Monday, March 15, 2004

.:Now, This Is Weird:.

I seem to have made the oversight of giving my weblog URL to Dr. Ibana because I write my ramblings on Philosophy here. However, I obviously forgot that I write a lot of other things here as well aside from Philosophy, and I’m not exactly what you would call as an esteemed writer, especially when I do my transcription work… ah, well. I hope that if they do check out this weblog soon, they can see my Philosophical insights in the middle of all the vituperations and assorted storytelling.

Dr. Ibana gave me an informal (I think it was informal...) interview today when I wanted to ask about the status of my application. There's only one T.A. opening available, so I can only hope that I actually get it because i don't want to have to wait for until next semester to start... but I guess that's up to them when I do turn in my requirements.

.:I Can Breathe Now:.

It’s okay.

Not too chummy, pero hindi naman super taray.

That’s what Adi had to say when she approved my request on Friendster, which, as I earlier said, was her easy way out to letting me know if we could ever be friends again. Well, that’s good. At least I can breathe easy now and not await anything. I don’t expect anything monumental from her. Not at all. I’m just content that we’re more or less friends now, as I really don’t want to have any ill will over my head by the time I graduate.

Thank you, Adi. Take care and godspeed to you.


First frustrating bit of news… apparently, Colby is now out of the race in Survivor All-Stars. I can’t believe it… this is too soon for them to want Colby out of the game, and I was really hoping that he’d be the one to win it this time. Shi-Ann conspired with Geri, which was quite the double-cross, unfortunately for Colby. Now, I guess I have to hope for Shi-Ann to win, which is a huge “fat chance” to me…

It was a really short tournament that I had to run yesterday, but I guess I really needed to go for it lest I ended up having a really bad backlog already. I didn’t hit the minimum number of people that I needed for me to be able to run a sanctioned tournament, as only three people showed up. Despite that, I’m glad that I at least managed to run it and after one round, the winner of the tourney was already determined.

That essentially meant that I had enough leeway to actually go to Sacha’s house afterwards, since we ended really early…

Unfortunately, the less active my RAW Deal players are during tournaments, the less incentive there would be for Raymund to actually purchase Divas Overload or ARUS or any other RAW Deal cards for that matter. This is not good. We don’t seem to have a supply for the cards that we can rely on at this juncture…

Maybe I should negotiate with some people already?

.:I Can Now Officially Say…:.

… that I have slept with Sacha.

Of course, I meant that literally.

Anyways, I went to Sacha’s house after the RAW Deal tournament, and I got there around six in the evening, and the people were mostly playing Soul Calibur 2 on the Playstation 2. Not one of my best games, but with Heihachi around, I guess I could say that I was pretty competent for some of it. Note that my storytelling here wouldn’t exactly be chronological, but anyways…

Can I just mention before I go on, that I got a copy of Mobile Philippines already? As big a mark as I am for Sach, I have to admit that make-up does not flatter her at all. Either that, or just this particular instance, as she looked like a cross between a… forget it. This wasn’t meant as an insult, to begin with…

Peppy, Eric, Shawn, and the girl whose name escapes me were the usual suspects there. There was one other girl with glasses whom I wasn’t quite acquainted with, and then the notorious Pan-M (Heard a lot of things about him from Ato and Cyril and the rest…), as well as a gamer named Carl, and a couple of other people whose names escape me. Nonetheless, the gathering was relatively big, considering how many people were around, and the common turnout for Sacha’s party.

It was fun teaching Peppy how to play RAW Deal even though I forgot to bring my superstar cards. It was pretty great, as he managed to beat me twice in four games, and that was with RVD. Apparently, my RVD deck would most likely win the game if it went first before Flair did. Of course, that’s a huge “if”, but Peppy did pretty well playing the game, and I think he can play really well if he was handed a simpler deck to work with.

