Monday, July 21, 2003

This was a great weekend. I'm glad my mom was trusting enough to let me sleep over at Madame Sky's and Ichi's house, after the housewarming party. Anyways, we had a pretty good time there, although there wasn't really much going on, as any activities we might have had were easily tamed down, especially when we got to our Truth or Dare, where the worst anyone can do was have a guy grab another guy's backside and mash it a bit...

A lot of people were dodging questions left and right, and that's a shame, considering that it was Truth or Dare, after all. Someone didn't even take a dare, while my sense of respect for one of the people there was heightened, when he refused to betray the name of someone asked of him, and instead chose to kiss another guy (On the cheek...). I was asked to do a lap dance with Madame Fire as my subject... that was an all-time low for me... erggh.

There really wasn't much going on there, actually, but I at least enjoyed my time with the people there. It was pretty great, actually.

Anyways, I suppose things have been so hectic for me lately. I didn't realize that the practicum paper was actually worth fifteen bloody pages, and that's not going to be easy for me. I have to finish my film papers today, then finish my handwritten stuff for the practicum today as well... afterwards, that's when I go for the rest of the practicum report, which I hope I can accomplish quickly enough.

I even asked some of my friends to do writeups on me just for the Hades of it. I don't know if I'll submit what they have to say, (Though I wish I will. Depends on what I get, really.) but I just really want to know what these people whom I regardes as special to me actually think of me... abby didn't want to write, but I at least have a general idea of what she intended to say. Ah, well. Those are the breaks, I suppose...

I really haven't much else to say right now. I'm too drained, and I guess next week, when the darned practicum report is over and done with, I can relax.

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