Thursday, August 05, 2004


Today's boardwork was fun. I was working with Jda again... and we still managed to do things right for the most part, despite being disoriented with having to follow all the new rules in WAVE (e.g. No mentioning of song titles on air, no ad libs beyond 20 seconds in length...).

I was having lots or problems with the computers and all, but I was glad I managed to work things out in spite of it. I somehow memorized certain spiels and AOB's already, so when my comp conked out on me in the middle of an announcement, I managed to recall what came after it. Quick thinking helps.

We also talked about "Eternal Sunshine", and she was joking about my being on a "date" for it last night... ah, well.

And of course, while off the air, I demonstrated to her my primitive skills with poi spinning...

Not much today, really. It's just funny to note that apparently, George tends to break a lot of the rules, which is why me and Jda weren't quite gelling too well, as Jda was religiously sticking to the rules... heh. But still, not bad, really.

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