Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's been a bad start to my day, but I'm beginning to feel a bit better...

- After coming from the RX station, I made a mad dash to class that I would've made on time had I found the entrance to the LRT... wouldja believe? I got lost! I had to take a jeep!

- I lost my favorite BLUE sunglasses when I got off one jeepney during a traffic jam to make a scramble to the first one that moves... I was that desperate, that I ended up ignoring having lost my sunglasses. My favorite pair.

- I walked into my Philosophy class FIFTEEN SECONDS LATE for a quiz. Had I made it earlier by fifteen seconds, or maybe even ten, the prof would still be waiting for the papers to get to him, and he'd give me half a minute to answer, more than enough time for his really easy quizzes. So in short, my running around to get to school like a madman still fell flat, and I failed the quiz... urkk.

- The night before, I had a bad feeling about a certain friend of mine. You know how it is with me and my intuition... I've never been wrong before. I hope this is a first.

- In addition to that, I had quite a tongue-lashing from my mom for not calling her and not informing her about anything I've been up to, or even answering her calls on my cellular phone. Arggh.

Overall, it's been a lousy day so far, but I guess it can only get better... breathe... breathe... I need to save a little less than 200 pesos for a new pair of shades... I feel it's such a waste, though. I'm just thankful quizzes are a mere 10% of my grade, but I still need that A...

Sorry. Haven't had a bad day like this in almost half a year...

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