Monday, July 14, 2003

Know Your Role, And Shut Your Mouth.

The past few days just whizzed me by. While I guess I really didn't go through much this weekend for me to go and talk about, I still have to say that my weekend, as seemingly uneventful as it appeared to be, was still a good one, nonetheless. Saturday was another RAW Deal tournament which yielded yet another victory from our top player, Ralph Tan. Until the next expansion comes along, I can't imagine how they intend to stop Trish Stratus... which leads me to the question, is this really a problem of metagaming, after all? Trish doesn't really seem to be much of a problem, if you think about it. Why is she racking up all these wins? Not enough Ric Flairs or something?

Anyways, Rob was playing my Chyna deck, and everyone was complaining how irritating his playing style was. I owe it to him to let him know about it. So I hope that Rob reads this, or I'll tell him about it tomorrow:


Rob, the problem with your playing style is that it annoys the Hades out of the other players. I understand it's a play-to-win situation, but you just don't realize the fact that your playing style doesn't help you win. Using the same deck against the Dude Love deck that eliminated you in the last round, I realized that your playing style was bordering on just nailing the time limit, netting you a loss for your efforts. You didn't bother reading up on the other cards, and kept on poring through them, which led many to think you were stalling. I don't mind the playing errors much: that comes with the stress of the tourney, but you had a couple that made me want to just take the deck from your hands and play the game for you. Against Dude Love, that oversight you had with his Beating The Odds cost you the game. If you had 2F, you could've very well played Clutch+Apply. That'd set you up for enough fortitude to start hammering down some good maneuvers, and eventually winning against him. Instead, you passed. Why? Is it just a mere oversight? No. IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT PLAYING THE DECK THE WAY IT WAS BUILT.

The fact is, I saw how ineffective your playing style was. Just because I built Chyna like that did not mean you can bank on her infinite loops to keep you alive. She was supposed to play maneuvers constantly, because you needed to get to 10F really quick. You thought Managers weren't needed because she can't hit that number. Well, she can't hit that number because of your playing style. I was playing against the other people later with the same deck, and I hardly lost to anyone. Why? Because the deck was meant to be played as Aggro-Switch. Not Reverse Switch. You could've done better by keeping up an attack. What's an Elbow to the face, anyway? You'd just reshuffle your maneuvers back, and that Elbow will not leave their hand anytime soon, anyway. What's the point of insisting on playing like a coward?

Rob, I'll be frank with you: I built that deck the way I did because it works best that way. It was meant to be played a certain way, and I kept on telling you that fact. But no, you refused to listen to me, you took out key cards that could've saved you (Try stopping Multi's with only your ability, and no Managers.) in the long, run. Next time, you either listen to me, or you can go make your own deck to irritate the Hades out of the other players without any help from me at all. Wait. There's another problem my other players have with you: worst of all, YOU KEPT RETRACTING YOUR OWN MOVES. That is illegal, Rob. You were bordering on cheating, and if you repeated it one more time with me watching, nothing personal, but I would've disqualified you on the spot for that. To Hades with the cash prizes or the belts. I'm not fond of people who bend the rules and undermine my authority.


Sunday was fairly fine. I was looking around with Grace for a keyboard compatible with my Cassiopeia, to no avail. A Cassiopeia actually costs 14,000, but the more I look at it, the more I wonder why it costs that much... heh. Nonetheless, we then had a dinner party at home, and nothing much really happened. I hope this week can be a bit more eventful, I tell you... I'm a bit exhausted and all, you might say. I can't wait for Wednesday. It's my only respite from this mad, mad week ahead of me, what with all the worries about my thesis, which Abby was kind enough to listen to...

One of my uncles asked me about Grace after she went home...

Uncle Roland: Gaano katagal na kayo?

Marcelle: Four years.

Uncle Roland: Ganoon? Pakasalan mo na!

Marcelle: Hindi puwede mag-dodoktor pa yun.

Today wasn't much, either. I just rushed to fix my thesis proposal... that's about it.

I guess tomorrow should be a promise of more interesting content, but no guarantees... heh.

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