Monday, August 09, 2004

.:The Hot 10:.

This was the first Hot 10 I managed to top for the longest time... I forgot to mention it, actually...

In any case, the topic was: The Hot 10 things you'd say to someone who is about to kiss you. My answer...

I won't kid myself that this will mean to you as much as it will to me.


.:Sugarfree Fun:.

So I was pretty tired and all after all the stuff we've been up to last Friday night, but I was pretty much loaded last Saturday all the same. I decided to go and see how the Sugarfree Concert Series in the Mall event turned out, as I wanted to kill some time before heading off to Eastwood for showtime.

I ended up running into Abby, Bro, and Tita Alma (Abby's mom.) while making my way around the mall in anticipation of the mini-concert. Everyone who knew me, from Bro to the other DJ's on RX, were ribbing me over wearing my RX cap, for obvious reasons. I reasoned that I didn't have any other cap...

Nonetheless, I had a nice time talking to the three of them. It's been a while since I've seen them all, and it was pretty good to be able to talk to them without any tension or worries. Unfortunately, it simply highlighted the fact that a transfer of sentiments occurred at some point after our graduation. This time, however, I think that things have made quite a turn. Still, it was fun hearing Sugarfree again after the longest time. I missed “Mariposa” and “Burnout”. It's obviously not in the WAVE playlist... heh. Abby found the new ADMU ID with the Church of the Gesu in the background quite amusing...

Kim was surprised that we now have the same timeslot on board. Truth be told, prior to getting used to it, so was I...

Anyways, I really loved the mini-concert... Sugarfree, without a doubt, is one of my favorite local bands of all time.

After the whole thing, I was offered to hitch with them en route to their destination, as they were going to pass near Eastwood. Incidentally, the Eastwood thing was going to happen at around 7:00 that evening, and yet we left Galleria at around 6:00, so by the time they dropped me off, it was only 6:15... they dropped me off near Culture Club...

Bro: Hanggang dito na lang, Marcelle. Liliko na ako dito, eh.

Marcelle: I have until seven to get to Eastwood, Bro. I have all the time in the world.


I was just hanging around the Plaza area in Eastwood, waiting for the fire spinners to show up. I ran into Eden (Again.), and Chrissie, one of my batchmates. After a while of waiting, they finally arrived, and since I was at the other end of the plaza “fountain”, I tried to see how long it would take them before they realized that I was actually just in front of them. I think it took around five minutes before Sacha noticed. And then I headed off to their direction, and she seemed genuinely less stressed than she did the previous night.

Apparently, the anxiety came from the fact that she was supposed to go and talk to somebody, and she was worried about what might happen there. I guess I really can't blame her: lots of people have been making a mad scramble to have a moment with her before she leaves. Still, I understood well enough why she felt so bad...

Sacha was in a tizzy, as she didn't know who to pick. I told her that it's a bridge she should only cross when she gets there. Why does she have to choose right now, when she can't guarantee that person a relationship? All she can give is false hope, and a part of her knows it.

I made a promise to Sacha, the details of which I am not at liberty to divulge here. Suffice it to say that my conscience cannot allow myself to make things more complicated for her, nor can it allow me to let her foray into it without a friend to count on as a respite.

I fully intend to keep that promise.

.:The Heat Is On:.

Fire dancing was extremely enjoyable last Saturday night. The roll call: Dom, Krizette, Sacha, Kathy, Erick, Peppy, Carl, Pan-M, myself, and the latecomers: Herbz and Jeff.

I was having a hard time and all, as I was trying to do a lot of new tricks, especially with only one poi. It was pretty fun, and I lit up so many times that night for me to keep count. I hit myself a bunch of times over while my poi were on fire, but no big deal, really. Carl was ribbing me about my RX cap all the same, especially since lots of pictures were taken during the night. I also had this rewinding trick I do when I wrap the chain around me, whether around my neck (When it's not on fire.) or around my waist (Snapback while the poi is lit.).

