Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Bah Gawd, I’m really harassed right now. I’m glad our practicum adviser decided to give us another week to submit our practicum papers, seeing how unlikely it is for me to print it all out by tonight. Nonetheless, I’m also glad I finally finished my yearbook stuff. Well, I guess you might say that I have a lot of people that I certainly must thank, and I suppose it’s a good idea to put them all in here…

Mich, thanx for the write-up. I know that you were pressed for time when you did it, and I sincerely appreciated the effort you put into it. I think I can say that with what you had to say, you sure read through me quite well. There’s one thing you wrote that I cannot, for the life of me, not include in any version of the write-up I pick: the notion of passion.

*jaded*, thank you so much for trying to help me out last night with Adobe Photoshop! I guess the computer simply decided it wasn’t my day, and thus refused to save any of my progress. Nonetheless, while all the worrying over that has caused me quite a migraine, I suppose I’m feeling a lot better now… I was glad to be at your house last night, by the way. Your dog is really cute, and I swear, your elder sister really looks and sounds like you… Grace and I didn’t have too hard a time looking for your house.

Noey and Maia, and Tsumenki thanx for all the suggestions on my senior’s page. Well, I finally managed to get it all worked out now, and you jabronis gave me a lot of input in that department. It was funny, though, that when I passed by Maia’s dorm yesterday, she was actually over at Noey’s, and I got an SMS from Noey that said: Nandito sa bahay ko si Maia ngayon. Selos ka? Hilarious, I tell you.

Abby, thank you very much for the help you gave me today. I know it was on such short notice, and I was glad that you managed to give me quite a crash course on Adobe Photoshop. As soon as I get one for my computer, I’m sure I’ll be having quite a lot of fun with it. I’m assuming Sacha wouldn’t be too happy to know that I couldn’t handle something as simple (For her, maybe.) as Photoshop… moreover, thanx for the wonderful company. I was pretty glad that short though our conversation was (Considering we were more busy fixing my bloody senior’s page.), I found it fairly meaningful. Reminds me why... oh, never mind. Also, reminds me why not... oh, never mind. And yeah, thanx for the hug. I needed that.

Lastly, and most of all, GRACE, thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me this past week. I know your friends are already beginning to get ticked off that you keep on going to my aunt’s house on my behalf, but I thank you for understanding that it’s merely because the circumstances are pretty bad for me right now. I really appreciate all the help you’ve been, especially when you drew that chibi art for me… I know that you’ve done just about everything conceivable for me over this past week, and I aim to return the favor to you soon. I really am happy that we managed to make the four straight days we met a set of mini-dates, and we managed to keep those moments we had rather meaningful, in spite of the lack of time. I owe you big time for the help, and I sincerely appreciate your being there for me as the only person who was willing to put up with me when I was a little too short-tempered because of that silly migraine I ended up having from working in utter futility over *jaded*’s house. You’ve been making my day for the past four days we’ve continually seen one another, and I really wish I knew how to pay you back as soon as possible in kind for all the help you’ve been. Bah Gawd, you’re really something else, Grace… and I love you for that.


I don't believe it! THREE straight long tests in two days? To think that I'll be gone this weekend... immersion stuff I have to do... wow. I am so hassled by all of this...

And yeah, Tsumenki, I'm sorry about scaring you last night... I'll keep in mind not to do it again...

Here’s my write-up, by the way:

A gargoyle is an amalgam of light and darkness. The gargoyle, ominous and brooding, invokes fear in those who see it. Ironically, the gargoyle also watches over the most glorious cathedrals all over the world: a silent guardian of the holy. Clearly, Marcelle is a gargoyle passionately personified. A loner by nature, but never lonely. From his mirthful side that has led to the infamous Chinese Prospects®, the Morning Rush “Scare Delle” antics, and full answers on his weblog to his Philo 102 Orals; to his more serious side that has made him intimidating to those who don’t know him enough but treasured to those who call him their friend, Marcelle has encompassed within him the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. This curious interaction of his extremes has made an enigma of Marcelle, and only God and Aletheia can ever hope to unravel his mystery.

Indeed, he, by any other name; from Ertai to Mister Vader to Voldemort; from the People’s Champion to the Phenom to the Antihero/Antivillain; will always be this jabroni known to most as Marcelle, the chiaroscur. It’s true. It’s true.

And my senior’s page looks like this:

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