Saturday, August 07, 2004

.:As Expected:.

... Sacha is officially going to Japan. As expected.

I’m happy for her. Really, I am.


My day was a slow one for the most part, as after classes, I just went online until I felt like going to Hobby Haven, where I played a bunch of Magic games. Soon enough, I ended up heading off to Sacha’s house in anticipation of going to Roxas Boulevard. Grace was a bit miffed over my accidentally answering her missed call, but it was all good.

So I got there around 6:15 in the evening, and I was a bit out of sorts, but otherwise fine. Sacha was trying to figure out what was up with me, and she was trying to find out why I was acting that way. I decided to shrug off the rest of the conversation, as I didn’t particularly want her to feel down and all. I appreciate that she’s worried and she cares, but I’ve gone through this before. It’s just a matter of time before I somehow manage to regain my bearings and move on with my life.

Dom lent me the Zsazsa Zaturnah comic book, and I finished it already. Kathy asked us to try her hot sauce over dinner, and while it was good, I didn’t quite find it a match with the food… Dominique liked the sauce a lot, though.

.:He’s On Fire!!!:.

It was my first go at lighting up last night, and despite some inevitable misses here and there, I managed to acquit myself well.

So I learned how to do the corkscrew last night as well, and I was running up quite a nice collection with the people at Roxas Boulevard. I was designated as the alms-solicitor while I wasn’t lighting up, and I think most of the audience got a kick out of me asking for money because “gasoline prices are going up”. As usual, the same people were there: Dom, Carl, Erick, Jo, Krizette, Sacha, Cathy, and Herbz. Grace showed up fairly late into the evening, but we still managed to teach her a few of the basic moves for spinning. It’s funny how she was starting off, as she was essentially having the same problems as I was having when I was starting: my off hand wasn’t capable of keeping up with my other hand…

I lit up a total of three times last night, and I must say that I enjoyed myself. I was fairly surprised that I did things right for the most part, and I was actually rather competent with the stuff I’ve been trying. I still can’t do the reverse weave or a genuine butterfly, but the tricks I’ve been managing have been quite good, for the most part. Not bad for a beginner such as myself.

Grace is a fast learner. She was doing the weave already by the end of the night, although she couldn’t keep it up for long enough…

.:The Ride:.

After the whole deal, we began planning what we could be doing beyond this once we’ve managed to train well enough. The moment we’re qualified, it appears we’ll be literally going places, what with Singapore as part of the most immediate plans (Sometime in November.)… I’m particularly overjoyed, given that prospect.

However, I noticed that Sacha was rather perturbed that evening. I could tell when she’s putting on a smile for the sake of pretenses, and last night, if her smile got any weaker, Pee Wee Herman would become the Incredible Hulk. There seemed to be something off with her, and on the way out, I told her that I may be wrong in my assumption, but she seemed a bit sad. I hoped she would be fine, and as if to confirm my assumption, she said that it wasn’t about me. That’s irrelevant to the point. I just hope she works things out soon enough.

On the way home, Grace and I boarded a taxi with Jo, Carl, and Erick. Erick was wondering why Grace wouldn’t sit on my lap so that the taxi wouldn’t get too cramped, and then I offered to let him sit on my lap instead. He then started to pretend being gay, and sang along to some Toto love song playing in the radio while holding my arm. Even I got freaked out, and that’s saying a lot. We then started joking around with Love Radio, as I told Jo that he could try and work for them, as they always seem to have an opening, anyway. That was funny…

We’ll be doing this again tomorrow, this time in Eastwood. And starting next week, we’ll be doing all this only at Eastwood…

a Freeverse by Marcelle T. Fabie

When your heart skips a beat at her very sight
It’s a rush of emotions that envelops your being
When you toss and turn, thinking of her at night
The feelings swamp you; intoxicate you completely
Joy. Excitement. Affection. Infatuation. Obsession
Perhaps even just the slightest hint of Lust.
Afford yourself the luxury of feeling this way
Falling in love doesn’t always happen to people

It’s an emotional high that makes your heart smile
Each waking moment spent thinking about her
Each sleeping moment spent dreaming about her
O, you deserve it: everyone deserves to be loved
Everyone needs someone, even just for a while
So relish the moment! Don’t forget how it all feels
You’d be surprised how fleeting all of this is in the end

Revel, my friend: in falling in love, revel
It’s a feeling that won’t last, no matter how novel
Falling in love is far from true love, after all
Once the high is over, you snap back to reality
For a glorious while, you deluded yourself perfectly

Isang Tula ni Marcelle T. Fabie

Dumating na rin ang takdang panahon
Na ang ating mga landas ay magkakahiwalay
Ngunit kung nais ng tadhana’y di rin maglalaon
Na malalampasan din natin itong matinding lumbay

Hindi ko akalaing ganito na lamang nagtatapos
Ang paglikha ng mga ala-ala ng pagsasama natin
Nabali ang kasunduan; Katwira’y naghikahos
Kinasusuklaman ang nababatid sa salamin

Paalam sa iyo. Ito na ang katapusan
Ng isang samahang di-mapapantayan

Hindi ko maaaring kalimutan lahat ng nagdaan
Masakit ang paghihiwalay ng iisang diwa
Isang hagupit ng lagito; isang malalim na hiwa
Paano ba ang pagdadalmhati maaaring maibsan?

Paalam, Katwiran: nawa’y ang iyong tahakin
Ay mas maging maginhawa kaysa akin
Alam kong di magtatagal iyo ring lilimutin
Ang ngalan ko, ang iyong kaibigan, Damdamin

Paalam sa iyo. Ito na ang katapusan
Ng isang samahang di-mapapantayan

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