Dinner was pizza. I believe they were playing Taboo before I arrived. Anyways, not much there. Pan-M was being pretty high-profile throughout the whole party, with commentary regarding nearly just about anything going on. Ah, well. I think I managed to net a fairly decent win streak, though, when we started playing Dead Or Alive 2, which of course, I know how to play pretty well. I was giving mercy rounds already just to keep things interesting… heh. Sach uses emotional blackmail to steal a win from her opponents. For instance…

Eric: Looks like I’m beating you.

Sacha: You’re mean!

Eric: Mean? I’m mean? Hey, wait a minute! You just knocked me out!

To distract me, on the other hand, she was picking Lei Fang in that hot Chinese outfit… she apparently knows how to distract me, but that didn’t stop my Bayman from throwing Lei Fang around like a rag doll. If anything, I was more motivated…

Despite that, everything that’s been going on was all fine, really. Megaman X7 and Gran Turismo were two games played for a while, as well as a bit of Kingdom Hearts. I played a bit of NBA Live with Carl and another guy, and not against them. It was an entertaining bit… the Mavericks rule. T-Mac is amazing.

It was getting pretty late, and the few guests who remained were only myself, Eric, Pan-M, and Peppy. Peppy decided to leave around two in the morning, so I didn’t want to hitch with him anymore, as nobody was going to open the gate for me by that time. With that being said, that’s when I decided to sleep over at Sacha’s house, and that explains the “shocking” announcement at the start of this post’s section. Since Eric and Pan-M were also sleeping over there, I guess that takes away the effect of the statement as that means I also “slept” with Eric and Pan-M…

Err… yeah. Moving on, Pan-M steered the conversation to RPG’s, and we were telling about our funniest RPG moments. My Hengel Aschivalia character in FF Tactics was made pretty famous that night for his sheer paranoia. Everytime something suspicious would come along, Peppy would quip “Detect poison!” Yep, that’s how my old character was… I always cast that spell whenever I run into any food, regardless of who gave it to me… heh.

Anyways, as Pan-M was playing “Alone In The Dark” (On the character select screen, the guy has a double-barreled revolver. The girl is trying to discover who her father is. After careful deliberation, I think picking the guy was a better choice.), I managed to really scare the wits out of him by taking him by surprise as soon as one of the screens in the game loaded. He sure was jumpy. Sacha was even trying to laugh evilly, which I swear, is worth hearing. Some time prior to that, Eric and Sach were having a heart-to-heart talk, and Eric told me about the time he slept over at Sacha’s house with Yaiba and a guy named Bruno (Sounds familiar…) around. “Rowdy” was the term he used to describe Yaiba. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to pry into what they were talking about because it seemed like a pretty serious topic. More gayness jokes, but the classic was the in-game idiocy…

Marcelle: Okay. So they ask you if you want to climb the ladder…

Peppy: And you’re supposed to go, “No thanks. I like being trapped in this creepy room.”?

Marcelle: So in case you run into one of the monsters later, you’re going to hit a prompt window that asks, “Do you want to shoot this monster?”

Peppy: That’s actually not so far-fetched…

A few minutes after Peppy left, and after tiring of watching Pan-M play “Alone In The Dark”, I took to one of the couches and slept there. Sach was on the couch adjacent to mine, and Eric was the one lying on the sofa. One of my most unglamorous moments, I must say, given my hair and my snoring out of sheer exhaustion. Ah, well. Sacha’s mom was nice enough to chat with us over breakfast, asking me and Pan-M about our plans after graduation. And then she reiterated something I really think is a valid point… if you deliberately skipped your right to vote, then you have no right to complain about who wins the elections.

Ah, well. It didn’t take long before Eric and I hitched with Cathy, Sacha’s sister, and she was on her way to German class, deliberately taking her time so she’d show up late. It was fun talking with her. As her mom mentioned, she’s a pretty intelligent person, it’s just that she didn’t take the techie path her other sisters took. And there’s no shame in that, I believe. Of course, Sach chuckled when I said this, considering I’m not a techie either, so I justified Cathy and myself in one swoop there. She ended up letting me in on a secret: it’s possible to eat shrimp carapace.

