Saturday, August 21, 2004

.:Finally, Pictures Again...:.

The conniving duo...

It's Bollywood gone wrong...

.:Role Reversal:.

Anyways, I was in all black (As I usually am now when it comes to spinning.), and the people at the Philosophy department noticed it. While I was going online, Dr. Gus asked me to take over for his class for a few minutes and lead the class into discussing the Phaedo among themselves for a bit. It was actually fun in that I managed to do a bit of Dr. Rodriguez impressions and all, but overall, I was glad that it went along smoothly. I'm feeling more and more confident about my chances of eventually really making a career out of teaching...

Mr. Bulaong's been bugging me again about “playing with fire”, though, and a couple of people have been giving me sensible things to intellectually munch upon in the meantime, and as such, my gratitude goes out to Markpoa, Madame Jess, and Kathy for that...

.:Spinning Around:.

As the stage area in Eastwood was fairly occupied due to some San Miguel Beer event later on in the night or something, we had to make do with a slightly smaller but more people-frequented area in front of the cluster of restaurants and cafes by the walkway. I got there a bit late, but I didn't really miss much, as the only people there were Kathy, Krisette, and Dominique (Herbz followed later on in the night...). My sticking around Hobby Haven that afternoon and coming across two copies of Orim's Chant more than makes up for it, apparently... now, I only need to find two copies of Wrath of God, one copy of Lightning Greaves, one copy of Feldon's Cane, and I'll be all set for my experimental pure White control deck.

Still, I was exceedingly happy that I've been able to do some pretty good runs with the poi, even though the drizzle and dwindling supply of fuel got the best of us in the end. As usual, Kathy was wearing her favorite pair of shoes that always seem to invite the rain to come around. Defiant as she was, she went ahead and danced under the rain for a while, anyway, her severe sickness notwithstanding. Love for the business, I swear... but hey, it works for me as well.

I've been somewhat bonding with Krisette and Dominique through the Philosophical stuff I was poring over last night, as I was clearly devoting my time in between sets to reading the Phaedo more closely, and I was struck by the brilliance of Socrates' argumentation on why the soul should be immortal, given certain assumptions. It was amazing how he came across it: assuming (I bypass his proofs, but he did give proofs for it, anyways.) that the soul is that which is needed to bring one's body to life, then we can say that the soul brings life. Now, any absolute cannot possibly become its opposite: something that is absolutely even cannot be absolutely odd.

Even then, it is not necessitated that one must be another's opposite for it to become impossible to admit the other. For instance, the absolute three is not the opposite of the absolute even, yet as the absolute three carries with it the absolute odd, then it still cannot ever be even.

With that in mind, the soul carries with it life. The opposite of life is death. If absolute life can never succumb to death, then the soul, being the carrier of life, cannot succumb to death, either. Ergo, the soul must be immortal.

After munching on that food for thought, I got a bit daring with my spinning, doing neck (!) wraps while the poi was on fire several times, all the while taking the utmost care not to botch it up and tangle the poi around my neck while it's on fire. Oh, well. I'm glad it worked out well, though I'd fairly admit that I was a bit dismayed that I botched up a certain round at one point, as the poi simply flew out of my hands. Must make sure to be more careful about stuff like that next time... could've gotten me into trouble if I were a bit more unfortunate.

Nonetheless, tonight was a good night, and I'm grateful that I'm beginning to get into the groove of things, not merely with the spinning, but more so the people I spin with. Kathy and I sort of see eye to eye on the intimidation hypothesis about her, and Krisette, well, she's a bloody intellectual, arguably even more diligent than I am (And she praised my diligence? Ha!), given her career path of teaching Grade School. She should really not forget to wear a beanie when she spins, though. Her hair got scorched a bit at one point.

Must remember that wearing that wraparound beanie makes me look less like Scott Steiner in chain mail than it makes me look like a Muslim woman. And I don't mean that derogatorily... except for the fact that I'm not supposed to look like a woman to begin with... they had a good laugh at it for th emost part, though.

We've ended up with a nice tagline for anything we might be doing out of the ordinary at this point... “It's 2004. We don't judge.” Nice catch-all statement, whether it be about preferences, approaches, or appeal. Kathy intimidated this guy in Seattle's Best, though... off-hand comment... heh.

I'm glad, really. Things have been going rather well, although my literary output has taken a backseat in favor of my academic output. It's about time I did that...

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