Monday, March 08, 2004

.:A Worthy Opponent:.

I’m generally persistent when I go against someone I realize I can beat in an arcade game, and last Saturday was no exception. I know how difficult it is to go against Leona when you’re not prepared to face off with her poking skills, but I went for it, anyway. KOF 2003 is quickly turning into a really fun game for me, and I think that in spite of the step back by taking out some of those nice CD blowaway moves from the game, I still can’t complain much because most of the rest of the game is really good, anyway. While there’re some broken tricks here and there, I guess that can be overlooked, considering how relatively balanced the gameplay is… except for its heavy bias for grapplers, who have a huge advantage for this game.

With that being said, I really ran into a worthy opponent last Saturday, and he’s a pretty good sport, too. It’s kind of sad when an opponent refuses a handshake after a game in the arcade, not just as a lack of courtesy, but more so a lack of respect for a fellow gamer who just handed yout @$$ to you, to begin with. No big deal there, I suppose. I just found it all a bit interesting… heh.

.:Only One Or The Other:.

I had two EB’s going on at the same day last Saturday. For one, there was the Rusher’s Mailing List Eyeball, which I’m sure would’ve been fun, but it not only cost money, it also conflicted with more familiar ground. That, to be precise, is the Otakuboard Eyeball for madame sky’s birthday. I think she turned 23, but I could be wrong. In any case, I had to prioritize only one or the other as I didn’t leave for either early enough, so going to one meant sacrificing the other.

I’m sure the Rusher’s Eyeball was fun and all, and I’m sure there were some cute people there (Chinese Muffin, so I heard…), but I still picked the OB EB. After all, aside from free food, we’re talking about company of people I’m sure I know how to get along with, although I sure knew how to hit some sensitive spots in the conversations that night, particularly about Nick Ortega’s warning for posting under my account, which I don’t mind at all, so long as they find out it’s not me, anyway.

In any case, the food was great. I loved the pasta, I loved the lengua (Ox Tongue.), among other things. I also managed to show my graduation pictures to most of them, and Tsumenki was laughing her head off at the Sacha video clip… Grace arrived at the party pretty late, but it wasn’t a big deal, really. The attendance that night was pretty high… Markpoa (Smokey Manoloto?), Shunichi Sakurai (Has been out of OB for ages, but doesn’t miss a beat.), Nickolai Nobilia (Who is the only person there whiter than madame fire.), Snakecharmer (Who I swear, looks like the guy in Fudoh.), Groundzero (Sarap Bumbay. More on that later.), Vash (Tangit siya! More on that later.) , Voltage (As frigid as ever.), Charliedoggie, Nibel, Tsumenki, John, Kaoko, Ichi (Duh.), a host of senshis, Darth Paul, and maybe a few others whom I missed. It was pretty fun, and all the yaoi innuendoes were in high gear, since every time someone hit a nice line on SC, he’d challenge for a mini-battle royale and ask, say, Ichi, to go to a corner and get it on, I mean, duke it out.

It was comedy gold as usual that night. Topics ranged from video games to L5R to madame love asking if I’m the one “na may gusto kay Kurt Angle” (“who has a yen for Kurt Angle”), which I think was a question she had better rephrase… that sounded so gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In any case, we were mostly laughing around, and when madame sky talked about her writing about the La Salle Scandal in her LJ, and I agreed about it, she promptly slapped me in the back pretty hard because I ended up letting her on that I still do check out her LJ… heh. SC also punched me on the shoulder that night. I was a punching bag of sorts… oww. Madame love was trying to make me jealous by flirting with Grace, which of course, excited every other guy, anyway, especially when madame fire made a joking gesture towards my girlfriend’s… future. Grace was pretty shocked by it because that hand came pretty damned close…

The funny bannings were also talked about. Dexter No Miko, HTS, kane_warhead, gothchick, and a few others were all discussed, and I swear, the last one mentioned by name was just hilariously idiotic. In any case, they ended up discovering the Chiyo connection after they baited me by making everyone else think I had a thing for HTS, who, first of all, wasn’t Chinese, and second of all, probably belongs to some other planet, and not some other race, anyway. If she were seen by some of those UFO’s going around, they’re likely to conclude that there’s no intelligent life on this ruddy planet.

Still, however the case may be, it’s quite apparent that it was a great time. Larghaz seemed to not have too many fans there, though. The night was too loaded with a lot of different ideas for me to actually be able to put some of them in dialogue format. I could try, but it wouldn’t be that great, I guess. Suffice it to say that it was a great night, and I’m not at all bothered by the fact that I had to give up the Rusher’s Eyeball for this one. After all, I had a really good time…

.:The Impossible Kid:.

There’s this kid in last Saturday’s party who was plain impossible. Here’re a few things he was up to:

- Was trying to get his face in a certain area of madame love’s anatomy where his face shouldn’t be. Talk about starting off on the shellfish way too early. Madame love’s reflex action was priceless: she pushed Timoy, the kid, pretty far away. That led me to wonder if the reflex reaction was conditioned by ex-boyfriends…

- Calls everyone “Tangit” (Pangit, or ugly in English.). He has a very interesting vocabulary…

- Is fond of hitting low blows on the guys, myself, Vash, and Nibel included. Low blows = physical strikes, not what you’re thinking.

- Can easily be taught to repeat things he hears. Hence, Vash promptly taught him to call Groundzero “Bumbay”, and then told him to say, “Masarap ang Bumbay” (“Hindus are delicious”).

You can imagine the hilarity that little kid brought to the table. Of course, he was equally annoying, but then, what can you do, neh? He’s a kid, after all… go easy on the poor jabroni.

.:A Bad Start For This Year:.

It’s only March, and already, three people I know are no longer with us… one’s our old neighbor in Loyola Heights. Another is my girlfriend’s best friend’s father. And the third one is Halina Perez. This is not a good way to start this year, the way last year, so many wrestlers all passed away, from Mr. Perfect to Crash Holly. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend but just bad timing. Wouldn’t want to end up running into more and more deaths than I could care to think about for the rest of the year…

.:Campus Central At Night:.

I went on air for Campus Central last night, from around six in the evening all the way to nine. I was working on a new diction style that seemed to really click with my speaking voice. However, the problem now is that I need to make sure I can actually do that voice consistently enough. Boom was encouraging towards me when I was doing my bit, and I actually found the near-perfect pitch for me, but then, just today, I can’t seem to do it again… ah, so much for consistency. Thank goodness I made sure I’d record it. At least I can keep on listening and attempting to duplicate it and maintain it. That was arguably my best on-air attempt thus far.

Unlike my previous Campus Central runs, though, I wasn’t doing tips except for the first hour. After that, I plugged Elbert’s Siglo, as well as the Blue Roast, which was my time to shamelessly plug my nominations for Batch Genius and Crush ANG Bayan. Oh, gee. I just plugged myself again. And yeah, I’ll be on air as well tomorrow, for Chico and Delamar’s show… but I digress. Seriously, I enjoyed my run this time. Rico Robles even gave me the rub and told me I was gaining confidence when I’m on air already. That’s a good start.

In any case, I’ve been working on my speech patterns a lot, and I’ve been making some measure of improvement in the last few days. I hope to keep it up, as I already e-mailed my intent to RX to work as a DJ soon enough… that’d be great. From 2-6, going on air. From 7-4, teaching. From 5-1, asleep. Yeah, talk about a dream job…

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