Tuesday, March 09, 2004

.:Ironically, My Best On-Air With Chico And Delle!:.

Before I begin, I’ll be on air again on Friday, 6-9 in the morning, with Chico and Delamar, only on RX 93.1.

I initially thought that this was going to be a bad day because I am now restricted to speaking on air only twice per hour, so that the listeners can be accustomed to expecting me on the show every Tuesdays and Fridays. Instead, the fact that my on-air forays are planned for by Chico and Delle ensured that anytime I had something to say, it was going to be pretty memorable, to say the least. In any case, it was a really interesting day for me, as I went on air with the dynamic duo from 6 all the way to 10. That’s a total of four hours with Chico and Delle, it sure as Hades was a great run for me.

The Hot 10 topic was pretty amusing: The Hot 10 Signs That A Macho Man Is Gay. Answers were pretty funny, as a good chunk of the signs could actually translate to things most straight men do, anyway. Delle always had that warning that “Calling one’s self metrosexual is just an excuse”, and I’m sure a lot of guys were protesting some of the signs, such as listening to Mariah Carey, or watching S-Files instead of the NBA, and so forth. In any case, that was sheer hilarity, to say the least. The most glaring answer was the “I Will Survive” song, however. It’s apparently a gay icon song, which is weird, because if I sing the Cake version, I don’t think that’s so gay, but if I sing the original, ah… that’s a different story altogether.

One thing we noticed, other than the fact that all three of us were wearing black: we all tend to sing along to the Wendy’s Shrimp Sandwich commercial when it plays. It’s pretty funny, as you’d think we were all part of the Passion Choir, the way we go. At the same time, someone was even asking if Delamar was the one who did the Hallmark “Remember” commercial.

A few talkies that were pretty hilarious. This first one is off the air.

Delamar: Oh, no! The winner’s list for Incubus is missing!

Chico: You sure?

Delamar: Yes… oh, wait. I found it.

Chico: Delle. ang mata ang pinanghahanap. Hindi ang bibig. (Delle, the eyes are used for searching. Not the mouth.)

And then this one during the last batch of the Hot 10, I believe…

Delamar: So who do you think has the ideal biceps?

Chico: Popeye!

Delamar: Sure… in Nerdville!

In any case, it was fun. I even did the turnover for the Generation RX Poll Question, so I managed to show that I can actually handle doing some ad libbing, after all. I hope that my training continues this consistently well. I haven’t had this much fun on the show in quite a while, I swear.

Some people from the ABC 5 show “Singles” dropped in, but I guess that wasn’t much of a deal for me, really.

.:A Rarity And A Usual Occurrence: Fan Mail And Hate Mail:.

Here’s a snippet of one of the bits where I got to talk on the air…

Chico: Here’s something I want to ask Marcelle of Radio 1… do you watch Showbiz shows?

Delamar: Don’t lie, Marcelle.

Marcelle: Sure. If the headline is good!

Delamar: Aha!

Marcelle: No, really! If the headline is enticing, why not? I mean, I know they’d talk about the Halina Perez issue. I’d want to see that.

Chico: Notice how he calls it- “the Halina Perez Issue”!

Marcelle: What’s so wrong about that? I mean, I also watch basketball if the teams going against one another are okay to watch… like, say, the Lakers versus the Cavaliers.

Chico: So you like seeing men in shorts, huh?

Marcelle: Hey, I also like wrestling. You know, burly, sweaty, half-naked men getting it on in the ring…

Delamar: Okay…

Methinks I gave them really skewed notions about my masculinity with that bit… heh.

With that being said, that on-air bit got two instances of feedback. Let’s go to the “hate” mail first…

From Ryan Bonifacio:

Hi. Guys, just a friendly piece of advice. Laughing about the Halina Perez issue is WAY not cool.

While I know he has a point, I think it’s mostly because Chico and Delle didn’t know that the issue about Halina was that she died. Yes, it’s taboo, and I guess it was mainly my fault for not keeping it politically correct when the two started laughing about my answer. I guess it couldn’t be helped as far as that goes. Sorry about that lapse.

Now, from 09174264962:

Hmmm… Marcel. Interesting. Ano number and stats mo, bro?

Okay. That didn’t sound like fan mail, really. More like an indecent proposal… heh.

.:I Think It’s Best…:.

… that I’d have to talk to a certain friend of mine a bit more seriously than usual when I get the chance. I just want to make sure that she knows where I stand with her, and at least, I wouldn’t have to be so ambiguous about things anymore. I know that’s no mean feat, considering how I’ve been mostly precisely that for the past semester with her. I guess you might say that as far as trying to make some headway into my friendship with her went, she was really way up there in my priority list, and while I did make some measure of progress in getting to know her and appreciate her better, I’m still pretty much left with a feeling of inadequacy. I know for a fact that she doesn’t really see me as much more than just a nice friend of hers, nowhere near as close as I would’ve hoped we could be.

