Wednesday, March 03, 2004

.:A Triple Shot In The Arm:.

Fine, I know I really am putting myself over by posting these, but I really appreciate these kind words… especially since one of the thank-you notes I got came from a really special friend of mine, whom I’ve known since fourth year high school…

From Emily:

hi marcel! Sobrang thank you for posting your answers in the oral exams. Remember dati yung nagaral pa tayo for philo and you posted your answers as well? It really helped a lot. I was reading your blogs kanina and ang masasabi ko lang magaling ka talagang tao. Yun lang. Baka sabihin mo binobola kita e hehe. I think you’ll be a great teacher (Onizuka? Hehe…), you have a knack for explaining things clearly, na naiintindihan ng mga tao. If that’s what you want then go for it. =) gud luck ha, sana cum laude =) tc always and thanks so much again!


p.s. if you can't remember me i'm the girl na kinausap
mo sa de la costa, yung hiningan mo ng no.

(Hi, Marcel! Thank you so much for posting your answers in the oral exams. Remember before when we were still studying for Philo, then you posted your answers as well? It really helped a lot. I was reading your blog a while ago, and all I can say is that you are a fine person. That’s all. You might say I’m flattering you too much, hehe. I think you’ll be a great teacher, you have a knack for explaning things clearly, that people can understand. If that’s what you want, then go for it. =) gud luck, ha, hopefully, cum laude =) tc always and thanks so much again! – p.s. if you can’t remember me I’m the girl you were talking to at de la costa, the one you asked the number from.)

I’m grateful for the vote of confidence in this teaching career I hope to end up in (Or at least, a teaching career until I get an M.A.). I guess I just really feel happy to post my answers to the thesis statements. Maybe I get a bit down at times over the lack of feedback, but regardless, being able to do that in itself is already quite a boon to me. I could only hope this can translate to my teaching well when I do get the opportunity to do so. Don’t worry, Emily. I’m not one to forget. It’s my pleasure. No question about it.

From Jason Dayrit:

didn't get to check your blog recently...i only saw the answers for the first 2 lang ata. thanks! your answers cleared up some stuff that I need to say!

anyway, how was your orals? i have mine at 10:20 on saturday...stupid

No problem. I’m sure you realize that I hold a very soft spot for all my classmates in Jimmy P’s creativity class… I swear… that class really got me going, and weblogging with the “Morning Pages” concept in my head does help, although I’m left with no other recourse but to engage in a bit of censorship…

As for my orals, I think I did decently. I didn’t really put as much effort or pizzazz into it the way I did for my Philosophy, but I got the “A” I needed. The honorable mention would’ve been icing on the cake, but it’s no big deal if I didn’t get it. I already made the “Theo performance of a lifetime” in this weblog, for all to see, anyway. I hope Mr. Dy-Liaco gets to read and comment about it next time, though. :) And here’s hoping you did well, yourself.

Lastly, from Diane:

dearie, thank you so much for the theology thesis statements; they were great... ang galeng ah!

and i presume you will be glad to know that i recommended your site to some other classmates, around four. more fans for you, huh?

i still dont know my theo grade, though, but i guess i did quite will because, at the end of
the five minutes (yes, our exam only took five minutes!), all ma'am said was "excellent,

again, here's a *kiss* and *hug* for you.

oh, and by the way, when's blue roast votation? when can i have the chance to vote you as the batch genius? :)

Obviously just a friendly peck on the cheek and a hug… but thanx, nonetheless. I have to admit that though we’ve known each other since fourth year high school, we’ve really made headway into our friendship only this year. In any case, I’m sure you’re going to be doing fine in whatever you want to do after graduation. Always take care, and always remember that this jabroni right here will always be around for you when you need him (There goes that third person bit again… well, I’m quite happy, that’s why.). You’re really something else. You know that?

.:Postscript Ideas:.

