Wednesday, August 18, 2004

.:Disclaimer Revisited:.

This is my weblog. Public? Yes. Personal still? Definitely. As long as I avoid slandering people outright, my discretion usually tells me what should and should not go into this weblog. If you feel that I invade your privacy so, if you wish me to avoid mentioning something we talked about, feel free to tell me “off the record”, and I will gladly leave it out of here. Otherwise, I leave it up to my discretion what is and what isn't fair game for my daily recollection.

Yes, I am human, and my discretion is prone to error at times. Nonetheless, let this serve as disclaimer enough to people who have decided to read up on my blog, especially the archives.

.:Yellow Cab:.

Funny stuff happened there yesterday... really funny stuff... I guess I should realize when I'm invited and when I'm gatecrashing, and know the difference well enough... heh.


Sach is probably in Hong Kong by the time I upload this. I hope she'd have a safe trip and she'd enjoy herself. Same goes for Mrs. Chua. I also hope she works out that lingering thorn in her side… I understand her consternation over it…

.:Sinking In:.

After class, I headed to the library to settle some problems I needed to work out, and then proceeded to Hobby Haven, where I discovered a fun new game called “Guillotine”. Rules questions abounded once again, and it was clear that Wizards of the Coast refuses to make a simple game... oh well.

Then, Peppy and I headed off to AdPhoto for that Overdrive recording thing of the fire spinning routine. Kathy was rather under the weather, so there was a bit of a problem there. She kept on lamenting how she wanted to just die already, because “what does not kill you makes you wish you were dead”. More amusingly, the bulk of the interview was being conducted in Filipino, so I had to stand as the de facto spokesperson, since I was the most bilingual in the group... or at least, the most talkative bilingual in the group... heh. No need to put myself over too much, I guess.

In any case, the routines we were up to were quite fun to do. I was doing a single poi routine with my back bent over, as though I were staggering drunk, and it actually looked professional. My wraps were fairly okay, but one of the neck wraps got botched, and Mr. Chua (Yes, I know his first name, but I'm still more comfortable calling him Mr. Chua.) was telling me that I should get a turtleneck next time I try those wraps...

The attendance was relatively low. Only Carl added to the original count of the usual suspects, as while Dominique showed up, he also left shortly afterwards. He didn't even get to Roxas, where the Overdrive staff was interviewing us and all. The questions were all rather interesting, and they let one of the hosts light up after some practice. I remembered that there were some blogworthy commentaries throughout the night, but I don't remember most of them exactly. For the most part, things aren't so bad, though, really.


Without naming names... One! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Two! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

The last thing one should do is to say something potentially explosive about someone to another person who will more likely than not tell this person about such a comment... oh, well.

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