Thursday, August 19, 2004

.:E-mail From Sacha:.

She wanted me to blog this out for you guys... something's wrong with her blogger account, so she says... in any case, I'm glad she's having fun in Hong Kong, and things are running smoothly enough for her there. Interestingly enough, when I first visited Hong Kong, I was also in the Kowloon Hotel... ah, well...

In Kowloon Hotel carefully tapping out e-mail on small noisy
keyboard, thanking my lucky stars that this hotel is clued enough
to provide free Internet access in the room. Or at least I hope
it's free. ^_^

Spent last half hour typing nice long post in my old blogger
account, only to find out that Netscape Navigator 4.0 isn't
really supported. Blogger crashes and burns horribly
_after_ you hit the Post button, which is _so_ not fun.
LiveJournal won't let me create an account, and jroller doesn't
even want to load. Am in Javascript hell.

Still, Internet access is Internet access. Am absolutely
grateful to Jijo and company for . Would be
lost without horde, the groupware system that actually
works without a hitch.

Have had very little sleep. Stayed up late finalizing party
plans and feeling guilty over last-minute invitations. Left
contact information with the house so that they can follow up
with people who haven't confirmed yet. Hope everything works
out on that end, as am looking forward to party this Saturday.

Napped on plane to Hong Kong. Am close to perfecting fine art
of sleeping while standing up, although neck still somewhat stiff.
Flight too short for movies. Pity. Long-haul flights have
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; would not have minded watching
that again, perhaps.

Snagged a couple of Japanese-language information kits from airport.
Don't have my dictionary at the moment, but katakana and hiragana
fun to read. Brochures keep saying "Shopping". ("Shoppingu", to be precise.)
This is Hong Kong, after all.

Dropped luggage off at hotel and headed straight to Wanko. Spent
rest of morning picking out suits. Have around four sets now.
Nice. Professional. ;) Saleslady very enthusiastic. Managed to
talk us into getting another dress, although still have to find
some kind of beige sweater to match it.

Had lunch at Oliver's Super Sandwiches. Baked potato okay, but
not spectacular. Next time, will get triple-cheese hotdog
instead, as seems better value. Actually, will try to swing
for McDonalds instead, as is much better value. For some definition
of value; we're talking about McDonalds, after all.

Picked up a few tops from other stores. Will go back and check
other stores out after short nap. Seem to have forgotten about
need for short nap due to unexpected Internet access in
room. Priorities, priorities.

Weird computer. Suspect it's Win 3.11 based. Classic widgets.
Vaguely remember using Netscape Navigator on Win 3.11 (together
with Trumpet Winsock) to surf long long time ago. Miss Mozilla.
Miss Firefox. Oh well.

Know any blogging engine that supports NS4? Waah.

At least I can still browse most websites.

Will write again soon.

- Sacha

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