Thursday, March 11, 2004

.:Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That:.

”Louie! Give me some more hearts!”

- Neill

I swear, I didn’t just hear that. That has got to be one of the most disturbing ideas I’ve ever come across… in an effort to gain more karma for Orkut, Neill was asking guys to give him more and more “sexy” icons (The hearts.). The sheer desperation of it all is turning Neill gay. Even worse, considering how most of my Orkut friends are male, and the female friends I have there are people whom I know haven’t touched their respective Orkut accounts for ages, I am being alarmed that my sexiness rating has just shot up to 8… uh-oh. Where in Hades did those hearts come from? The gayness of it all, as Neill was likewise asking me for more karma from him, and all the students were blackmailing one another on the karma ratings (“If you don’t help me with this code, I’ll take back your ice cubes!”)…

As if Neill’s earlier comment wasn’t enough, he even ahd to follow that…

”Sexy naman ako, ah!”

- Neill

Stop the pain, Neill! Stop the pain! ::laughs maniacally, just like Yamazaki::

And so here I was, sitting in on Sacha’s class, when the student next to me asks me if he can declare an image again instead of coding it twice, and I look at him incredulously…

Marcelle: You know, I’m a Communications Student. I think you’re asking the wrong guy… uhh… Sacha? One of your students is asking me a CS question!

Peppy: I’d be more surprised if you actually answered the question.

Marcelle: I was about to philosophize him about it…

This is a really nutty class, I swear. The gayness and the hilarity of it all simply overwhelms me… they even started an Orkut group entitled "Sacha's Fans". Her hidden egotistic side must've been exceedingly flattered, which explains that wicked smile on her face... the Orkut community has this as its description...

"A place where Sacha's students, apprentices and/or friends come together in the name of hip and cool computing!

Go Fans of Sacha"

Okay. I don't think I'm that desperate enough to join this community.

.:Graduation Pictures:.

Someone hand me a scanner, and I can gladly post my graduation pictures here. Otherwise, I'll be satisfied for now with the knowledge that the graduation pics do look good, and I'm pretty much collating a list of people I hope to get grad pics from who're not in my course, as I'm sure I can run into my fellow Comm students by next week, anyway. I actually bothered listing them in my LJ.

In any case, I have a lot of ground to cover if I really want to complete these pictures? heh.

.:A Quick Reminder To Self:.

Sacha's in this month's issue of Mobile Philippines. Obviously, no nosebleed material there?

.:How Could I Forget?:.

Iks sent me a reply to my message, asking him how he was. It's funny, because he still remembers my being hooked on Chico and Delamar, among other things, but he had this nice part in his message...

I hope you graduate with flying colors. I believe it was you who said, "If you don't win with flying colors, then you don't win at all." I could be wrong, but I think it was you. It suits your personality.

Now that I think about it, I realize how correct that saying is. I think I told him about I to justify my using a blue artifact deck to induce library death when I could've just used a pure red cheese deck. I wanted to win by finesse. Trust me: I still do.

In any case, what I noticed about this statement was that Iks knew I was the type to do things with flair (Gee. What's my top RAW Deal deck again? Oh, right. Ric Flair.). I was in danger of losing sight of that when I started off in college, but now, I pushed myself to redemption, as I'm graduating Cum Laude. I was never too fond of mediocrity. That shouldn't really change, all things considered. And I really shouldn't forget my own advice. This is one of the few bits of good advice I gave that I myself follow. Of course, a few other people feel that the flair itself is sweeter than the victory, as that guy in the late Bruce lee's "Enter The Dragon" said...

Even if I lose, I'm still going to look good.

I realize now that to this day, I'm still a fan of doing things with flair. Crude but effective means are last resorts to me. If there's a flashier way that will lead me to the same success, I'd rather do it that way.

And with that being said, I have effectively justified my grievance in my last Unsent letter. It's too bad she's too dense to realize it's her. then again, that might be all for the better.


Apparently, the secretary of the Philosophy department did not know that I attached my letter of application to my credentials as early as last Wednesday or Thursday. This simply means that I have to wait again before Dr. Ibana informs me whether or not they're willing to take me in as a teaching assistant come summer classes. Despite that, I still have to complete my requirements for application, in assumption that I will be given the go signal. If I don't do that, then if they tell me to go for it, I'd be too late and I'd need to start during the first semester, which I don't intend to do. I'd want to start during the summer, so I'd be able to start teaching by the first semester.

Ah, well. This is a bit annoying, but it cannot be helped. Had I known better, I should've let the secretary know that the letter was there already instead of assuming that she saw it already. Darn. That's a whole week of delays... I hope things get a bit smoother from this point onwards.

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