Sacha’s father was joking that I might need a ladder to reach some high notes during our Videoke night last Saturday. When I was singing “Darna”, Sach likewise quipped that thank Gawd I wasn’t Darna. Amusing videoke night, though I didn’t get to take any really nice pictures. I suppose the video clips of Peppy and Sach were priceless, nonetheless. I’m pretty amused over it, truth be told. I really, really sounded bad during my first two songs that night. I started to sound decent when I was singing “Endless Love” on my own, with both male and female parts, for good measure. That was fun. Peppy had a pretty diverse range of song choices all the same, whereas Ranulf was more into Queen, Jerome was more into ballads, and Eric was just as mixed with the playlist as me and Peppy were.

Sach then insinuates that I said Peppy and I were “soulmates”. I don’t think “partners in crime” and “soulmates” are the same thing, Sach. I’m sorry.

On a completely unrelated note, thanx to April for the nice testimonial. I really appreciated it. :)


Ran into Jimmy P today in the Communications Department. It’s been a while since I saw him, and I suppose I haven’t merited being included in his links list just yet, although I do check out his weblog from time to time. Wonder if I was an influence for him to start that weblog, or someone else…

I had a fairly interesting time in the Comm Department, if only for the interesting things we were talking about. Ah, well. I guess that clearance thing wasn’t half as bad as I initially thought it was. It was actually relatively smooth-sailing, as I really had little need to do anything else beyond gather the needed signatures.

In any case, while I do make sure I don’t insult the sensibilities of most people when I write in my weblog, I still write what I feel like writing… it’s pretty good, really.

On an unrelated note, I think I stand a good chance at this point of getting what I’ve mostly been hoping for, and although I’m quite certain that I still have quite a lot to do, aside from completing graduation pictures of special people and so forth, I guess this has been a schoolyear I’ve been extremely proud of. I’ve pushed myself beyond what I thought I could achieve, and whether or not I get a Cum Laude, I know that I have done my utmost best this semester. I’ve gone beyond my academic yardstick, I’ve gone beyond myself, and really now, that’s what matters at this point.

.:Game Of The Generals:.

Neill has been doing pretty well making GG. While he doesn’t have the game down to pat, he at least made quite an acceptable amount of improvisation, and he had a pretty good version, without a doubt. I sincerely hope that he makes it accessible when it’s complete, because I would absolutely love to have GG on a PC, even if it’s not the complete version of it…

I beat him by manipulating my flag to his rank, though. That got me the win, as I was outpsyching him on most counts, second-guessing what he’s up to, and ensuring that his spies weren’t around to ruin my day. My privates were placed pretty well, and by the time my flag was advancing towards his base, he was too occupied staving off a potential attack from me at the same time. This resulted in giving him quite a headache, as he tried to beat me to reaching the flag to my base, but I managed to place a last line of defense there on my side of the board to actually prevent that. He had a few more kinks to work out with the game (Especially since the game isn’t turn-based yet…), but overall, I’m sure even Sacha’s impressed with what he’s gotten so far with his partner.

This kid has potential in CS. I think I can see the future now… maybe he’s not as blatantly geeky as Sach happens to be, but he sure as Hades is quite the whiz. I rarely put people over like this, but anyone who can make GG available to me via the PC is someone who has earned my utmost respect.

.:More Training:.

Delamar has been quite nice to me lately. Actually, things have been going fine for me with the Morning Rush as of late, although I knew better than to expect to answer the Hot 10 topic for the day. While I have to continue working on my voice, I’m at least doing pretty fine with the delivery by modifying the speed level of my speech instead of the pitch or volume of my voice. According to Chico, doing it that way “Replicates a high energy level”. I guess it works a bit.

I actually boarded with the dynamic duo for a full four hours, as it appears Sir Louie is out for the day. I got there pretty early, and Troy was around, doing the show on his own. Pretty fun hearing from him, really. He was surprised to see me up and about that early, though. What’s to be so shocked about? I’ve been listening to Bruce Romano during his time, so I was up as early as 2 in the morning back then. No problem waking up about two or three hours after that, neh? Well, relatively speaking, I guess….

In any case, we had a lot of fun talking about stuff like Dolphy’s not running but supporting FPJ anyway, as well as the extremely predictable Oscars, and the fact that Chico and Delle have been arguing like kids quite a lot, and there I was, trying to fan the flames by picking Chico’s side…

Delamar: So you think you know everything?

