Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Lookie Here...


I treated my family to Wai Ying, a really good Chinese restaurant near Ongpin, last Sunday. Not bad. I guess I made everyone happy that day, as I really have been hoping to treat them to lunch or dinner ever since I got my first paychecks...

.:Given The Rub:.

I liked “Of Seers And Bards”. It had some brilliant moments. After a workshop, it would be ready for publication. Good luck!

Mr. Bulaong essentially told me that “Of Seers And Bards” wasn't such a bad poem, after all... I guess it's one of those times when I'm just “on” with how the words flow from one unto the other. To think this all stemmed from a simple controversial statement someone said before... and yeah, Mr. Bulaong's been ribbing me about the usual suspect again lately... something about someone in St. Luke's becoming really happy the moment she's gone...

.:How Grand!:.

Hi! =) This is my Swiss number. It's my 3rd day here, & I'm doing fine. Jacq & I just celebrated their National Day. It was fun. Just keep in touch when you can. Praying for you always. =)

I am soooo happy for Ma'am Sining. I guess I can't help but be amazed that she's now married (Or at least, soon to be married.), and staying in Switzerland for good. Of course, it's also fairly good that I didn't go through any drastic separation anxiety when she left... I guess there's a huge difference there.

Nonetheless, I suppose I can always keep in touch with her whenever the opportunity presents itself. She's been such a great friend and teacher to me over the past three years, so while I know I'd miss her, she's always just an e-mail away...

Thank you very much, Ma'am Sining. You made life just a bit smoother for me, and that effort makes a whole world of difference.

.:More Gratitude:.

Cyril, thank you for the e-mail. I realize it’s not always easy to recount what I indirectly asked you to recount, but it meant a lot to me. I have an inkling where I ought to go from here. Thank you.

.:How Imeldific:.

So Grace and I met up last night to watch “Imelda”, which, being a documentary, will not get my usual review. It was fun, though, because this time around, I wasn't doing so miserably at King of Fighters In fact, I was acquitting myself quite well, as I was having a couple of wins here and there, and apparently, I discovered that Malin's super combo can hit an incoming tagged in opponent dead on. I must say that it's pretty good that I managed to do well this time around...

In any case, Grace and I caught the 7:00 show for Imelda, and while we stared at the screen in utter disbelief at how successful Imelda has been in deluding herself, we still realized that this documentary really was a good one. The people giving their points of view were valid and qualified people who knew what they were talking about, so the documentary wasn't the least bit one-sided, as people like Bongbong Marcos and Imee Marcos made their respective commentaries in the documentary, which saw them espousing valid points that, if seen through unbiased eyes, shed some light on who Imelda Marcos really was.

I liked the film, and was laughing my head off at the scene Dominique pointed out, that of the “Seven Portals to Peace and Order”. What made it amusing was that she espoused a grand total of nine portals, labeled the last one as ten, and then tried to connect computers with God's creation because of the Apple. That scene was one for the books, and so was the “peace sign”, where she mistakenly said that an upright heart shape and an upside-down heart shape put together would produce the peace sign... ah, well.

Grace enjoyed the film herself. It's just a bit hard to believe how Imelda has managed to make herself believe all of her malarkey. It was simply as though she felt justified in all she did, and she believed that beauty was ample excuse for her sheer and mystifying vanity and narcissism. And here I thought I was egotistical.

I cannot bring myself to wish a fate more ill than that which Imelda is already going through: a life of illusion and delusion, where she truly believes in her own innocence, and refuses to acknowledge the faults of her family in the past and even in the present. As it stands, what she is going through is punishment enough in and by itself, notwithstanding her obscene richness and extravagance.

And yes, this is coming from a person who is related to Ninoy Aquino...

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