Saturday, March 27, 2004


Remember that VTR I was supposed to have for some talent scout? Well, it was more like a photo session to check if I was really photogenic, by the end of it. Grace and I met up at Ayala prior to going there, though, as I wanted to have her with me…

I swear, Grace is so showbiz. While she was waiting for me to finish my “pictorial”, she was chatting with the girl who found me, and it was really interesting.

Grace: So you “discovered” him? He’s really nice, really down-to-earth. A bit arrogant at times, though, when he knows he has the right to be.

Roni: Yeah. I was asking him if he wanted to be a model, but I think he heard something else (Actually thought I heard if I “had a girlfriend”- Marcelle), so he answered that he already had one. I thought to myself, “Oh, no! Please don’t be under contract already…”

Grace: That’s nice.

Roni: Are you his girlfriend? (She doesn’t know Grace is my girlfriend…)

Grace: I’m just his best friend.(Wow! Denial queen!- Marcelle)

Roni: Does he have a girlfriend, then?

Grace: Yes, he does.

Roni: How does she look like? Maybe we can use her as a model as well.

Grace: She’s… okay. (Wushu! Humble! - Marcelle)

They were having a nice chat, while the head of the agency, a French guy named Regis, was taking my pictures, while someone whom I presume is his wife looked on. They said I was okay, but I had to lose the braces… we’ll see how that pans out, though. If this is going to be just a short-term deal, I can’t see why I wouldn’t go for this. Pretty interesting line of work, along with the nightly prosperity dance…

Grace and I then wanted to go to Megamall, but the funny thing is, she made us board a jeepney that was going to go to Sacha’s house. And then she thinks I’m fixated on Sach? Heh. I then showed her some of the graduation pictures I acquires at that point, and then she pointed out Diane’s…

Grace: I like her creative picture more. It’s more creative.

Yes. I thought so too, dear. :)

.:One Day After Graduating, And Marcelle Rolls Out:.

… I couldn’t sleep after the whole thing because of so many things going through my head. Out of sheer frustration, I decided to go to RX instead at 4:30 in the morning. I ended up boarding with Troy from Radio 1 as well for his “All Out Roll Out Show”, which he usually hosts with Jojo. It was fun, really. He was asking me what I was up to, so I told him I was just so pumped up after the graduation, that I couldn’t sleep. Then I started talking about the “nightly grind” and the “prosperity dance”, with matching steps, and to this moment, I don’t think he could get that image out of his head.

He was talking about the fact that there are some really interesting callers and texters out there when he gets lucky (Looks like he knows how to put this job to his advantage. Silly me forgot to record the important numbers of people making very enticing comments, as our topic was whether or not you have lost your virginity.

Troy: So, Marcelle, have you lost your virginity yet?

Marcelle: Stop depressing me… I haven’t yet.

Mental note: according to the higher-ups, mentioning you have a girlfriend is a no-no. Okay. No problem. One of the Friendster accounts of the people there, though, happened to be pretty nice. Either the girl was using fake pictures, or she did really look like Barbie Xu. That’s nosebleed material for me… heh. Actually, throughout the show, that’s all Troy and I were talking about. I’m not 100% sure, but looks like this jabroni isn’t just talking the talk, but walking the walk. I couldn’t relate with the guys who said they scored with their teachers, though. And of all people to egg on me, Troy was insisting I try Sacha. I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to that… even if I were to not have a girlfriend, the idea is bordering on plain absurd.

The talk on the air was great, and someone actually said that we had nice voices. Whoa! That’s a first for me, so I guess I ought to feel flattered about it. Still, there I was, looking for callers about our topic, and two of them were male (Gurk!), and then one of them was a girl who was only out to request. If I were a bit more desperate, I would’ve felt really bad about it, but I guess Grace is thankfully worth the wait… or I could refer to her method on “Chinese Flesh”, if I really am so inclined to…

.:Rolling Out, Then Rushing In The Morn:.

