Thursday, July 10, 2003


.:On WWE RAW:.

WWE Raw (A rather delayed episode, mind you. The Philippines is two or three weeks behind.) was a fairly entertaining episode. I think if Randy Orton continues to polish his in-ring skills, he can easily get over with the audiences. Main problem with Orton right now is that if he gets too popular, Triple H is liable to lean on him to kill his heat, so that only good old Paul Levesque will have the main event status on his shoulders all the time. It's pretty disappointing how he squashes all these up-and-coming wrestlers. Moreover, I'm particularly saddened over the treatment they've been giving Kane lately.

The man has been busting his behind for this company for the longest time. He was up-and-coming, and he was always just toeing the line to get into the main event status all these years. For crying out loud, for a seven-footer, his ring skills can put some of those other smaller wrestlers to shame! He works his matches well, has good stamina, and his charisma is always there. So what's keeping this guy from getting over? Obviously, it's because he's being held back. He's been subjected to an atrocious necrophilia storyline, now he's being forced to unmask. It's disgusting how they're keeping him from breaking into the main event.

Ah, well. Let the McMahons kill their own business and learn the hard way what the fans REALLY want...

.:On The Wednesday Thingie:.

I am feeling so much better now, after a wonderful Wednesday that started and ended with a ton of coincidences...

As soon as classes ended, I knew that Wednesday was going to be a far better day than Tuesday. This was easily proven upon receiving my History long test. Out of 100 points, I didn't get 100... I got 102, which gives me a whole lot of breathing room for the next long test she'd try throwing at us. I was pretty happy about it, but then, let's face it: my teacher is still the most boring peace of roody-pooh trash to walk this green Earth... and yes, I know that's an understatement.

I made my way to La Salle with lots of time to spare. What was amazing about this was that I already neglected to take the LRT (Line 2) because I wanted to take my time. Interestingly enough, I was in La Salle by 1:50, and the first coincidence happened: I ran into Thundersenshi, one of the administrators from OB.

Thunder: Ano'ng ginagawa mo dito? Di ba, Atenista ka?

Marcelle: Shh!!!

I walked into McDonald's, and Maia was there by her lonesome. We just talked a bit, and I could see her spirits were picking up. She has until Friday to work on her voice for her inevitable audition, and I hope that turns out well for her... nonetheless, we weren't alone long enough, as Melina shows up, and she starts gushing. She has her reasons to be happy right now, and I see no reason for her to disbelieve that the signs are pointing favorably in her direction. And I do feel honored... about something. I don't want to say it yet, lest I jinx it. Nonetheless, I'm honored.

Melina was so happy she decided to treat Maia to Starbucks, and there we were, waiting for Harle to follow. We then had a nice time continuing our conversations, as they seemed to be analyzing the male psyche, in attempts of making heads or tails of how it actually works. Let's just say that's an exercise of futility...

Funny. Coincidence number two then happened: I met by pure chance a high school friend of mine whom I knew was in La Salle. April Tabones, to be exact. (Mel, imagine if you didn't decide to go to Starbucks. What were the chances, neh?) We talked a bit, and then she told me that another old friend of mine (Way back from Grade 4.), Kathryn Pauso, was going to be there in a while, too. How could I pass up a chance to meet Ms. Cute-Genius-Girl-In-Glasses (Though she's wearing contacts now...)? Nonetheless, we went back to McDonald's for a while, and it looks like more good news coming from I-Sis this time. She's genuinely happy, but she has apprehensions about her situation... apprehensions that she should really avoid thinking about right now, because it's really not doing her any favors.

After a while, I had to meet up with Kathryn already, and we talked a bit here and there. Funny thing is, she mentioned something like "talking for the sake of talking", and how I spoke to her without any hidden agenda. W-ell, I did kind of like her a bit back then, but it was never anything serious at all, I suppose... heh. So I guess I don't have to feel too guilty about it then. Nonetheless, nothing much there, really. suddenly showed up with her friend, and while I hardly spoke to her in person, I'm glad she seemed pretty jovial today. She had a slight mishap later, but then I think she's feeling better now. I really enjoyed speaking to Kathryn, I must say. We haven't had the chance to do so in almost two years.

