Friday, July 04, 2003

Sitting In Is Good...

I sat in on Sacha's class again today (I in fact plan to do that every week, so long as she doesn't mind.), and while I naturally got lost in all the computer stuff I had to do, it was perfectly fine, as I enjoyed myself, anyway. I tell you: I never expected that by sitting in there, I would end up having to do one of those hands-on activities Sach is asking her students to do. Of course, I didn't do all too spectacularly well, but when I tried one of the programs that was already finished, I managed to fix it to make it work. Of course, I just had to check for errors, and as soon as I saw that it was expecting {class and not {public class, I promptly edited the code, and I saw that whoever made it was doing fairly well.

HTML scrub that I was, my own code wasn't that spectacular. I was trying to make a Matrix dialogue out of the "Hello, World" java program, and I managed to make two lines of text output for it so far... "Wake Up, Neo", and "The Matrix Has You". Beyond that, I was fairly lost, and I think that if I really want to ace this subject when I take it next semester, I really have to buy the book, already.

Sach (Ma'am Sach?), thanx. I'm almost 100% convinced that I'll be taking this subject next semester, as I can clearly see that I can do a lot of stuff with Java know-how. Of course, if it'd help me improve my blog layout (Wishful thinking...), then all the better, neh?

Last night, I was fairly glad that even though I got a bit depressed, I managed to get it out of my system before it got out of hand. I was having those times when I get depressed for no apparent reason again, and I felt bad about not having a so-called barkada (Here we go again...), and the Ally McBeal thing was affecting me quite a deal. Plus, SHE's been avoiding me again, as if I was even trying to follow HER. I tell you: SHE's in love with me! That's the only reason SHE's been avoiding me like that, lest she ends up falling for a guy with a girlfriend already! *Marcelle gets splattered with tomatoes...*

I'm happy for *jaded*. She seems to be more in control of her feelings now, and I think that the more she fraternizes with her male friends and realizes that not all of us male species are so bad after all, the better a person she'd become. If things turn out just fine, she'd be perfect girlfriend material, I can feel it.

*jaded*: Alam ko naman na hindi ako attractive sa iyo, eh.
Marcelle: Oh, but you are! It's just that you don't fulfil a certain... racial requirement I have... ::both laugh::

Seriously, don't even think for a moment you're not attractive, *jaded*. Would my girlfriend consider you as one of her yuri partners if that weren't the case?

I'm also glad that a certain LJ friend of mine has been in better spirits lately... I sure hope that I've been contributing to that... :)

I'll see if I can add anything more to this later...


I got too lazy to write my reviews for X-Men 2 and The Animatrix, but in the event that I ever write them, I’ll just note this: X2 gets a B+ from me because of the huge steps it took to overcome the first part, but doesn’t get any higher because its casting choices are that bad, and it takes too much liberties with the story to the point that it’s turned into little more than an enacted fanfic. The Animatrix gets an A/A+ for excellent animation and excellent storytelling, but falls flat in some episodes that really felt pretentiously stylized already, particularly the story about the boy whom Neo saved. Nonetheless, it was better than Matrix Reloaded in that it doesn’t lose you in jargon and all that. Still, it sure leaves you wanting more.

Nevertheless, I suppose I can review Hulk now. As per usual, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


The original mean, green, fighting machine.

Stan Lee seems to have something in common with Vince McMahon in his fascination with big men. However, while Vinnie Mac has problems with his side of the fence due to his fascination, which is leading to uber-boring matches from The Big Show and A-Train, Stan Lee seems to have hit a gold mine with The Hulk, who can actually deliver.

Ang Lee (No relation to Stan.) directs this movie. Yep, that’s the same guy who directed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. His touch makes this movie a very slick and stylized rendition of the Green Goliath, although they took a few liberties again with the actual comic book story. Nonetheless, it could be forgiven.

The Hulk’s origin starts from his father, who tries to make himself immortal via regeneration. Problem is, with his tests on animals proving to be rather unstable, the government refuses to allow him to test on human subjects. He then uses himself as a test subject by secret, and indeed, there is something happening to his body. What is clear is that he has passed this on to his son, Bruce. The years roll by and Bruce ends up becoming a nuclear scientist (Or something of the sort. Seemed like a biochemist to me.), and he is completely oblivious to his dark past, not knowing that he lived through a radioactive explosion, and his mother’s murder in front of him. Something about him was clearly changing, though he didn’t know what. At one point, he discovers it. Instead of being instantly killed by a gamma explosion, he survives it, and the monster within is unleashed.

Now, the government is after him, his father, who turned out to be the Absorbing Man, is also after him, and the only one he can count on, Betty, is torn between him, and her father, who happens to be in charge of the military effort against the Hulk…

Fact is, the movie’s special effects were above par. Just because we’ve all seen The Matrix Reloaded does not mean that should be the bar by which we measure all films now. In fact, that film had a lot of technological shortcomings itself. The green goliath was fairly remarkable, and you can really sense how real he was onscreen. There were moments of introspection in the film that you never even expected. My favorite dialogue in the film went like this:

Bruce: You found me.

Betty: You weren’t that hard to find.

Bruce: I was.

It was clearly a way for one to look at the Hulk as less of a monster and more of a human being who has a monster to deal with from within, and an even more treacherous monster to deal with from without, who happens to be his father. His father turns out to be a rather power hungry wretch who merely wanted to gain his strength and use it for himself, and in the end, too much power destroyed the Absorbing Man.

I must say, that the movie evoked a lot of introspection from you, and the stylized comic book editing approach was refreshing but at times cumbersome. I wasn’t also too fond of the fact that there was too much downtime all throughout the film. Nonetheless, it looks like Marvel had a good run with this film. It could’ve been better, but I have to say that the storyline for this film was better than Daredevil’s, with less loopholes, and better execution overall. Nonetheless, in spite of being a bit better than Daredevil, I will still have to say…

Marcelle’s Evaluation: B+

Simply put, the small improvements weren’t enough to merit a larger grade than what Daredevil got, and the movie dragged on more than most people would care to bear with.

.:More Addendum:.

I finally made a review of Harry Potter 5. If you want to read it, you can click HERE. I gave it an A-. That's as spoiler-free as you can get from me... anything more than that, and you'd have to check the LJ already. But still, if you don't have an LJ account, I'd prefer if you leave a comment here instead... :)

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