Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My aunt has decided to forgo being an aunt and becone a full-pledged bastich by whining about anything and everything that has to do with me...

From whining about her electricity (Uhh... I at least turn off TV's when I don't use them. Your son seems to like watching three televisions at the same time.), to whining about food (Uhh... you offered me the food, and you whine that I take it? What?), and she doesn't even have the decency to throw her problems at me. She has to go and act up on my bloody mom, who, for all her faults, does not need to hear my aunt whining about something she caused, anyway.

My aunt wonders how I could subsists on a budget on food that's smaller than 500 bucks a week. Newsflash: unlike your overweight and underdisciplined slob of an excuse for a son, I DON'T EAT STEAK EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. In fact, I do recall three food groups, and your family seems to have forgotten about fruits and vegetables altogether. At the same time, her annoying little son who talks to the TV more often than he talks to anyone else is fast approaching the unbelievable feat of being wider than he is tall. She, on the other hand, will stil lbe acting around like some silly prima donna who has friends in high places. For all the good that does her. Damn, I'd hate to be there when her poor kid grows up.

So here I am, completely bummed out because I still feel so bloody lazy in the face of trying to finish my silly practicum report. I really have to finish that thing by Friday, at the latest, and then further work on my graduation stuff.

At least, I already have a creative post in mind for my grad pic... I just need to borrow a certain kind of belt to complete the look, and I'm pretty much all set.

Tsumenki, thanx for the songs last night. I really felt so much better after all of that. :) Take care, jabroni.

I feel so drained. I hope next week yields better writing from me, as I seem to be a little bit too occupied with work that I keep on putting off anyway.

Grace and I met up last night to discuss our options about the food and all. I'm glad she was there for me, because she really mawde my day, and thank goodness I managed to see her safely to her ride home, knowing how hard the rain was. I just couldn't help but get out of the house to actually keep her company while the rain was just dying down...

Nonetheless, what makes me happy is that Philosophy didn't have a quiz, and at the same time, film class got cancelled. I'm done with the paper for that, anyway, so lets' see what I can work on next. heh.

Catch you jabronis soon. Wednesday sounds so good to me... I'll go home and not mind my aunt make a total blubbering git out of herself... maybe my mom should do the same, after we prove to her how silly she's getting herself worked up over nothing really happens to be...

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