Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday... for the past few weeks, it's been the only thing that keeps me going through the week barring speaking to *jaded*, Grace, or . I'm also glad the latter is willing to work some things out with another friend of mine, and that really just smooths out another one of the speed bumps I have to watch out for this week...

Yes, I'm still procrastinating, and I'm stuck at page 8 of a heavily unedited practicum report. I would think that an ample edition of what I have right now will produce a measly 7 pages of doom... doom for me, that is. Nonetheless, I'm sincerely hoping I can get to it, and I need to know if someone I know has a scanner I can scan on, oh, say, by Monday? Please? It's really important, for my senior's page... I hope some kind soul reads this, and is willing to let me go to their house and scan a pic/drawing, edit it a bit on Photoshop, then save it just in time for me to send it over to the people I have to submit it to.

Other academic hassles currently clamping down on me:

- A report we have to do for Philosophy. Even for me, that Hume article was REALLY confusing me, already.
- A long test in the same week for the same class.
- A lack of understanding for the symbol in Cinema Paradiso regarding the knitting that unfurls itself.

I saw Mr. Jim Paredes last Tuesday. It's good to have him back, but I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't get to go out and see how Mr. Sev Sarmenta teaches Jimmy P's subject... ah, well.

Anyways, moving on to Wednesday...

I guess I was having a wee bit too much fun with King Of Fighters to leave the arcade at UM right away and walk into McDonald's to see , , , and the rest. I even had to leave school a bit later because I had to check some things online. Anyways, in the LRT Line 2, I ran into one of those nice Chinese girls I know... too bad I forgot her name. But I digress.

As soon as I walked into McDonald's I saw Maia, Noey, Mac, and Sam. My umbrella got busted, but never mind that. In a rather disorienting break from tradition, I was given much-needed hugs from a few of them, and I was starting to feel a lot better already. You've heard me vituperate enough times about this to know why I value them a lot... but anyways, the mood was generally happier, as Noey was talking about being on TV, Maia was talking about being accepted in the choir, and Sam typing up like a whirling dervish something that sounded rather promising to me. And yeah, Mac must've gotten used to my yaoi innuendoes by now, and there's no point in analyzing it at all... dang, the things Marcelle does for ratings, eh? ::winks::

Moving on, it wasn't long before Noey and Sam left, but I was glad that they were there, and they certainly looked better in weeks. I guess they're beginning to see that there's no point in letting certain things get to them. While I want to remain neutral about all this and be unaffected, I obviously cannot do that when someone starts crying on my shoulder, whether figuartively or literally. I have to be there to help that person, right or wrong, at least just to keep them from feeling that low. So yes, I refuse to pass judgment on this matter, but I am making it clear that I do not tolerate seeing anyone visibly hurt, when it is within my power to change that.

Isis showed up a little while later, and I was glad she did. Nothing, really. I just found her being genuinely nice to me a huge comfort. I initially thought she'd be the biggest speed bump in the group as far as my getting to know them was concerned, but I'm led to the conclusion that there's virtually no speed bump in that regard. Unfortunately, amazing though her seduction skills may have been, it produced nary an effect on me... heh. Still, it was nice to have been playing along, as Mac was trying to one up me with him and Maia, and me and Isis. I naturally continued being stoic, only taking a break from that to ooze with anime sarcasm as I, with glimmering eyes, showed abundant interest in whatever Isis was trying to do... Happosai, anyone? While I'm again, not a very touchy person, I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable with yesterday's situation... prolly because I'm not exactly the incestuous type, as I hope that I am now figuratively a brother to most of them. Anyways...

Again, Isis went with Mac, Maia went with me. This time, however, Maia didn't go straight home to her dorm, so we ended up taking a bite at Greenwich, where she got to the point where she realizes that she usually complicates things for herself a little too much more than how she ought to. As if on cue, Avril's song, "Complicated", just plays over the P.A. system. At the same time, I was beginning to scare her out of her wits with how well I can roleplay a gay guy, from the voice, to directing some lines such as...

You think he loves me?

Of course... waitaminute. Why'm I telling you that? Without you in the way, it'll be all open season for me...

Then I told her about my uber-weird dream about Grace getting a new boyfriend without my knowledge, Tsumenki telling me all about it, then finding out that the new boyfriend IS Maia's current boyfriend, plus that damning conversation I had in my dream...

Vash: Okay. So my dare is to kiss this French guy (Yep. That's you-know-who.)on the lips. Err, can I do that, Marcelle?

Marcelle: Sure. Go ahead. I don't mind.

What? What? What? ::eyes widen::

It's been a great day, and I'm glad to know that I can actually be useful to my friends from time to time. While I don't consider myself to be a nice guy (As far as people who cross The Ministry® are concerned...), I at least know I can be of help to the people who matter.

I'll be meeting Grace in a few hours' time... I hope I can do more of the same for her.


A new plug: Isis!

Can you say "It's about time?"

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