Tuesday, March 16, 2004

.:Assorted Run-Ins:.

I've had an unexpected encounter with a few people yesterday, which is admittedly surprising, simply because it's hard to expect me to meet anyone when I'm not trying to go look for them, and when I?m not expected to be in school because I'm supposed to be graduating already, so why bother? But ah, the call of free Internet is too strong to resist, I must say.

In any case, I met April, a friend of mine from the Ateneo Debate Society, the one whom I believe resembles Peachy Reyes who used to be on KC, now known as Alex in RT. Gorgeous girl that Peachy, so I suppose April should take it as a compliment... I have yet to see her wearing anything aside from a white or a blue blouse and a long skirt. It's almost as though she was donning a uniform to Ateneo... but she's a really nice girl with a good head on her shoulders. Apparently quite spiritual, all the same. Just had a short chat with her, including that immortal question, "How's your boyfriend?" Heh.

And then, wonder of wonders, I ran into *jaded* today, all the same. She was just talking to me about her plans, and she apparently has discovered a new species, the "lang-mok", which seems to be a very weird cross between an ant (langgam) and a mosquito (lamok). Anyways, no dialogue excerpts on either run-in for now. I really don't see much reason, as there's nothing I haven't said to them yesterday that I haven't talked about before, i.e., taking up a career in Adonis, or teaching swimming in ICA. *jaded* seems to be very harassed lately, and she has no clear plan of what she wants to do when she graduates just yet. Happens to everyone, I suppose. She has way too many interests that don't flow into one another, uinfortunately. I know I have quite a few interests that go like that, but my anime would have to take a backseat to my being a DJ, and so forth. It's all about priorities, and not that *jaded* doesn't have any priorities, it's more like she just needs to recalibrate them for now.

All the power to them. I'd love to run into them when I start teaching, though. Ah, well. I've a long way to go.

.:Fifteen Minutes Of Fame:.

After seeing Sacha featured in the Mobile Philippines magazine, I couldn't help but think that people have more than just fifteen minutes of fame at any given time, and only people who can truly excel at something and not merely be proficient in many different fields could make people bat an eyelash in their direction. Let's face it: the few times I've seen my name in a paper, I was either writing the article, or I was just being mentioned for this thing or that thing. TV exposure has made me more infamous than anything, as I was notorious for my bit on Debate with Oscar Orbos and Winnie Monsod, and I was the only one who got the answers in that Nuts Entertainment ambush interview.

I think it's obvious by now that from time to time, I do become quite the egomaniac, as is illustrated by my discarded interest in entering showbiz (Aside from the fact that I do believe I'd need major work on my acting/singing/dancing skills, my studies are still top priority.), and my fervent hope of making it into RX as their DJ during the graveyard shifts. I've been trying to concentrate myself in a few fields of interest that have their respective niches: Fighting Games, Writing Reviews, Philosophy, and RAW Deal. I eagerly await the day someone bothers to feature RAW Deal in a magazine or something. This is not just for my personal gratification, but more importantly, to get people to actually be interested in the game. God knows with Raymund slowly cutting his purchases of RAW Deal for retail, the Philippines needs a more dedicated supplier of the cards, and with more exposure for the game, I'm sure I could be able to run better and more exciting events...

In any case, the inferiority complex is creeping in again, although I'd like to think that such is not my motivation for doing what I really want to do, such as teach, or become a DJ. I don't think Sacha needed to be a teacher for me to want to teach. Fact of the matter is, I'm pretty much pleased as punch with how things are going for me, anyway, but a bit more recognition wouldn't be so bad, especially towards my blogging, as I believe I'm arguably the most prolific random blogger in the country at this point. Ah, well. I'm sorry. Hanging around greatness does that to me...

At the very least, I can honestly say that Abby is no longer my academic yardstick for success. I don't want to have to explain why, lest I sound even more arrogant than I already do. Now, my only academic yardstick for success would be myself. This puts a stop to the comparisons and the matching up. I think I can live with that.

So maybe I'll find my niche that will land me in the front pages some day, and more likely I won't. Whatever that niche may be, I can honestly say that all I need concern myself with is the fact that I am after fulfillment, and my egocentricity can wait... unless of course, my fulfillment comes with satisfying that egocentricity, which I certainly hope is not the case...

.:Missaid, Misheard:.

Just a few funny dialogue excerpts from my conversation with Tsumenki last night:

Marcelle: Hello? Hello, Marcelle, this is Chris. (Isn't it the other way around?)

Chris: I want to go to Greenhills tomorrow.

Marcelle: What? Why would you want to go to Bilibid tomorrow? (What's wrong with your ears, Marcelle?)

That, plus I still can't get over that Jay-R Akol guy. What a bad name...

.:Finally Off My Chest:.