So there we are. I had a good time there last night, believe you me. Maybe I’m not really connecting so well with the RPG people like Pan-M, or the techies like Eric, but it wasn’t so bad. It’s almost like I’m catching up with Sach as a friend, in spite of knowing her since first year college, I believe. I’ve been doing a lot of catching up with a lot of friends lately, although I don’t think I need to race against time in Sacha’s case, as I’m pretty sure I’d still be around the Ateneo, as will she for at least the next couple of years…

Sacha: Marcelle, you know what? Now you can say that you slept with… err… let’s not go there.

Marcelle: Some innocent person. I mean, I didn’t even think you’d get the “typing with one hand” joke…

Sacha: Slashdot.

Marcelle: Besides, Eric and Pan-M were there, so I guess I could technically say I “slept with them”, too. Eww.

.:Unintended Innuendo:.

There are times when people end up saying things that actually sound really bad when you begin to think about it. This is what I’d refer to as “unintended innuendo”. Honestly speaking, I noticed quite a few occurrences of it the past few days, and it was all pretty funny, all things considered… allow me to give a few examples.

Pan-M, for one, had a couple of really funny moments where I swear, he should’ve been a bit more careful with what he had to say.

About his being very paranoid and noisy while playing “Alone In The Dark” last Saturday night:

Pan-M: Hey, Sacha! I’m sorry if I kept you awake all night long… (Playing the game and being a bit noisy, of course! What else?)

That didn’t come out right… how about the time when he politely declined pineapples over breakfast when he was offered some of them by Sacha’s mom?

Pan-M: I know they’re nice and all, but I’m sorry… I don’t do pineapples. (Yes. I really don’t thin you should do pineapples…)

How about a bit from the wrestling world? Brock Lesnar lost the title at No Way Out because of interference by Bill Goldberg. Here’s what he had to say…

Brock: It’s because of you, Bill! Because of you that my life has never been the same. Because of you that I can’t sleep at night… (Uhh… Brock, are you trying to tell us something?)

There’s even something from MTB, that noontime television show on Channel 2. Oh, yeah. Their dancers are mostly fair-skinned Chinese-looking girls, severely challenging my “loyalty” to the SB Dancers… (I feel so… low, just admitting to that…)

They have a dance troupe search on the show called the “X-10”. While they were each showing their dancing skills, they are introduced one by one. The name of one of the dancers? Jay-R Akol. I don’t think it gets any worse than that for a name…

Even Mr. Elbert Or himself happens to have something interesting to say all the same (Thanx for the heads-up on the Palanca Award. I guess I can give that a go.). We were talking about my mid-term dream of teaching and doing the graveyard shift for RX…

Elbert: Hindi ba kaya ng RX lang ang trabaho mo? Kulang pa ba iyon? (Can’t your graveyard shift be enough?)

Marcelle: Eh, hindi naman pera ang habol ko, eh. Fulfillment! (But I’m not after money. I’m after fulfillment!)

Elbert: Eh katawan lang ang habol ko… (I’m only after your body…)

Apparently, he meant my body’s health… but that has got to be one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard…

Lastly, here’s an extension of my talk with Grace last time…

Grace: Go to my house sometime this week, okay? I have something to give to you.

Marcelle: What is it?

Grace: Why should I tell you?

Marcelle: Clue!

Grace: It’s something white. I’ll give it to you when you drop by.

Marcelle: Wow. Your virginity?

Grace: Maganda mangarap, Marcelle. Hanggang asa ka na lang

Marcelle: Fine, fine. Is it food?

Grace: Yes. Your favorite.

Marcelle: Oh! Toblerone White!

Grace: Yep. Get it, okay?

Marcelle: It’s just chocolate.

Grace: Fine. I’ll give it to some other guy, then.

Marcelle: No, I think I’ll have that virg… I mean, that chocolate…

Sigh. Am I glad that I’m not covered by the FCC… I've been working on the greener side of things for the past couple of weeks, and wonder of wonders, I can blame Sacha for it. ::grins::

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