Soon enough, my mom arrived, and I made the requisite introductions. I noticed that the donation jar that night was getting quite a lot of money, and from what I heard, we broke even and made more than a thousand bucks in donations. I did my regular spiel about gasoline prices and then had that input about the origins of poi from Kathy, and if it weren't me doing the announcements for the next show, it was Sacha. My mom found it amusing that the clumsiest member of the family was doing fire spinning, and she found Sacha “graceful”.

The rain was getting really bad, though. The floor was somewhat slippery, and I slipped down the stairs at one point. Ah, well. Am I glad not too many people noticed.

Erick and I were having fun doing the single poi tricks. I think we were the only ones who really specialized in it, though I of course would concede that Erick was a lot better than I was when it came to that, though the nice new stuff I learned to do was good enough... I can now do the isolation. Yay.

I ended up having a huge red welt on my neck over wrapping the poi around my neck, though. It doesn't look too good, and my mom, of all people, was suggesting that someone did it to me... three guesses who. And your first guess is wrong.

After a little while longer, the rest of my family arrived, and Mrs. Chua, while talking to me, heard that my mom was there. She wasn't around when I introduced my mom to the other people in the group. I don't think they actually ran into one another at all that night...

My brother, Jericho, was extremely amazed at my fire spinning skills, limited though they may be... heh. My stepdad just smiled on. Probably the same sentiment as my mom about my being the clumsiest in the family...

As an aside, I realized that our soundtrack that night was pretty amusing... it suspiciously sounded like “Aling Ria”, but that's just me.

I really enjoyed that night. Carl and Pan-M also lit up for the first time that night, so that night was quite a night of first. I was exceedingly happy at that point, and most of us were generally in high spirits. Sacha even hugged me at one point there. I'm glad that she managed to get all those worries of her chest soon enough. We even had a photo op after the whole thing, and looking at everyone, I realized the need to wear black, considering how often I hit myself with the poi...

.:Business Matters:.

It looks like we won't be signing that contract with Eastwood, after all. There's an exclusivity clause in the contract that really is restrictive to us, as it prevents us from performing anywhere else for the duration of the contract (At least, Kathy specifically. But what's the point of performing without her, anyway?). Afterwards, the extension clause of the contract specifically states that our compensation will be on the same terms as the first contract, ergo, no chance for a hike. Unless those two things are taken off the contract, forget it. We're better off in Roxas Boulevard, all things considered.


Today's service in Union Church (Yes, I'm Catholic, yes, I know that Union Church isn't a Catholic church, and no, that's irrelevant to me.) was on a topic that really caught me off guard and really made me feel uneasy... it was about death, and what happens after it. I look at myself right now, and realize that I cannot expect myself to keep on doing the things I do at present indefinitely. The thought of an end to my mortal life does frighten me. I've learned to respect the temporal just as much as the eternal, and as such, learned to regard the body with as much esteem as the soul, unlike most people with dualistic thinking that speak of the realms of the flesh so derogatorily.

With that in mind, it becomes a difficult pill to swallow for me, thinking about the end of the line. People we'd want to be with forever, people who mean so much to us, at one point or another, the end will come inevitably. It scares me. I am nearly too petrified to wonder what happens when my temporal self is over and done with.

.:A Sonnet Of Eternal Love:.
A Sonnet by Marcelle T. Fabie
(Inspired by the Trina Bellamide song, “Happy Valentine's Day”)

Fairer than fairest, beauty that knows no end.
My angel, my strength, my greatest Godsend.
You walked into my life so unexpectedly.
I was stunned, smitten, struck, and anxiety
Filled every day that passed, pining for you.
And so I loved, oh! A love so blissfully true!
But through it all, I never even knew
That you felt quite the same way for me too.

We loved so much more than words can say.
We promised one another forever and a day.
But now you’re gone, and it drives me insane.
I know you’re happy now, but it’s not the same
Someday we’ll meet again, but now I’m alone.
As I lay these flowers upon your gravestone.

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