Friday, March 19, 2004

.:At Last!:.

Some of you might be wondering why I posted the picture I posted last entry. To explain, for one, that was a picture of Cami (In glasses) along with Charlene Chua. Beautiful people, neh? But I digress. That wasn’t the point of the exercise. More aptly, the reason I posted that picture is to point out that it came from my cellular phone, and now, I can upload photos from my cell phone through the IR USB port that I used. Pretty nifty, isn’t it? Sacha thought so, too, as she was musing getting one upon finding out that it could work even for Linux.

I sat in on Sacha’s class. Her last CS 21-B class for the semester. It’s pretty funny, but I realized that she does have a pair, in contrast to someone I happen to know. I love that pair. Of eyeglasses. What the Hades were you thinking? In any case, Peppy sent me her photo through the IR port, and then he changed the main computer in the lab so that the projector would show a computer screen with Sacha’s picture where her tongue sticks out is the wallpaper of the thing… it’s really amusing.

Sacha was working on E-Macs, and she warned me that it's not up my alley, as even geeks are scared of it. Apparently, there's a correlation between one's geekiness and one's inclination to E-Macs. The geekier you are, the more chances there are that you're into E-Macs. A geek among geeks, that Sacha...

Then, Louis was complaining about all the problems he had to get over before the finals: a long test, a paper, programming, and so.

Louis: What do I do?

Marcelle: Shift out.

Louis: To what? Comtec? I’ll be a COMputer TEChnician?

I was chuckling at him, because I don’t really think that’s a fair label to attach to Comtec students. People like Adi and Dione Cotoco are pretty smart persons whom I don’t think merit that… but you have to admit, like IS, Comtec does try to specialize in a lot of things…

Marcelle: If you take I.S. or something like that, Louis, bagay (It matches.). Pareho kayong sabog ang focus, eh. (Both of you spread yourselves too thinly.)

While I don’t agree with this generalization by a hundred percent, I find it amusing if a person were to shift out of CS, then go to I.S., but take only C.S. electives. Why’d you shift out if that’s all you intend to do?

Must stop filming and taking photos in Sacha’s class… I might seem too much like a stalker already. Still, Peppy and I have found a lot of fun with my new IR port. I’m sure that I can do a lot of stuff with it now, although this computer I have at my aunt’s house doesn’t really work with it. No big deal. It’d work with lots of other computers, and I pray that I get one for when I graduate…

My caption contest is getting some mileage now. I wonder what I’d be posting for it next? Here’s hoping the participation still continues…


A couple of nights ago, I called Tsumenki and said…

Marcelle: Hey, Marcelle! This is Chris.

Apparently my being scatterbrained didn’t end there. I was talking to her on the phone again today, and when the topic swung to the OB Awards 2004, whose nominees I finally tallied, I was trying to talk to her about how many people wanted to meet Bluemaxx and Elfboy…

Marcelle: So I noticed that everyone was hoping for Blueboy and Elfmaxx… waitaminute!

And then, we started talking about my personal problems. Of course, I had to give her quite an assurance about my problems, lest she thought I was going to be just plain bitter and vengeful. That’s not my style…

Marcelle: Don’t get me wrong, Chris. I’m appy for Habby… I’ mean, I’m happy for Abby!

Tsumenki: What’s with you? You seem to be really tongue-tied the past few days!

It’s funny. I don’t think I’ve been having this many Spoonerisms for the longest time.

.:My Angel:.

In the midst of my never being satisfied with the status quo, I cannot help but feel extremely grateful for Grace, who was there for me today, making me feel very secure and less inadequate. I’m exceedingly thankful that Grace managed to take the time out to listen to me, and to spend some time with me. We had a very short date, involving buying some of that beef-on-stick snacks that cost two pesos each, and a slice of Gayuma’s “Better Than Sex”, which is really sweet. Of course, I have yet to determine if the cake really happens to be BTS.

In any case, Grace was just there, listening to me, wishing me luck for my entrance exam this coming Saturday (Uh-oh. It’s 8-12, right after the Comm Roast. This is bound to be a very exhausting day.). I really pray I get that job. Teaching Philosophy may very well be a career for me if I can just be able to make enough out of it. Nonetheless, I’d like to think that. Grace was simply an angel to me. There I was, feeling depressed, but I know that I have found someone who is the greatest fan of my life. Of our life. My best friend and my Earthly center. How could my spirits not be lifted up because of her?

Grace is one in a trillion. I don’t think I could ever have a friend, much less a girlfriend, quite like her. For her being there for me all this time despite all my quirks and idiosyncracies, I am eternally awed and in debt. That, plus the fact that she has quite a sense of humor… you might want to not take this dialogue seriously, though, lest you take offense to it.

Marcelle: It’s not “better than sex”! I can prove it to you!

Grace: Wait for eight years.

Marcelle: But… how can I ever taste Chinese flesh?

Grace: Eh di dilaan mo yung balikat ni S****! There you go! Chinese flesh! (Why don’t you lick S****’s shoulder? There you go! Chinese flesh!)

I can’t help but feel so much better. As usual, I’ve been “Saved By Grace” (Ephesians.).

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