Monday, March 01, 2004

.:Votations Have Begun:.

I can only hope people would remember to vote for me for the Blue Roast Awards. I’ve plugged myself already more times than I could care to count, so I sincerely hope that I just get a few votes in my categories… darn.

As a refresher, I’m nominated in Crush ANG Bayan and Batch Gifted Child. I hope my efforts over the past two oral exams can help with the latter…

.:Short Notice Day:.

On such short notice, I was asked to board for Radio 1 last Saturday. I went there, played a couple of songs for the first few minutes, then just did a very short bit of banter. I was okay doing the show alone, but I felt really relieved when Matrix and Trinity (Those are their on-air names, so sue me.) showed up and did the show with me. Nothing much, really. We hardly talked, as we didn’t have the textline ready-at-hand for us, so we instead just went and chit-chatted here and there, though nothing much really happened, truth be told. It was a pretty subdued time for us, though we did pretty well. The rapport was there, and the interaction was pretty fine. I got away with playing “Mariposa” one more time… heh.

We had a meeting for Radio 1 in the evening, though I didn’t stick around the station to wait for that and just played some KOF instead. I’m getting better at it, and I even managed to pull off my nice combos with Griffon. Vicious character… plain vicious.

Once I got back to the station, I met up with some of the other Radio 1 people. No big deal, really. It was funny, though, because on that meeting alone, the Radio 1 people have essentially dubbed me “Manyakumlaude”, which I find really weird. Just because I said I saw the Heart Evangelista lookalike doesn’t mean that I saw the evil video of it… but I digress. That was funny, really.

The meeting was fine. We were planning for the Radio 1 graduation party, and among the special awards, I was up for the aforementioned “Manyakumlaude”, or “Most Reliable Pinch-hitter”. Ah, well. Looks like that’s where my fame comes from…

In any case, they were looking for suggestions as to what title we should give the Radio 1 Grad Party. Since we had ideas like “Grad Hop”, “School’s Out”, “It’s Over”, and other finish-related titles, I suggested a title in the vernacular: “Labasan” (Dismissal, in the case of usage. Moreover, the stress is on the second syllable. Not the third.). If it’s the “Final Dismissal”, then we can call it “Huling Labasan”. Pretty creative title ideas, neh? I’m sorry. I feel so lazy about blogging all the minutes of the meeting right now. Leave it sufficient for me to say that it was a fun time.

I did say this was a short-notice day…


In line with this being a short-notice day, Sacha texted me around seven in the evening that she had a party at her house. A videoke party, to be exact. I had no idea whatsoever how to get to her house through commuting, but once Peppy confirmed that he was going, I decided to go for it as well. Courtesy of Sacha’s wiki, here are the scores of all the people in the videoke night:

Ranulf: U can’t touch this (70)
Peppy: How am I supposed to live without you? (93)
Jerome: Michelle (100)
Sacha: Close to you (83)
Peppy: Heaven (94)
Jerome: Be my lady (98)
Marcelle: Di na natuto (96)
Jerome: I have a dream (99)
Marcelle: Foolish heart (95)
Peppy: Kokomo (100)
Jerome: You've got a friend (95)
Marcelle: Endless love (duet with himself - 98)
Peppy: On bended knee (with spoken word - 100)
Eric: The impossible dream (00)
Ranulf: If you really love a woman (92)
All: Bohemian rhapsody (87)
Eric: Staying Alive (with dance steps - 97)
All: We are the champions (89)
Marcelle: Sana maulit muli (100)
Jerome: High school (92)
Eric: Englishman in New York (with accent - 100)
Peppy: Living la vida loca (with dance steps - 76)
Ranulf: Love of my life (94)
Jerome: Moon river (98)
Ranulf: Crazy little thing called love (95)
Marcelle: Darna (yes, that Jenine Desiderio translation of "Superwoman" - 97)
Eric and Jerome: Voltes V (85)
Eric: Foolish heart (94)
Peppy: It must have been love (94)
Eric: La bamba (100)
Jerome: Never been to me (80)
Peppy: Right here waiting (85)
Eric: Kahit kailan (100)
Marcelle: Awit ng barkada (100)
Jerome: Fernando (99)
Sacha: Top of the world (81)
Ranulf: Break it down (95)
Eric: Eternal flame (99)
Sacha: Tragedy (with falsetto!!! unbelievable! - 91)

Notice that while Eric Vidal got a zero (Must’ve been a glitch…), he also had the most 100’s, a total of 3. Peppy’s dancing was a sight to behold, and I got some of it on video. Actually, when any of us did some dancing, that was a sight meant to be immortalized, though the only other video I got to take was of Sacha singing “Tragedy” in a falsetto voice. You have to hear it to believe it, I swear. Overall, it was a fun night, though I sure think that it’s quite unnerving that the only person who had a whiff of alcohol was Sacha’s sister, yet she didn’t sing even one song. That only goes to show how crazy everyone else was, even without any influence from the alcohol…

Anyways, it was a really fun time. Sunday was boring, so I guess this made up for it…

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