Saturday, July 26, 2003

A note to Marcelle: avoid looking at denim brassieres. They seem to drive you crazy, jabroni.

Anyways, it looks like Marcelle is faced with a tough decision to make now…

You see, Wednesdays at La Salle has lately been his only respite from such a hurly-burly week. It’s pretty difficult for him to imagine not going there, simply because it’s amazing therapy, and more importantly, there are people whom he cares about that he happens to see there most of the time. As far as wanting to be there, there’s no question about it: he sure wants to.

Now, here lies the conflict: Marcelle has made it into the Ateneo Debate Society, and is now being threatened to relinquish something of great value to him…

… The ADS has decided to hold trainings on Fridays AND Wednesdays. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo, jabroni. Now, that’s certainly not good news to Marcelle.

The question is clear: is Marcelle willing to sacrifice his Wednesdays for the unguaranteed hope that he can eventually make it into varsity after all his hard work? He’d like to think so, but that is obviously not a sure thing for him. He would certainly want to make it into varsity, but it’s pretty clear that he has his work cut out for himself. It’s been his college dream to make it to varsity debate even just ONCE, just so Marcelle can prove that he really is more than just a catchphrase-spouting upstart who knows how to get under his fellow debater’s skin.

Well, decisions, decisions. Marcelle hopes to hear from the people who matter as to what they actually think about this… heh. Nonetheless, that’s basically the way it is for him, really. And he’s just glad that he’s got friends now who really support him.

But you see, Marcelle just feels he doesn’t belong in the ADS. Not because he’s not a debater, but because he just sticks out of there like a sore thumb. He’s probably unwanted, as far as the varsity debaters are concerned, and who can blame them (Especially certain people of a certain race… heh.)? Marcelle is a loner, plain and simple. Of course, as recent events have proved, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s lonely, but yes, he’s a loner…

Don’t expect him to show up in any barkada pictures in the yearbook anytime soon. That’s quite close to an impossible dream, jabroni. At the same time, the fact remains that it still eats at him. Can you really blame him, actually? He hated being a loner all his life, and even if he’s a bit more comfortable with the idea now, it still hurts that he’s a loner not by choice, but by bloody default.

With that in mind, Marcelle will be avoiding you for now. Yes, you. You know who you are. You probably read this from time to time, and while yes, Marcelle regards you as one of his closest, most special friends ever, being with you, speaking with you, just hurts too much. It’s just Marcelle. It’s not your fault. But it’s time Marcelle avoided walking on barbed wire all the time. The pain is too much for Marcelle to ignore already, and thank you for everything, but it just really hurts. Marcelle sincerely hopes that if you know who you are, you also understand why this is so.

Marcelle saw OLIVIER, Olivier today. Can somebody please explain to him what the Hades it was about? It was one of the most disturbing films he has ever seen, and he doesn’t think he can sleep well tonight. From incest to pedophilia, this is all just too much. There’s also the fact that Marcelle shares his name with a ruddy pedophile bastich. Ergghh… worse, Marcelle doesn’t even know if that kid was REALLY Olivier. If that wasn’t him, how did he know about the scar and have one? Or the mannerisms? It just doesn’t bloody make sense!!!

WWE Smackdown was fine… sort of. Zach Gowen has only one leg, but he can do a moonsault! Bah Gawd! And yes, Gail Kim is really hot…

Marcelle: There’s this new wrestler debuting on RAW tonight. She doesn’t really impress me. Here I was thinking she was actually gorgeous.

Grace: Really? Well…

Marcelle: Wait! She took off her shades, and omigosh, SHE’S CHINESE!!!

Grace: ::rolls eyes::

As for you, you know who you are. Marcelle sincerely hopes all this trouble just dies a natural death in the near future. Marcelle supposes that’s about it. No time to do that in-ring stuff again, much as he’d want to. He’d rather go and do this all straight away.

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