Thursday, March 04, 2004


I know by now for a fact that I’m the type who cannot sit still in one place when nothing is happening, whatsoever. Considering that all I have left to do now is wait for graduation, I really feel a huge blah as nothing quite interesting seems to be happening to me, all things considered. I ran into Abby and Bro who had to get their clearance as well, although they wanted to watch “Cold Mountain”, which I wasn’t quite keen on watching because it simply failed to err… tickle my fancy, so to speak. Abby told me all I needed to know about it… nothing interesting from Renee Zelwegger, so no need for me to be so intent on watching it. The Spiral actually sounds pretty good right now. It’s the third part of the Ringu saga, as Ring 0 shouldn’t really count (But that Yukie Nakama… the hotness of it all…).

In any case, I spent most of the day at La Salle, playing KOF 2K3. They have two machines for it, and what’s interesting about that is the fact that the other machine has the bosses as playable. It was quite funny, as Mukai, the final boss, is actually broken in a player’s hands. He has a grapple move that turns an opponent into stone, and it can be comboed off of a punch, so he punches you, turns you into stone. He uses his Leader Super that hits you five times and turns you into stone. Then he punches you,m turns you into stone, then punches you… you get the drill. Still, my Goro Daimon needs work. I tend to lose to a good Duolon player, and his skill at Duolon is something I wish I could acquire… it’s pretty hard going against him when he confuses you, which is something I’m not good at doing. I’m just out and out hitting an opponent until submission with Goro, then anticipating a tag-in to counter it.

Nick Ortega was talking to me there. I don’t think he knows that I happen to know how he used my account to my detriment some time ago, but I really don’t care much, because it’s no big deal, and it doesn’t really make such an amazing person out of him, so no big deal for me, all things considered.

Other than that, nothing important has been happening. I did send in my application for the Philosophy department, though. Let’s hope that turns out well. At the same time, my patience has been running thin lately. I guess it’s akin to a lot of burnout and all. My apologies to any persons who may have ended up being on the receiving end of that nasty temper, particularly my beloved. With everything that’s been going on, I guess I can’t help but feel a bit high-strung as of late.

.:New Link:.

Check out Jim Paredes; weblog. I honestly didn’t expect to hear from him, but I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got this in the mail:

Dear Marcelle,

It's not that your blog did not merit being linked to mine, it's just
that I have a hard time putting stuff on my blog and so don't do it as
often. Am new at this and am hardly a techie. I have people who
generously take care of my photo sites and other stuff excepy my blog
which I do on my own. In fact, you're linked there na!

Looks like ang dami mong bisita. Am glad the creativity class has a
special meaning to you!



My prompt reply:

Dear Sir,

Funny you should mention my post yesterday. I was just tossing around ideas and being my usual self-dismissive self. I guess it's because I was never fond of the hype people give to me, knowing how bad it gets if I don't live up to it.

In any case, that was merely a rhetorical comment. Didn't expect you to link me because of it, but I'm still grateful that you did.
Godpseed to you, sir. :)

Interesting. Very interesting how this would turn out… ah, well. I guess there are just some things that happen in life that end up shaping your personality somewhat, and my run-ins with Mr. Paredes has been one of those things…
.::Writing Backlog:.

Achieving any two of the following by next week would really make me happy:

1. Writing a review for Chobits.
2. Writing a review for GTO.
3. Start chapter 1 of my looong-delayed novel.
4. The “Onetological Argument” Matrix essay.
5. A GTO Fanfic. If I’m actually capable…

I swear, while I’ve been blogging heavily last month, I still haven’t achieved any of the above five things. It’s not easy, I guess, but telling myself that I’m not inspired is really of no use. I don’t think I was particularly inspired when I was writing down those thesis statement answers in the way that most people perceive me to be, and so forth. Ah, well. In any case, I’m pretty fine with how things are, regardless. I just hope I manage to do these things decently, because I swear, it’s been a non-happening week for me for the most part, and I hope I don’t have to do anything radical for me to actually change my opinion about this week.

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