Chico: Most things. Unlike you…

Marcelle: Padawan.

Delamar: Keep out of this!

Marcelle: It’s a battle of the sexes, Delle.

Delamar: So are you getting some?

Later on in the dialogue..

Chico: Okay. For the fourth time in a straight…

Delamar: A straight row?

Marcelle: So we have gay rows now?

And then, I set myself up…

Monster Radio RX 93.1 is DWRX-FM in Metro Manila, a proud, proud member of the KBP.

Chico: When we say “proud”, of course we don’t mean Biblical, arrogant proud. We simply mean a good kind of proud.

Delamar: Yeah!

Marcelle: Yeah. We just mean we’re very proud and honored to be a part of this great organization we call the KBP. That kind of proud.

Chico: Okay, geek.

Even then, we had a lot of nice moments even off the air. We were talking a bit about the fact that apparently, my prediction that Richard was going to be gone the first chance they had to take him out was going to happen. It really was cemented by the fact that one of the members of his tribe left beforehand, so there was already one person out of the tribe right off the bat. As soon as the tribal council happened, was there any doubt left that they were going to take him out of it already? Ah, well. Too bad for him, really. He had it coming…

In the middle of the show, we got hit by a sudden blackout, and I swear, Delamar’s face was priceless. Never knew she was such a scaredy cat. Oh, wait. I do. I’ve been giving her lots of scary ideas, especially the elevator bit. Imagine how scary it would get if the elevator just went out because of a blackout. Then, when the lights come back on, an additional person in the elevator is in there with us. Ahh… the horrificness of it all.

The Hot 10 sort of struck a nerve, but I know it doesn’t mean it’s beyond salvaging. I guess it’s just a sign that there’s a lot of room for improvement. I did notice that I have a whistling sound on air, though. Must be the braces.

Ayessa apparently graduated already. She actually knows Boom Gonzales. Oh, gee. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Hitched a ride with Delle to Megamall afterwards. Nothing important there…

.:My Favorite Mistake:.

I ran into Adi today on my way to Ateneo. She was also boarding the LRT. I greeted her, and wonder of wonders, she talked back to me, actually telling me that I got myself some popularity again courtesy of the Blue Roast Awards. I’m not the presumptuous type, though, so I decided to not assume we’re already on okay terms. After all, she didn’t exactly accept my gesture when I paid for her tricycle fare, thus making the tricycle driver richer by five extra bucks (No big deal moneywise, but you have to admit, that was quite a slap in the face.). I just felt a bit put off by that, because I didn’t make that gesture so I can be in good with her. I just thought it’s a nice thing to do for a nice person like her, albeit we really don’t get along so smoothly right now. With that in mind, I guess I still am hoping for some resolution, which explains the following message I sent to her on Friendster…

I want to make the closure easier on the both of us. I understand you're busy and all, so I hope this will be more convenient for you.

I don't want to presume that we're friends now just because you talked to me. I'm not that kind of a person. Still, I'd like to think that we can somehow work out our differences and at least be friends again.

With that in mind, I'm adding you to my friends list. If you think I'm now deserving of being called your friend, by all means, please do add me. If you feel that you're not yet willing to accept me as one, just sit on the invite. If you feel that there's no chance in Hades that you'd want to be friends with me again, then just reject the invite.

God bless you, Adi. We may not have seen eye to eye the past two years, but I recognize that you are a wonderful person and a great friend. I guess you can tell I sincerely regret that I wronged you in the past.

I could be prideful and lash out at her for this or that. I could be prideful and tell myself that my apology should’ve been enough, so I don’t need to continue making amends with her. But I know I was wrong at one point, and that’s why I can’t just go and do that. I mean, other instances, I was quite certain that I didn’t feel any compelling notions to actually go and make amends with others, especially if they started the mess to begin with. Adi isn’t that way. Maybe it’d be worked out, and maybe it wouldn’t. Bottomline is, after passing the ball around, I do believe that the ball will be in her court for one final time. It’s all up to her, now.

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