Saturday, August 28, 2004


Please don't take me *too* seriously about this...

Mahirap Talaga Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba
by Apo Hiking Society

Mahirap talagang magmahal ng syota ng iba
Hindi mo mabisita kahit na okey sa kanya
Mahirap, o mahirap talaga
Maghanap na lang kaya ng iba

Ngunit kapag aking makita ang kanyang mga mata
Nawawala ang aking pagkadismaya
Sige lang, sugod lang, o bahala na
Bahala na kung magkabistuhan pa

I-dial mo ang number sa telepono
Huwag mong ibigay ang tunay na pangalan mo
Pag nakausap mo s'ya sasabihin sa 'yo
Tumawag ka mamaya nandito'ng syota ko

Mahirap talaga ang magmahal ng syota ng iba
O sakit ng ulo, maniwala ka,
Ngunit kahit ano pa'ng sabihin nila
Iwanan siya'y di ko magagawa

Mahirap humanap ng iba
O sakit ng ulo maniwala ka,
Ngunit kahit ano pa'ng sabihin nila
Iwanan s'ya'y di ko magagawa

Iwanan s'ya'y di ko magagawa
Iwanan s'ya'y di ko magagawa

.:Finally, Friday:.

And so there I was, just typing out a good chunk of my Heraclitus paper for Ancient Philosophy class when I discovered that Fr. David’s introductory class was actually going to be at 6 in the evening, which meant I couldn’t go there unless I missed out on going to Eastwood for my fire dancing bit. It’s quite apparent that I had to prioritize my fire spinning, so I just hung around Hobby Haven until Peppy and I finally left, and I had a few very fun games of Magic there. Needless to say, I was immensely pleased that I finally managed to defeat a Trinistax deck, simply by putting my Memory Jar + Megrim combo to good use. Oh, well.

At one point, while playing with Miguel’s Trinistax deck, we had this conversation…

Marcelle: Kailangan ko pa rin ng Strip Mine!

Miguel: Ano ka ba? Maghanap ka lang sa tabi-tabi diyan! May nagbebenta niyan ng singkuwenta pesos lang sa tabi-tabi!

Guy to my right: Naghahanap ka ba ng Strip Mine? Meron ako! 50 pesos lang!

Marcelle: Sa tabi-tabi nga!

.:Before Getting Spindizzy:.

While I was at Peppy’s house, I was finally introduced to his mom and his sisters. They were nice, for the most part. In fact his mom was fairly knowledgeable about the status of Ateneo Graduate school, as it seemed she took up graduate studies herself (W-ell… she does teach in Assumption…). Conversations were fairly funny, ranging from weird family members to Anton Sevilla’s plan of world domination… or at least, not having sex with his friends’ daughters who end up being his students while they’re his students.

Soon enough, we got there, and then I realized there were only a few people that night. There was Dominique, Kathy, Krisette, and Ching (Later on, John, her husband, showed up.). The full attendance at the end of the night added Carl, Herbz, and Erick to the list. Otherwise, not much that night. Spinning went a bit slower, though, as it was clear that things were running late and all, so we started spinning at almost nine. In any case, Krisette was laughing at me as she kept on glancing in a certain direction...

So there we were, spinning, and I was doing picture-perfect neck wraps already. I think Peppy managed to catch the neck wraps on video. That’s good… heh. For the most part, we were just joking around, and the stuff I’ve been hearing about Kathy’s interesting forays into life have been rather amusing. I suppose she’s suddenly decided to up her intimidation factor to further thin out the list of potential worthies… heh. Good for her. She’s not they type who milks people for fun, and is looking for something made of stronger stuff than that. Although “wasting one’s time” is not really my way of evaluating it…

At one point, while performing, I had to do dj duties again, and announced a couple of things for the most part. It was amusing, and the really fun part of the whole deal came along when Ching approached me (!) and told me that one of my former blockmates was actually watching me spin. The introduction from Hades® still has its lasting traumatic effects, though...

Pardon the seemingly racist dialogue. I’m more referring to the blockmate, not everyone in general.

Marcelle: So this blockmate of mine… was she fair-skinned?

Ching: Yeah, I think so.

Marcelle: Was she Chinese? Because if she’s not, I really shouldn’t bother much.

Ching: Well, she was with someone, if that’s what you were wondering.

Marcelle: That never stopped anyone.

Peppy: *Said something out of earshot*

Marcelle: But still… ::teacher mode:: hello there, Ms. Tan. Do you have a boyfriend?

Peppy: *cute Chinese student mode* Uh… no, sir.

Marcelle: ::still in teacher mode:: Plus points for you! ::winks, and does the gun finger click sign::

I wonder who that was… oh, well. In any case, the weather was cooperative, so we managed to do our sets fairly well enough, although I scuffed my face a couple of times by getting hit with the poi. Nothing serious, though.

At the end of the night, Krisette was singing “You’re The Inspiration” to me, with regard to her catching wind of something (You know what I mean.), even though the original no longer stands.

Carl, on the other hand, was giving me sound advice on how to look at my so-called privileged status. I guess it’s really a matter of seeing how the other party values things, and as such, my manner of valuation may be radically different from the other’s, but that doesn’t mean that one is entirely as good as the other, i.e. X does not always stand for just anyone in general. Or if it did, I guess not all people can be humanists or existentialists who believe less in the sum of the parts than in the entirety of one’s being. But that’s just me.

At least, given my non-serious attraction, I manage to take my mind off more *serious* attractions in the meantime... here's hoping that I don't get shot one of these days... heh.


Wow. Research class was actually fun… I’ll just do quotable quotes here…

Dr. Barbazza: So, this is how we should indent our footnotes. We should format them just like the body text.

Marcelle: ::dawn of realization:: Ohhhhhhhhh!!!

Dr. Barbazza: Ohhhhhhhh… that’s in Turabian! Read your book!

Boy, that was beeyatchy… but then, I had a comeback of sorts… not in his direction, though.

Dr. Barbazza: So… what’s wrong with this sentence? "Driving along the road, the distant mountain loomed over us."

Marcelle: It’s a dangling modifier. The mountain wasn’t driving now, was it?

Dr. Barbazza: Correct. So how do we correct this sentence?

Marcelle: "Driving along the road, we loomed over the distant mountain."

Here’s something that’s even more asinine…

Dr. Barbazza: So, do we use he or she when referring to a general pronoun like a student? Or do we just stick to one pronoun consistently?

Marcelle: Sir, we could just put a footnote after each he that we use, and just indicate “or she” in each footnote…

Now that’s what I call shortcutting stuff…

And I never even knew that “thusly” was not a word, either. I will thusly no longer use it in my writing, irregardless of how often I used to rely on the term. Bwehehehe.

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