I have to admit that for the slightest moment, I really had it bad for Cami. I mean, what's not to like about her? Bubbly personality, glasses, lovely hair, and other features she has yet to prove but lays claim to ::winks:: . Anyways, I finally told her about it, seeing how:

1. It's not like I'd really act on it, anyway. Aside from the fact that I don't think she's too keen on it, more importantly, I already have a girlfriend,

2. I was thinking of giving the Blue Rose to somebody else, since someone seems to be going for Cami already, so I wouldn't want to be viewed as a rival (Since I'm not.), and...

3. She's not Chinese. Four years of establishing my racial preference, and I end up giving the Blue Rose to someone who's not Chinese? ::just kidding::

So yes, I called her up last night to tell her about it, if only to finally get it out of my system, as the more I avoid thinking about it, the more I end up being ribbed about it by Sarah when I run into her. Besides, Cami was extremely self-assured and automatically assumed that I had a thing for her already, anyway. We had a pretty fun conversation, for the most part. I'm pretty glad that she's a really good sport, truth be told. Pretty much like Daph, she didn't mind that I admitted that for the slightest moment, I did consider her heavily, if only for the fact that she really has this charming aura around her, but I guess I also realize that I only know so much about her, and she's fairly unpredictable to me at this juncture. She even accurately guessed who she was in the "Unsent Series"...

A few dialogue excerpts...

Marcelle: So fine, magpapakapak... magpapakakala... magkaka... I'll be thick-faced right now. Indulge me.

Cami: Ano? (What?)

Marcelle: So fine, you now know I sort of like you... but wala talaga akong appeal sa iyo, ano? (... but I really don't have any appeal to you, do I?):

Cami: Wala talaga, eh. You're just this really nice and funny friend I have who I'm cool with. (None, really. You?re just this really nice and funny friend I have who I?m cool with.) ::ego deflates

Marcelle: How about intellectually? (Maybe I can prove I'm sapiosexual, too?)

Cami: Ay, siyempre. You're like a god when it comes to that.(But of course. Para kang diyos kapag ganyan na.) ::sorry for taking a page out of your book on this one, Ron!::

And then this one...

Marcelle: My loyalty to the Sex Bomb Dancers is being challenged by those MTB girls...

Cami: Why?

Marcelle: They're all Chinese! And, this girl named "Baby Bunot"? She's always in this miniskirt, and then she models this motorcycle in one of the portions, so she has to ride it, and then her miniskirt is so starched, and... waitaminute, why'm I saying this to you? You're a girl!

Cami: It's okay. I actually appreciate it when I'm treated as one of the boys. I think that because of that, alam ko kapag may crush sa akin ang guy. (I know when a guy has a crush on me.)

Marcelle: Ako rin. Alam ko kapag may crush sa akin ang guy. (Me too. I know when a guy has a crush on me.)

Cami: Eww!

Regarding Orkut:

Cami: Hold on. I'm chatting with someone who's intrigued by your entries. She's asking if you're close to all the teachers...

Marcelle: ::after dealing with it:: Okay. Check out Orkut. Add me as a crushie, and we'll see what happens.

Cami: Sure. Here you go.

Marcelle: How about karma? Karma is good. I'd love some hearts, please.

Cami: Fine. Here. "Super Sexy".

Marcelle: Parang masakit sa loob mo, ah! Why? You know I can make a killing at Adonis! I mean, I can show them my third... ::word omitted. guess what it is yourself.:: (You sound like it's against your better judgement. Why? You know I can make a killing at Adonis...)

Cami: Uhh... eww?

On my patterns of liking people...

Cami: Ibang klase ka nung Theo orals. Nung nakita mo lang si Daph, eh parang bigla ka na lang nabuhayan! (You were something else during the Theo orals. The moment you saw Daph, you just seemed so lively!)

Marcelle: I don't think she noticed that I was looking so giddy walking towards her, did she?

Cami: No, not really.

Marcelle: Actually, I saw Sach on Mobile Philippines lately. I swear, make-up doesn't look good on her, and I have bigger... never mind.

Cami: Marcelle! You're mean!

Marcelle: Umm... I noticed that pattern already. Most of my crushes are all pretty flat-chested. Like A***, S****, and though you're not Chinese...

Cami: Who? Me?

Marcelle: Yes, you.

Cami: Me? Flat-chested? Excuse me, but I beg to differ.

Marcelle: Prove it.

Cami: Ay, sneaky! Just keep on doubting me instead, Marcelle!

Anyways, that conversation was funny. I?m glad that we really are getting along just fine. So maybe I don't think I'd really go for her (For obvious reasons.) regardless of the circumstances. What's important is I know that before I graduate, Cami and I are pretty good friends now, given the short time I had to catch up with her. While we're not exactly uber-close, I'd like to think that we?re still better than just "barely friends"...

And did I mention she's cute? :)

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