Some might even say that as far as my wish to be close to her on friendly terms goes, I really got it bad, and she may or may not have an idea that this is the case, but I have no choice but to keep it inside until I manage to find the best occasion to tell it to her outright. I know I simply pale in comparison to her other friends, and I really can’t do much about that, but perhaps I can actually make myself count for something with her. Truth be told, she’s something else. I just hope she learns to open up herself to people more and more, especially those who seem to be willing to make the ladder jump with her that I refuse to make.

Then again, she’s been pretty pleased as punch about such an attempt at a jump lately, so maybe I really shouldn’t worry about that bit. Maybe I should just try and make sure that unlike some of my other friendships that I thought would really count, this is one of the few that could stand the test of time…

.:An Unexpected Testimonial:.

Only goes to show how much I’ve changed and stayed the same, really. I’m pretty happy about reading this testimonial from an old high school friend of mine, Iks Dumlao. He’s one of the people who’s arguably as talented as Franco happens to be when it comes to drawing anime. In any case, any stuff in parentheses in blue font are my comments. :)

From Iks:

Mr. Fabie-lus... i usually referred to him as that whenever he is the subject (Now that, I didn’t know.). he's a popular guy in high school especially with the teachers (Still popular with the teachers, but to correct you, I was pretty infamous with the students. And I still am. ::chuckles::)... an otaku (he probably reads japanese by now...) (Actually, I still am stuck learning Japanese, and if it wasn’t for GTO and Chobits on Animax, as well as Otakuboard, I wouldn’t be much of an otaku either.)a guy with a very intelligent attitude and an almost unpredictable approach at things (True on both counts.).. some people's personalities can be seen in the small things they do, like say... magic... that card game. he's relentless and he can usually build a deck that can block most tactics and he sed to build those 'funky' theme decks. he picked artifacts and blue magic (While I no longer have cards, I still love Blue and Artifacts. I think I’m still a good deckbuilder, though. Although now, I’m translating that to WWE RAW Deal.) .. geez... i forgot how to decipher personality with deck-building... but anyways... he's cool but i haven't seen him in like what? half a year? i think i should go to more conventions regarding anime because that's how we got to know each other in the first place (I don’t think I’d be around anime conventions much, sadly.). hope to meet up with you pal... just to see how things are going (That’s easy. I’m usually free, anyway.). ja matta ne (Thanx a lot to you, in any case. This was a welcome and unexpected testimonial.)!

.:You Have No Idea: The Unsent Series Part VII:.

Dear Torch,

You again? It seems to be the case that Marcelle’s never at a loss of things to talk about when you’re the topic. Sadly, that doesn’t always mean the topic is good, per se. In fact, right now, Marcelle can’t help but feel that perhaps he is precisely that Intellectual Whore he thought he wasn’t when it came to you, because after everything that was worth your while, you’d rather leave him in the dust.

It’s never been as glaring as it has been now. That yes, you would let water run far thicker than blood. Who should get it over who wants it more. Oh, call it shallow and childish if you will, Marcelle would concede that to you. But being hurt is being hurt, and he can be sure that if a certain someone were in the same situation as he were, you wouldn’t hesitate to turn a blind eye to any qualifications of anyone else, wouldn’t you? Of course. Because unlike Marcelle, that jabroni actually counts for something to you.

It hurts, more than you’ll ever know, Torch. For someone who appears to know Marcelle better than anyone else, you simply have no idea how painful it could be, to be completely overlooked by you, despite your profit. And is Marcelle truly the fool who will still care about you, give a damn about you, and smile at you the next time you see him as though you never took a proverbial stab into his psyche?

Unfortunately for him, he’s precisely that.

Marcelle is a fool for you. He’s a hopeless fool of a friend, who believes that you are someone worth all this trouble in spite of your lack of appreciation, or even your confidence in him, for that matter. Marcelle has always been a fool from you from the highest of the highs of that folly, to the lowest of the lows of that folly. And he will still be a fool for you, and you wouldn’t even know it. You wouldn’t even feel it, because you’re you; and ironically, that’s precisely the reason why Marcelle still gives a damn.

And so the next time you meet, Marcelle will smile. He wouldn’t let you know that he’s wounded inside. Never mind the ill will and all other things that are vile. Never mind if Marcelle ever cried.

Would you even care, Torch? No. You have no idea.

No idea at all.

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