Saturday, March 13, 2004

Second post in a row...

.:Baby You Know That I’ll Give It To You:.

I know my writing has been a bit risqué lately, but don’t worry. There’re lines I don’t intend to cross…

In any case, I was on the phone last night with Grace, as she was sounding so sad after I told her about my day. She got her grades yesterday, so I asked her how it turned out. From her tone, I already knew that she was going to pull my trick on me…

Grace: My grade was… my grade was…

Marcelle: So did you pass?

Grace: It’s… you know…

Marcelle: ::catching on already:: Okay. You passed.

Grace: Yes I did! *giggles in delight*

I pulled the same trick with her when I told her I got my Cum Laude. Of course, I had some acting mixed with mine, as I was sniffling and all when I was talking to her. Nonetheless, it was pretty interesting when she asked me to go to her house anytime I could.

Grace: Go to my house sometime this week, okay? I have something to give to you.

Marcelle: What is it?

Grace: Why should I tell you?

Marcelle: Clue!

Grace: It’s something white. I’ll give it to you when you drop by.

Marcelle: Wow. Your virginity?

Grace: Maganda mangarap, Marcelle. Hanggang asa ka na lang


Ever heard that jokes are half-meant? Ah, well. I’m sure my LJ friends know what brought on this discussion… heh.

.:Another Run-In:.

It gets pretty disheartening when I run into Adi, and to this day, it’s still the Cold War. I know I did my part. I really do. I don’t think anything I can do could really change her standpoint, all the same. I just wish she’d realize that neither of us need this kind of ill will going on anyway…

It's been two years of this, and I still can't end the chapter because she keeps it open. But I guess I have no choice but to respect that. It's her right, so it seems...

Why can’t we all just… get along?

.:Morning Rush Bits And Pieces:.

Today’s Phone-in Hot 10 topic was: The Hot 10 Best Advice On Relationships Anyone Has Given To You. I had the line, but then the two talked a bit too long. ::sighs:: To think I had such good advice, all the same.

1. Don’t think that permanence in the relationship means fixity.
2. The success of love is inversely proportional to the amount of expectations you place upon it, and directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into it.
3. When asked “Why do you love me?”, don’t answer “Why not”, lest you find a good reason to not love. Don’t answer with a quality, or a disposition, or anything of the sort. Simply say, “Because I choose to”. Because truly, love is meant to be for its own sake, never as a means to an ulterior end.

Ah, that was frustrating… I know I had the line.

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