Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Expect me to post tomorrow instead. I'm too busy right now with a lot of stuff, and yes, expect a drastic lack of activity from me come Holy Week. Hope I have my computer by then, though. That way, I could type stuff for myself...

.:2bU Is Out:.

I'm in today's edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in 2bU. More on that next time, but do check it out.

.:Review Done:.

Watched 50 First Dates with Grace last night. Loved i, done reviewing it, but the post has to wait.

.:In The Booth:.

Was with Chico and Delle and Brad this morning. Brad now has SF Alpha 3 on his GBA. Looks like I have to get my link cable on me soon.

As it was the Monster's Riot, I did a certain (newfound) friend of mine a small favor, though I doubt that he knew about it. I requested for Wilson Phillips' "You're In Love", and Chico played it during the last hour of the show.

.:Patience Runs Thin:.

Usually, I come running. Now, it's your turn. Okay. Enough with the cryptic stuff...

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