, so it was merely a matter of time, I guess. Brad Turvey was riding along with the joke, and it looks like until he gets a haircut, the F4 reputation will stick to him... I wonder which F4 member he looks like, though. ::laughs::

Brad: Why am I being compared to F4?
Delamar: But Brad, we CAN'T LOSE YOU! It'd be a BROKEN VOW! Okay, oh, baby, baby, baby?

Anyways, not much else there. For film class, Fr. Cruz gave us a bit of a fun time with watching the making of Forrest Gump. Philosophy was more interesting, as we talked about St. Augustine's Confessions, which ended up becoming a discussion of freedom vs. necessity, one of the most widely debated topics of all time that is still wanting of answers...

As for book 5 of Harry Potter, I liked it, but I still feel book 3 was better... especially in the fat-to-meat ratio of the book. Lots of holes still exist. For one, how can James Potter be Head Boy if Lupin was the one made Prefect?

Just a short post. I haven't time to write my reviews...

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