Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Phenom's Fury®...

How many times does Marcelle have to explain to these foolish jabronis that if they care about their pathetic little souls, then they ought to NEVER, EVER CROSS THE PEOPLE HE CARES ABOUT? It appears someone was foolish enough to not have gotten the message, and now, he must pay. In blood. There still seem to be a few people who are silly enough to believe that The Phenom's Fury® is nothing more than a meaningless rambling of a young man who wants to threaten everyone who might cross those dear to him. There still seem to be a few people who do not realize the graveness of the matter: how much they are risking to lose of themselves by incurring the wrath of the Phenom. At this very moment, he can almost taste the blood of his prey: the poor silly prat who has awakened the gargoyle, now flying menacingly around all that he protects, eager to strike at the one who dared to trespass his realm of protection...

In short, jabroni, NOBODY, AND MARCELLE MEANS NOBODY, can ever call his girlfriend hipon and get away with it!!!

Grace has never done anything to attempt to slight you. She has never tried to hurt you, or to humiliate you in public. Yet behind her back, you are willing to besmirch her honor. Spineless piece of scum who seems to not know what he is getting into. You haven't even the fortitude to say it to her face, and apparently, whilst people know you have released such a venomous assertion, you shrink away and attempt to deny it all. No, jabroni: there is no mercy for that. It is not so much what you have said, but what has happened with what you have said, for Grace is by no means thrilled by your words. Her fragile sentiments shattered into a myriad pieces by your insults to her honor. Marcelle will have none of your denials.

Marcelle is about willing to break tradition right now, and say simply to you...

Putang ina mo. Go to Hades, you ruddy bastard.

Be warned, jabroni. Marcelle knows who you are. He is on the hunt for your soul. And he will take it for himself; nothing more than a little trinket, a reminder to all those who may have forgotten, that all those whom Marcelle has taken into his Ministry are under his protection, especially Grace. And oh, but not even death will be good enough for your kind, for your suffering must be long. Agonizing. Arduous. And by the end of it all, you will beg for your life to be taken from you... and yet it will be denied.

Dare Marcelle to strike, and he will. Retract your vile tongue, and perhaps, the Phenom will be quelled.


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