When I got back to McDonald's, I was just freaking the Hades out of Mac with all my yaoi references. I think the poor kid is going to be traumatized by the end of all this. Charliedoggie and Voltee showed up momentarily, while all of us were talking, and since I saw they were all in good company, I took it as my cue to try a bit of KOF 2K2. Not bad, though I didn't rack up any winning streaks. Still, my Billy Kane is improving a fair bit.

I got back there, and the conversations pretty much still revolved around lovelives, and the complications involved. Nonetheless, at least I saw a remarkable improvement in Maia's disposition, as she realized how she must reciprocate an age-old gimmick played by men who want to feel loved all over the world... but a Korean-French girl? That sounds rather... interesting to me, I must say. Bottomline is, Maia doesn't need to win Ms. Universe to be special to someone. The irony of that is, Ms. Universe doesn't always end up being special to someone, either. Or has Sushmita Sen gotten married yet?

As soon as I-Sis left, the final three were again Mac, Myself, and Maia (F4, move over! Here comes 3M!). It was more lovelife discussions, albeit I guess I was just telling them plain facts that I've observed over the years. Things like attitudes of guys and girls towards one another, while I don't claim to be a grizzled love veteran, I at least know a thing or two about how these setups work. We decided to leave the place a bit earlier, and it looks like Charlie was pretty preoccupied with a certain online game, so there.

The ride home was pretty long, interspersed with a lot of singing. Of course, I couldn't help but think up more segues for songs, and I was having a grand time doing just that. Meanwhile, you might say that while we were laughing along with one another's jokes and all, it was seriously a time for me to just go back into my little shell and ask myself if I'm fulfilling my role as a gargoyle. The answer is clear: yes I am. I was about to go home with at least six considerably happy people, although I can't claim all the credit for myself. At least I wasn't there to cause their sadness... that's a change of pace. Heh.

When I took Maia back to her dorm, she did mention the fact that the area near her dorm was particularly scary. I'm not particularly afraid of the dark (Try heights.), but I understood why she said so. U.P. is not the nicest place to be in the middle of the night... we sat down for a while to talk a bit more, as I didn't feel like going home just yet. Topics ranged from people we miss, some quirks of some people we know, tears, and the value of a hug. Needless to say, I'm glad I took the time out to be there in La Salle this Wednesday... and I suppose that I'll be there as much as I can.

I got to speak to Grace as soon as I got home. She was fairly worried, but she was happy that I'm beginning to gain my step back. I'm extremely grateful to have her for a girlfriend... while I wouldn't be able to blame her if she did get jealous of my hanging around La Salle every week, I'm thankful she doesn't. She knows that I know where I stand, and the picture in front of me still clearly depicts me with her. No question about that.

Christelle, on the other hand, advised me to avoid speaking to one of my close friends for the moment. I guess it's because in spite of the great day I had, she was more than enough to completely get me all down again. Is it a twinge of jealousy I detect within me? Maybe. But then, it's the kind of protective jealousy one would get when you seem to be losing something dear to you to somebody else... it's complicated to explain without divulging too much. Needless to say, for my own happiness (I should learn to follow my own advice and not keep myself from being happy because of myself.), and for hers, I'll avoid her for the moment. It's all for a good cause.

It's been a great day. I just wish I knew how to make that clear... ah, well.

Lest I forget... I'm thankful to all the people I met today, but these four people really took the cake today...

Kathryn (Though you're not reading this.), thanx for the wonderful conversation. I haven't heard from you in about two years, and it's good to see that you haven't lost your witty edge and unique personality. I wish you all the best, and don't sweat the lack of a lovelife (Though I really think you're not worried.). You've better things to do with your time right now, so I see... :)

Maia, thanx for being a great person to talk to. I enjoy listening to what you have to say, and don't ever think lowly of yourself. Enjoy what you have while it lasts, or you'll be griping about it when it's no longer there. Enjoy it well, and it just might last far longer than you expect it to.

