Thursday, August 19, 2004

.:Still Readjusting:.

So if Robi has his “Robi’s Reflections”, I’m going to have “Kel’s Quandaries”? How about “Kel’s Conundrums”? Sounds great to me… the two of us have been doing well on the air, with all the jokes we’ve been tossing around for the most part. We tend to have a good rapport, especially when he started talking about not knowing anything about making women “happy”… sarcasm just oozed out of me on instinct. Heh.

If a female goose is a gander, and a female fox is a vixen, what would you call a female peackock?

Ha. Very interesting portion… that “Clean or Green” portion of his is really funny…


Of all people for me to bond with, it had to be Kathy, Sacha’s sister. She’s been very nice to me the past couple of weeks, and I’d daresay that it's almost uncharacteristic of her to be so. Nonetheless, I appreciate immensely her being nice to me, and for actually taking the time out to listen to one of her sister's friends.

.:Card Hunting:.

I went to Galleria, then to G4, and I was looking for a lot of cards for my Magic decks. Interestingly enough, someone warned me against how ineffective Orim’s Chant happens to be as a deck concept… and the guy proved it to me, anyway, as his red-blue Isochron deck was running circles around me unlike the Orim's Chant deck I ran into in the past... still, I got a lot of good cards for my decks. Things ought to be interesting with my new additions... heh.

Then all of a sudden, I ran into some OBers... Ichi, Madame Sky, Madame Thunder, and GroundZero walked into Neutral Grounds, and then we just had a quick exchange. They were all so into Ragnarok, and I was completely out of place, so I decided to not eat with them in Italiani's anymore... 'sides, I was on a tight budget, so never mind. I guess it's not easy relating to Ragnatalk... I was completely lost. Incidentally, Ichi reads MPH, apparently. That's why he knows a certain person I wasn't expecting him to know...

Ah, well. I guess OB isn't as home as it used to be... but I'm still there.


Emotions run high. Sometimes, it gets the best of me. Other times, I keep it all in check. But it's been draining me completely. Here I am, trying to fight to remain, yet being pushed to the edge at the same time by forces outside of my control...

I really am at a loss right now.

Another Used To Be
by Joe

I brought you here
So that I could express the things I've been thinking bout
Give me your ear cuz I don't normally do this
So bear with me through this
There are so many things
That I wanna say
But let me start by simply saying
I think you...

Darling Just Because

I used to love someone that I didn't like
We used to wanna break up every other night
I used to think relationships were a lot of stress
I used to think that pain was a part of happiness
Now all that's changed since you've come my way
But I don't want us to become
Another Used To Be

I hope what I'm saying
Don't discourage you in any kind of way
Cuz I do believe
That you have the potential to be everything I need
I hope that you can really understand
That I would hate to be with someone new

And tell her what I'm telling you

Cuz it would only be
Another waste of time
And nothing more but to take rage
out on my mind
Another memory part of history
Who could forget cuz it keeps on haunting me
Now that you're here it's evidently clear
I don't have to worry
I dont ever have to have this worry again (again)


I used to be the one

I used to be the one

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