Unlike Troy, I stuck around for the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar, and I had a very productive training with them. I was getting embarrassed with all the congratulations over my graduating Cum Laude, but it was all good. Raymond started off putting me over, though, by greeting me for my graduation after he gave his answer to the Hot 10. Things went smoothly for the most part, though. I was talking when they gave me the cue to do so, and my Generation RX delivery was really smooth. At one point, though, we had a caller on the Hot 10 who just came from a practice. The topic was “The Hot 10 Things You’d Say To Yourself In The Mirror”, and after the guy gave his answer, he then revealed he was only on his way home.

Apparently, he was practicing. While Chico was trying to ask what he was practicing for, I started to do the “prosperity dance”. I hit it on the head: he was practicing for the first anniversary of the Bisexual Club that he works for. Bisexual Club, yes. But he sure sounded gay (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) to us, and didn’t seem to swing the other way at all. Chico was trying to ask what bisexuals eat for breakfast, though…

I noticed that Chico and Delle were referring to the Hot 10 by its old name, the Top 10, more often now. Apparently, considering how long they built up that title, dropping it altogether wasn’t smart, since other stations are now using it. Slowly but surely, they’re trying to ease it in as the Top 10 again, which I believe is a smart idea. Later on…

Chico: So Marcelle, what does a Cum Laude graduate from Ateneo do now?

Marcelle: In my case, study some more, as I try to apply for a teaching assistant.

Delamar: What? No vacation?

Marcelle: I have an interview this Monday.

Chico: What a geek! (Or is that “nerd”? - Marcelle)

Marcelle: I’m just the type who can’t stay around, doing nothing! I freak out when I don’t do anything…

Later on, off the air, Delle walks up to me, and goes…

Delamar: For the benefit of your sanity, why don’t you go to my side of the booth and handle the console so you’re not doing anything?

That was a first. I did Generation RX from there, which was hard, as I was doing my own stinger, playing my own commercials… wow. It was a nice way to get the hang of it, as I didn’t have too many mistakes, except when I was putting on the Survivor bed for the Hot 10, as it’s on the same MD as their AOB bed, so I have to switch tracks quickly in between the end of the AOB and the Hot 10 stinger. It was fine, though (”Marcelle, we’re just waiting for you to play the bed!!!”).

Overall, I really enjoyed this training. I’d be having a Radio 1 meeting tonight, though, so we’ll see what happens beyond that. Here’re a few hilarious snippets, though…

Ricky Cruise: How do you join that Bisexual Club, by the way?

Delamar: Ricky!!!

Chico and Delle had interesting things to talk about off air, but due to the confidential nature of it, I leave the details in the station, where I snagged them from… here’s something safe, though.

Marcelle: Eh? I didn’t know that Joko was gay…

Delamar: Marcelle! Duh!

Marcelle: I mean, Ernest would make sense, but Joko was so homophobc about Billy…

Chico: Whoa. That’s a beeyatchy comment! But wait… the contact lens don’t tell you he’s gay? (Was supposed to say something, but never mind… I’m sure you know what. - Marcelle)

How about the top blooper of the day?

Chico: So why don’t you drop by your favorite malls right now? Who knows? You might run over…. Uhh… run into the Gilbey’s Girls. *laughs uncontrollably* Delle, you do this…

Okay. So you can now run over the Gilbey’s Girls for free, eh?

And lastly…

Chico: Thank you, Marcelle! He may be geeky, but he has brains. (Uhh… if you use geek and nerd interchangeably, shouldn’t having brains follow? - Marcelle)

What a day… to think I hardly had any sleep, and went iron man for about five hours on the air… :)

.:Last-Minute Thank-You's:.

My gratitude to Mr. Bulaong for the help and moral support. Hope to see you soon. And Diane, thank you again. We've known each other for years, and I hope we'd stay in touch. To all those graduating today, my sincere congatulations to you. That means you too, Rowena. :)

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