Christelle, thanx for hearing me out about my situation right now. You might say that I'm a bit disoriented with the way things suddenly changed, and how I wish I didn't just go and let myself get affected. I'm not going to get in the way of her happiness, but I'm still going to make sure that she'll just be all right. The gargoyle will stand in the background, as it always should.

And Grace, you know I love you so much. Thank you for giving me such a high degree of trust. I know that we're not sailing smoothly right now (Through problems that do not involve us together, but affect us nonetheless.), but we'll always be there for one another. Thank you for believing in me, and being the center of my Earthly life's circle, as my faith in Him is the center of my Spiritual life's circle. I'll see you soon.

THURSDAY, 10 JULY, 2003:

Undercurrents seem to be all over the place. And I'm not telling why.

Somebody in OB has been murdering my language of choice. I've half a mind to tell that person off, but then, that person prolly wouldn't even understand what I'm talking about. No wonder that person used to be associated with someone we all used to know... errgghh. Nonetheless, I'm keeping my mouth shut, lest I scare the poor silly prat away.

Philosophy was AMAZING! I'm tempted to say "Barbazza is GOD", and I just did! Seriously, I hardly understood what Kant's point was. I saw what he was saying, but I didn't understand how it repudiated St. Anselm's Ontological Argument. The answer was clear, after Dr. Barbazza explained it... and I'm glad I've been listening a lot to him in class. At this point, I'm so tempted to go and just make a separate blog for my Philosophical thoughts already... what do you think? Should I go for it, or should I just throw in my Philosophical thoughts with the rest of my blog? Here's what I realized, in shorthand:

It appears (Though I know there's a counterpoint, let's not go there yet.) that St. Anselm failed to take one thing into consideration: in order for his postulation of God's supremacy to be true, he HAD to prove God's existence FIRST, not the other way around. Fact is, it was implausible for him to make a jump in his logic from talking about God in the realm of thought, and then assuming that God is. The existence or non-existence of something is independent from its qualities. A triangle will always have three sides, BUT this says nothing of a triangle's existence. When one says a triangle is, he adds to the value of the triangle. Looking at it in money, the idea of $100 may have its respective value, but REAL value is added to it when the $100 IS. That is, your idea of $100 can't buy you a booster box of RAW Deal, but $100 that is can buy you one, and net you around $25 change.

.:Besides Philosophy:.

I finally decided to go ahead and join the ADS this year again. Whatever happens, I am resolving to not let it get in the way of my schoolwork, so if I end up overcutting this org because I've been too busy with my thesis, so be it. I'd rather have it that way than lose my cum laude just because I wanted to get into the varsity or something, which I can't really enjoy, anyway, since I'm about to graduate already...

Funny how often I have to compete with my cousin during dinner time for TV supremacy. I watch Ranma 1/2, he's trying to watch Gundam. Or Zoids. Or Beyblade. Or Crush Gear. At least I'm not competing with him on Meteor Garden or something... heh. Mind you, The Poor Prince is actually VERY funny, and Lavander has a really cute Chinese girl there. I'm avoiding MYX for now, lest I have an LSS of "Broken Vow" or "Can't Lose You".

Speaking of LSS, I like Nina's Nescafe song. And I LOVE that new McDonald's advertisement. Sheer genius, and I'm glad they made something like that. It really warms the heart. Actually, same with the new Globe commercial... ah, well.

One last Meteor Garden-related thing: Grace decided to change my Yahoo Profile pic so that I now have a pic of Jerry Yan (aka Dao Ming Sz) for my picture. Apparently, it wows the women... everyone's been giving her IM's when she's chatting as me... I wonder what happens if I used my own picture?

SHE was there in Calf Up, and SHE was grating on my nerves again. Ergghh. May my patience extend even further.

To the person named "Eric" who commented on my Charlie's Angels review: thanx for clearing that one up. Do I personally know you? Eric Vidal? Eric Quizon?

I'll sit in on Sacha's class tomorrow. I'm going to see what I can do to get the hang of Java, even if it kills me. Heh.

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