Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Weekend Recap, Part 3 of 3

Just as an explanation, Marcelle wishes to say that due to his school computer really going funky on him, he AGAIN had to divide a single post into three bits... ah, well.

SUNDAY, 29 JUNE, 2003:

After waking up, the realization that they had to go home dawned upon Marcelle. He was only thankful that his mom trusted him enough to be this far away with his girlfriend for two nights, and he was even prouder that he managed not to break that trust. Nonetheless, when they parted ways, he had a few realizations about the intimacy limits of certain people. One of them, in spite of being really nice, is certainly not a touchy-feely person. Another one is, but only after knowing the other well enough. Of course, Marcelle tends to employ these casual observations as a way of gauging his closeness to people, but then…

Vash, all the time, was being likened to Dao Ming Sz and Wa Chi Lei because of his hair, which he styles in two different ways, as well as his black shirt. Marcelle was humored to be called Xemen (Yes. Pronounced in the dirty way.)because of the fitting shirt he wore...

This time around, Grace and Marcelle rode back with JM, since they fully intended to go play Dance Maniax with him, after being denied a chance to go for Videoke the night before (Apparently, there wasn’t a machine, in spite of what Rich said.). With the three of them was Charlie and Jelo. They weren’t really saying much, actually. While yes, they continued exchanging questions, there was pretty much no question that the lines of questioning were already restrained and calculated. There was hardly anything new being shared, actually, but Grace was being unusually bubbly. This, Marcelle hoped, would slide by the people, lest they think that Grace was hungry for attention, which was certainly not the case.

The drive, long as it was, seemed surprisingly fast. In a short while Marcelle found himself with Grace and JM in SM Bicutan playing Dance Maniax on a completely merciless machine that lets you lose with so much as a few mistakes right away. They even tried some double mode songs, and JM, by the end of it, at least managed to ascertain for himself that Marcelle pretty much knew his stuff. But that wasn’t the point at all, and Marcelle realized it in between the lulls of conversation on the way to Yoshinoya for lunch...

When Marcelle got home, he managed to talk to his parents and siblings for a while before leaving for his Aunt’s house. He didn’t take too long there, but he at least had a refreshing nap for himself.

When he got to his Aunt’s house, he immediately tried to talk to Grace, and since she was asleep, ended up talking to Abby, and gave her a shorthand recollection of what happened. Things were fairly okay, actually, and things are beginning to be rather normal for him after that “story” he wrote. By “normal”, he simply means that it’s been less of a struggle for him to stay out of love with her lately. Afterwards, he spoke to Tsumenki, who sounded rather tired, but nonetheless, he still had to get some things off his chest…

It was then that Marcelle recalled that he caught himself, rather guiltily, he might add, of a certain problem during the wedding… by the end of it, Marcelle realized that what makes him guilty is not the feeling itself, but contemplating on the feeling. The less Marcelle tries to analyze it, the less he feels guilty about it, and the less it becomes a possibility for him to consider. Sound advice… crossing the bridge when he gets there. Ironically, also the same piece of advice Marcelle rather frequently dispenses to others. Nonetheless, he’s grateful Chris was there to help him sort out his feelings, and feel a lot less guilty towards Grace, knowing that he at least did the right thing in not ruminating about it any longer.

He then called up *jaded*, recounting the rather long story of what happened to him over the weekend. While *jaded* talking about a guy who seemed interested to date her, he then tried to fish a little more, to at least find out if he himself was actually attractive. Naturally, he wasn’t… but anyways, he mentioned the dress bit, and how it would’ve made him go “Growrr” with anyone who wore it except *jaded* herself. Of course, that was meant to be nothing more than a joke, which she dismissed as exactly that, thankfully. And Marcelle continued talking to her, trying to find the reason why *jaded* was his best friend in the first place. A shallow reason might be just so he’d have one. But then, at this point, it’s good to have someone who wouldn’t make too many assumptions about him in spite of being close to him (Sorry, Abby. You, after all, came from Assumption Antipolo in high school…). It’s also nice that there’s someone he can really be there for at this point. He has his fair share of people who are there for him, and it’s time he corrupted, rather, returned the favor to someone who’s equally special. Moreover, there's no question that she's the only girl Marcelle can say he loves without any hesitation and without anyone thinking it's romantic. Try making him say that to anyone else... especially a guy... heh.

It’s been a rather wonderful weekend for him, and when he and Grace spoke, he was glad that she understood very well how he felt about everything. She’s happy, so it seems, seeing how there really is not much of a need for her to worry about anything. For a while back there, she was worried about another guy who seemed to be paying a wee bit too much attention to her over the weekend. Then again, Tsumenki quelled that notion. She slept rather happily, and Marcelle was glad things looked hopeful, entering a new week of classes, knowing that he has just spent a weekend he will never forget.

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