Sunday, March 28, 2004

.:Enough With The Vituperation:.

I think I’ve had an overdose of Hata-rade for the past few weeks. I’ll try to get my mind off of it for now, so I suppose we can talk about some lighter stuff for the time being.

Abby’s leaving for the States today. She’ll be having a two-week vacation, and she’d be in New York until around April 3, though I’ve no idea where she intends to go prior to that. I was trying to ask her about whether or not she’d want to catch Josh Groban, and then on a stroke of sentimentality, I asked her for e-mail updates.

Abby: Why would you want me to update you at all times?

I had to find something to say and save face, but silly me came up with…

Marcelle: Because… because I like… Josh.

Okay. Now that sounded gay.

Marcelle: I just like his songs… forget it. I guess my mind is working slower than my mouth right now…

And so, Abby is going to U.S. today, with a smile in her heart, a lot of laurels for her to rest upon momentarily, and skewed notions about my masculinity. I wish she didn’t have to have the latter, but the fish is caught by the mouth.

.:More RX Stuff:.

I failed to talk about these RX snippets that I completely forgot to talk about…

First of all, I realized that it wasn’t Delamar doing the voice acting for the Stick-On plugs, but Danielle. I found that weird, because I got so used to Delle being the one doing all the itsy voices for their station, starting from Kikay of “Kikoy and Kikay” fame. Danielle’s delivery was funny, though. I loved that line about Harry Potter…

Ooh, Harry. What’s that under your invisible cloak?

During the show yesterday, though, Chico and Delle were talking about going on television today, for Ricky Reyes’ Beauty School Plus. I was naturally curious about what they’d intend to do there.

Marcelle: So, are you guys going to have makeovers?

Delamar: No. Just an interview.

Marcelle: ::does an impression of Ricky Reyes before speaking up:: so he’d be asking you what you do with your hair?

Delamar: Maybe.

Marcelle: And then he’d tell everyone not to do what you do…

Nearing the Generation RX turnover, though, they had fun coming up with a new topic. They wanted to go for something fun and zany. Ergo, they had the weirdest suggestions, but they ended up choosing a very sober one. Still…

Delamar: We should’ve tried asking, “Would you have sex with a sexy midget”?

Chico: Yeah! Would you, Marcelle?

Marcelle: No.

Chico: How about if she had a gorgeous face, big chest, and so forth?

Marcelle: No.

Chico: What if she were a hot, Chinese midget?

Marcelle: Uhh… no.

Chico: Did you hear him hesitate, Delle? Looks like he considered it!

Marcelle: I did not!

Chico: But why not?

Marcelle: Because she’s a midget?

Delamar: How discriminatory!

Marcelle: Uhh… I’m racist already. What’s a bit more discrimination?

.:Shigi-Shigi Ua!!!:.

Finally, they decided to show my favorite episode of Shaider, the Mashiba episode. That was the only reason I was trying to catch Shaider on TV for the longest time, and now, I caught it today!

I didn’t get to watch the start of the show, but I opened the television to see some kids on some rooftop dancing around, and then going medieval on Annie, who tried to figure out what was happening with them. Then, Shaider tries to rescue her, and the bad guys were too stupid and told him outright what the plan was: spread the Mashiba flower (Where’re the Viva Hotbabes when you need them? Lots of jokes on that idea alone…), infect everyone with the virus that will make them dance the Mashiba dance, then they will all become warlike and vicious, and if it spreads enough, the whole world will be destroyed.

It was funny, because Shaider was trying to figure out how to stop the epidemic, which was a hopeless cause, as everyone whom he tried to take the flower from fought back, and then later on, as Dr. Ang was dancing in some place, the Japanese song playing that Dr. Ang was dancing to changed into the “Shigi-shigi” song, and everyone was dancing the Mashiba dance again. For some strange reason, Dr. Ang was unaffected by the virus, and Annie and Alexis tried to get him away from the place, as they then began to search for a cure. There is a vaccine against the flower, but Miraculin takes two weeks to prepare.

In the meantime, the virus was spreading fast. The president (Shouldn’t that be prime minister?) of Japan, in an interview, said that the world is getting soft because of peace. Wartime must come, and World War III was alluded to have begun with one week to go before the vaccine is finished. Alexis and Annie devise a plan to stop the spread of the virus and then administer the vaccine, by publicizing the availability of the vaccine. Naturally, Shaider’s enemies are gullible enough to go there, try to get the vaccine, with the monster who produces the Mashiba virus. If I were them, I’d go there full force except with the monster. In fact, if I were them, I’d let Shaider relax for five episodes, then attack with five monsters, fifteen flying ships, and five huge Puma Lear battleships. Let’s see Shaider and Annie take those guys down.

So Shaider baits them all, and he manages to defeat the monster in a battle scene in Time-Spacewarp with more special effects than the usual episode. Then, the doctors producing the vaccine against Mashiba kick the distribution process into high gear, and inject those infected with the virus, and the infected people fell in line. That last part was what made me scratch my head. Aside from the feasibility of administering the vaccine (And remember: a vaccine is supposed to be given before getting the disease. Not after. That’s an antidote!) to everyone affected in the world, aside from having World War III just stop simply because the vaccine was handed out, how did they gather those carriers without having them put up a fight in the clinic, and have them actually willingly fall in line? The inanity of it all brings a smile to my heart.

Wherever you are, Alexis, you will be remembered.


In no particular order, just a reminder to myself about people I have to bug for the next few weeks… or just wait patiently for, if ever…

1. Bobi Bonifacio
2. Adi Co
3. Connie
4. Ivan
5. Sharleen
6. Memoy
7. Pearl
8. Kimberly Lim
9. Rachelle Sy

Speaking of backlog, I just need to get my IR port from my aunt’s house tonight, and you’ll be seeing a few images soon enough…

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