Tuesday, August 10, 2004

.:Doc Gus:.

Dr. Rodriguez is officially my favorite professor this semester, with his sheer dynamism and sense of humor. When we were talking about Socrates in class, I ended up suggesting that if they really wanted to get him out of prison, they could’ve kidnapped him instead. I’m sure he couldn’t have put up much of a fight…

Then, in the department, while we were having ice cream (Choco Crinkles and Coffee Crumble! Yay.), he started talking about how Heidegger’s metaphysics was a dead end so long as Dr. Barbazza wasn’t in the vicinity. If he were, then it’s no longer a dead end: it’s a possibility. Joy and JC were having problems reviewing, and then when I asked them about Metaphysics…

Joy: Oh? Well, Fr. Que’s metaphysics is good…

Dr. Gus: So you’re saying that Mr. Callassanz doesn’t teach Metaphysics well? I’ll let him know… *pretends to call out to Mr. Callassanz* Hoy, taba!!!

A while later, they started talking to sir Jomel about the new cute girl in the ORP, and how it’s time they started going there more often. Doc Gus then thought that if this were the case, then they should’ve taken the new girl instead of sir Jomel as the other secretary of the Philosophy department… heh. Pretty funny stuff.

Conversations about getting people drunk also abounded… oh, well.

.:It’s A Kind Of Magic:.

After hanging out in the department for a while, I headed off to Ayala to meet up with Sacha as I wanted to talk to her about some things that I needed to get off my chest already, as it was just becoming too much for me to handle on my own. I stayed in Neutral Grounds while waiting for her, and I got a lot of the cards I needed for my deck. Blue cards, in fact, for my new deck concept… I just need four copies of Smokestack, though.

So I was getting a bunch of cards here and there, and then soon enough Sacha arrived in Neutral Grounds, and I just threw my game against some guy already as Sach seemed to be in a hurry. We headed off to National Bookstore to buy her ribbon for her party invitations.

I had to ask her to ignore me during my moments of weakness, knowing all too well that I’d be setting myself up for the fall if she entertained me at that point, and she understood. I’m glad she did. It’s too difficult to explain.

She’s a great friend, pretty, affectionate, and brilliant. I’m sure she’d make someone happy as someone’s girlfriend, but It’s more than good enough that she makes me very happy as her friend. I really have no right to ask for anything more than that.

I voiced out my promise to her, and put it on the record: I will be around for her in a Platonic capacity when she starts trying to get into relationships. I know things won’t be perfect for her, and the only thing that I can promise her is that I’d be there for her. I’m glad she appreciated it.

In the end, we worked things out, and she suddenly got a call for an emergency poi session in Roxas Boulevard for a video audition. We headed off to Park Square to buy some tapes, and then she relented…

.:Fire Emergency:.

So Sacha and I were picked up by Kathy and her mom to have an emergency poi session for a video to submit to an audition. We had fun in Roxas, though the kids there were annoying than usual. I was just a bit miffed, though, since they apparently didn’t get to record my part, to think it was a relatively good set that I had… oh, well. That can’t be helped.

I liked Sacha’s mom’s comment about wanting to know what her children are up to, and supporting it so long as it’s not illegal or immoral… it was a very nice perspective on things.

In any case, the poi session last night was great. I guess I could use some more work on stuff, but it was funny when Sacha lent us black shirts, and I ended up wearing an “Open Source” shirt, which looked weird on this non-geek…

But… but… Bill Gates is my god!

That comment made Sacha raise her eyebrows… heh.

Now, if she lent me a pair of pants, I could officially say that… draw your own conclusions, jabronis.


I’ve been improving my rapport with George today. We had a lot of fun plugging the poi thing again, and I’m pretty sure that things are going to be going fine from this point on, as far as my show with her goes. I suppose I have to cut down on chatting, though, as it helped me keep focused all throughout the show, as I noticed. I have to keep that fact in mind… ah, well.

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