Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Recap Weekend, Part 1 Of 3

FRIDAY, 27 JUNE, 2003:

Friday was a rather tiring day from the time that Marcelle left the Ateneo campus and attempted to zoom his way to Bea’s house. It wasn’t an easy ride, owing to the fact that there aren’t any MRT’s or LRT’s to take him all the way to Sucat… still, when he got there, he was fairly surprised to discover that he wasn’t at all late. In fact, they left for Villa de Oro about a couple of hours later, and it seems that his exhaustion rather got in the way. Of course, Marcelle ended up missing the last episode of “Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga”, but then again, Mich, Grace’s friend, was gracious enough to record it for him for a hundred bucks. Heh. The things Marcelle does for certain things…

Marcelle didn’t know what to expect when they were riding. He was sincerely hoping that he was going to go in JM’s car, but there wasn’t enough space for him and Grace, whom he refused to leave in another vehicle. For one, he wanted to be there because Tsumenki was there. For another, Marcelle must say that he’d much rather be in a small group than in a large one. Apparently, he ended up getting rather pensive again and even fairly depressed on the way, in spite of the fact that people were seemingly having quite a grand time out there. Marcelle was just glad Grace understood why he had to turn to Abby (Via SMS.) at one point when he was feeling very down already. He supposes Abby would know, more than anyone (Even Grace herself.), how much of a loner Marcelle has always been in his life, and how he sincerely wish things turned out rather differently. So yes, here he is, rambling on again, with a whole lot of mixed emotions flowing through him. There are intersperses of happiness and depression at being with company he enjoys, but at the same time, being rather left out.

All in all, if memory serves Marcelle right, the non-family OB delegation that rode out was comprised of (OB names only.): Kaoko, Tsumenki, Vash, Charliedoggie, Risetu (With her non-OB boyfriend, Gino.), John, Nib, Voltage, Tomiko Wa Kawaii, Kuni, Lewstherin, Groundzero, Shunichi Sakurai, and Senseichi. Nickolai Nobilia, Xellos Sama, Lizard, and Draco Paladin all showed up the next day on their own, with Madame No Miko as a separate addition to the lot.

Mercifully enough, they arrived a few hours later, most likely past midnight. Villa de Oro looked fairly like a retreat house, and there was hardly a single person who sincerely wanted to sleep and be alone. Not even Marcelle. Of course, everyone was merely playing cards (Both good old Aces, Kings, and Queens, plus L5R.) or engaged in a spot of conversation, but nonetheless, things were fine. Marcelle ended up sleeping in the girls’ room to watch over them, as Grace and another girl, Jamie (aka Risetu.), most likely, were rather scared of the room itself and didn’t mind the extra company. Jamie’s boyfriend, Gino (Which is the obvious explanation why she isn’t on the C.P.® list.), also slept there. Nothing much, really. He wasn’t all too keen on playing cards, and neither was he in any position to talk with anyone, either. There simply wasn’t much to talk about, and he was best served to just go to sleep. A few moments later, Grace woke him up and asked if she could sleep beside him, because she was feeling rather scared of the place. Marcelle was of course all too happy to oblige, and then easily drifted back into sleep as soon as he saw she was rather comfortable enough.

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