Monday, August 02, 2004



Just lyrics... but I'm getting there...

by Sugarfree

O, wag kang tumingin ng ganyan sa akin
'Wag mo akong kulitin, 'wag mo akong tanungin
Dahil katulad mo, ako rin ay nagbago
'Di na tayo tulad ng dati, kay bilis ng sandali

O, kay tagal kitang minahal
O, kay tagal kitang minahal

Kung iisipin mo, 'di naman dati ganito
Teka muna, teka lang, kelan tayo nailing?
Kung iisipin mo, 'di naman dati ganito
Kay bilis kasi ng buhay, pati tayo natangay

(Repeat CHORUS)

Tinatawag kita sinusuyo kita
'Di mo man marinig, 'di mo man madama

O kay tagal kitang mamahalin
O kay tagal kitang mamahalin...

.:I, Delinquent:.

You guessed it. I'm no longer reviewing “I, Robot”, as I feel too lazy to do it by now. Suffice it to say that I would've given it a B+ had I gotten around to reviewing it. I loved the film, but it's far too rehashed for my tastes. I could almost swear that I've seen the entirety of that movie scattered over various robot-human takeover films... ah, well. I was more concerned with something beyond the film at the time, anyways...


Doc Leo and Fr. Ferriols were on the road last night, and they tried to look for my radio station to hopefully catch me on air. While it would've been impossible for them to catch me on air at such a time and day, I was still flattered that two prominent figures in the Philosophy department would bother to check up on this fledgling little Graduate Assistant of theirs... heh.


I wish Grace went to Eastwood with me last Saturday night, but she needed to review for her tests today. In any case, we managed to meet up in Greenhills where I had a RAW Deal tournament. It was fun there because my players all had rather interesting decks during the whole tournament. I was fairly impressed with the decks they had, considering how amusing some of the builds were, particularly the Matt Hardy deck.

Grace was gorgeous last Saturday, but she was rather tired, so I didn't try to do much for her, and instead let her try and catch some much needed nap-time. I was still glad that we managed to spend some time, though...

Soon enough, I decided against going to Medical City to meet my grandmother as the time was too late, and I was certain it would take me more than a mere fifteen minutes to complete that visit. After some time and some talking, Grace then went home while I took a taxi to Eastwood, where I was about to run into some very interesting things...

Considering that Grace was the one I was with for quite a while during that Blue Moon night, I'd like to think that means she's the one for whom the superstition pertains this time... that'd really be nice. =)


Eden was in Eastwood last night, walking with who seemed to be her boyfriend, as they were holding hands when I saw them. Good for her. Ah, well. I was lucky that the fire dancers weren't too difficult to find that night, as they were already lighting up when I got there. The roll call: Mr. and Mrs. Chua, Kathy, Sacha, Kathy's friend, Jeff, Jayca (I hope I spelled that right.), Peppy, Carl, Ranulf, and Dominique. They ran into some sophomore Atenean in MIS who was talking about her problems in Computer Science, and she was taken aback to find out that the people twirling pois in the plaza area had some teachers in the roster... heh.

Peppy lit up for the first time that night, so I guess that was an achievement of sorts for him, as he has been practicing for quite a while already. He hit himself a couple of times, but at least, he didn't set himself on fire or anything.

Now that I think about it, everyone who was spinning lit up that night, except myself, of course. Am I glad that the time Sacha hit me that night, she was just using the practice pois...

I guess the moment I light up for the pois (That might be next week.), I'd start hearing people call me a “flaming faggot”? Ha. If they only knew...

.:The Blue Moon Again:.

Marcelle: Do you know the superstition regarding the blue moon?

Dominique: No. Not really. What is it?

Marcelle: They say that you'd be together forever with the person you're with that night...

Dominique promptly moves himself beside Sacha, as Carl was already behind her, anyway (And I assume he didn't hear me mention the blue moon superstition.). I thought I wasn't beside anyone, so no biggie, but then, I turned to my left...

Marcelle: Stay away from me, Ranulf.

Ranulf: I was thinking the same thing... *moves away*

That was funny...

.:Humiliation, And The Saving Grace:.

So there I was, just practicing some more with the pois, in hopes of actually doing the weave, while the collection box started to fill up a bit with donations from people. Kathy felt it would be very expeditious if some guys decided to act as shills a few minutes before each performance and make the rounds of Eastwood, announcing the next fire dancing session. The first time around, it was a triumvirate composed of Carl, Ranulf, and Sacha. Then someone decided to point out that I'm used to addressing lots of people because of my work, and so they asked me to be a barker for them...

Yes, it was embarrassing walking around Eastwood and calling people's attention to myself as I told them a bit about fire dancing and how they'd have a chance to catch it all by going to the Plaza area within fifteen minutes or so... Gak.

After all that, I think I managed to redeem myself at one point while I was practicing... I was doing a largely unsuccessful weave, and then I decided to put my wrists together while doing it, and then all of a sudden, the whole thing flowed naturally! I don't know what happened there, but it was simply amazing how that happened... it's almost like the Dance Maniax thing that afternoon for me, as I was practically murdered by Cross Lanes Mode on stage one... but then, I guess all I'd need is to get into the rhythm of things.

Kathy was applauding me when I finally managed to do the weave, and so were all the other people who remotely knew how to do it: Peppy, Kathy's friend, Jeff, and Sacha. Oh, well. Not bad, considering how it was only my second serious night at it... I can't wait to do the fire staff, though...

.:Food Funnies:.

Peppy had an interesting story about how some of his friends played a nasty trick on A&W some time ago. Ah, well. I should leave it to him to tell it, though...

.:One On One:.

So Carl wanted to ask me something, and he was waiting for the chance to. We managed to go to a comfort room to wash our hands after the whole poi thing, as our hands were rather dirty from trying to detach the wicks on the poi chains (The ones that were actually lit up...)...

Carl: So Marcelle, are we alone now?

Marcelle: That sounded so wrong, but yes we are.

And then after a while, I shot him a poignant question, while we were talking there after having washed our hands...

Marcelle: So categorically, what do you think?

Carl: Categorically, I 'd have to say... ::Dominique enters the comfort room::

Marcelle and Carl: Bwahahahahaha!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!

Dom's timing was just perfect. I'm sure he got lost there, though...

In any case, I'm glad Carl has been candid enough with me lately. It's good to eliminate ambiguities for the most part...

.:Tick, Tock, Tick Tock:.

Now, it kicks into high gear.

It feels weird to know that there’s no chance I’d run into her in school anymore starting today…

Tick, tock, tick, tock, Marcelle. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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