Thursday, March 18, 2004

.:That’s The Rub:.

Abby and sir Anjo Lorenzana commenting on my graduation picture. Abby was playing along with sir Anjo:

Abby: Move over, Cogie Domingo!

Sir Anjo: Ay, grabe! Kahit may braces, artistahin pa rin! (Oh, wow! Even with braces, you still look like a matinee idol!)

I couldn’t care less about any Dean’s Award at this juncture… even if she didn’t really mean it, hearing that from Abby was quite flattering…

.:Orkut Crushies:.

I finally got my e-mail a couple of days back when Cami added me as her crush for fun, knowing I already listed her as my crushie. It got me to thinking that it would be particularly scary if one were to try and add friends as crushies at random, lest I get an e-mail telling me that Neill or Louis actually have a crush on me, and they’d get the same information…

This is scary stuff… ::snickers::

.:Razon’s Rules:.

Chico and Delamar are recommending Razon’s. Razon’s serves splendid Halo-halo (Mix-mix) and Pancit Luglug, both at 50 pesos each. You can find Razon’s at Robinson’s Galleria, and you won’t regret trying it out. Razon’s is simply a gastronomical feast, any which way you look at it. Grace and I ate there a couple of days ago, and she was really pleased with the food. For one, the Pancit is made of very delectable ingredients: baby shrimps, very tasty chicharon (Fried dehydrated pig skin.), and a very tasty sauce. On the other hand, the halo-halo, while it only has three main ingredients, is simply heavenly. The consistency of the whole dessert is consistent, and it doesn’t need anything beyond what’s already in it.

With that being said, go try out Razon’s in the Robinson’s Galleria Foodcourt. You can be sure that you won’t regret it.

.:So Scary:.

Grace and I had a pretty interesting date a couple of days ago. I showed up pretty late at her house to start off, but I managed to recoup myself quite quickly enough. We headed off to UST, where I ran into a lot of high school classmates and acquaintances. I swear, it was pretty amusing, because these were people who easily forget things. I never forget. I simply don’t. If you have a transgression against me, I never forget. If you’ve done something good for me, I likewise never forget. In any case, no big deal, really. I had some good sisig over at Flavorite’s, and their bottomless iced tea is a mere 15 pesos. Quite the bang for my buck, I must say.

So there I was, after having eaten, patiently waiting for Grace’s graduation briefing to end. I haven’t been to UST in ages, so I guess that was a really fun time. I was walking around and checking out UST, and I didn’t find any of the highly-hyped hot Chinese girls on their campus…

So Grace and I then headed off to Robinson’s Galleria, and I was singing “Pamela Wan” throughout the trip, annoying the Hades out of her. She was trying to change my LSS, but other than the Pasyon Wendy’s commercial, nothing worked. Finally, she tried to make me sing that new song by South Border, and I gave it a go…

Take a little time, baby/
See the butterflies burning…

Grace was laughing her head off when I sang that. So sue me. I didn’t know the lyrics to the song, and I was better off singing and dancing to Pamela Wan. We then went to the electronics section of Galleria to buy two boosters of Divas Overload, as well as a new memory card for my cellular phone, and an Infrared USB Port so I can just send my pictures from my phone to my computer. Cost me a pretty penny, but I was very grateful to the store owner whom we bought the stuff from: he asked us to canvas, then come back to him and he’d beat the lowest price we find.

Nonetheless, Grace and I had our fill at Razon’s (See above segment.) afterwards, and then we passed by Neutral Grounds to check out what’s up with my favorite card store that I don’t buy from nowadays. In any case, I had a nice talk with Jun before I went off with Grace to Megamall to watch Ju-On: The Grudge 2. I’m starting to write a review for it now, so that ought to be up by the end of this week, at the worst.

Since my cellular phone was out of batteries, I asked Grace for a pen and a piece of paper to write down my ideas for blogging. Naturally, she was rushed, so she told me…

Grace: Wait! In demand ka, ha! (Wait! Your in demand, huh!)

Marcelle: Baka naman “demanding”… (Maybe you mean “demanding”…)

And then I had my own blooper.

Grace: You didn’t have any scent. You didn’t wear any cologne today, did you?
Marcelle: At least, I don’t smell bad. Better to have no scent than to be ugly… err…

When we finally watched Ju-On 2, Grace was so terrified by the film that she was crying through the most of it. Not out of sadness, but out of sheer terror. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. I think that because of the film, she learned to appreciate Pamela Wan, as it took her mind off of Kayako (Until I start doing the sound effects or alluding to Kayako dancing Pamela Wan…). As if that wasn’t freaky enough…

.:Get Away, You Sick Freak!:.

I’m beginning to like going to theaters less and less…

If it’s not some creepy-looking guy who looks like he’d steal from you, it’s some gay guy who wants to get into your pants. If it’s not either of them, it’s an exhibitionist.

Sick freak. Get away from us, you bastich!

.:And So The Inferiority Complex Kicks In:.

Hanging around greatness does that to you. Maybe I’d feel better about this if I try my damndest hard to avoid the third person…

But forget it. I've said my piece, so before the bitterness overwhelms me, let me just reiterate to you my sincere congratulations. I'm happy for you, no question about it.

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