Monday, August 02, 2004

Just Emotions...


by the Bee Gees

It’s over and done
But the heartache lives on inside
And who is the one your clinging to instead of me tonite

And where are you now
Now that I need you
Tears on my pillow
Wherever you go
Cry me a river that leads to your oceans
You’ll never see me fall apart

In the words of a broken heart it’s just emotions
Taking me over
Tied up in sorrows
Lost in my soul
And if you don’t come back
Come home to me darlin’
You know there’ll be no body left in this world to hold me tight
No body left in this world to kiss goodnight
Goodnight goodnight goodnight

I’m here at your side
Apart of all the things you are
And you never thought of some one else
Your gonna find you shining star

Repeat bridge

Chorus x3 to fade

.:Think! Think! Think! Feel! Feel! Feel!:.
A Freeverse by Marcelle T. Fabie

You are because you think
Not at all because you feel
Emotions? Bah, they are for the weak
Do not be swayed by such fleeting sensations
Much to your consternation
You would be misleading yourself
To be deluded that you're worth far more
Than you should be given credit for

Forget your illusions of grandeur
It's not going to get you anywhere, anyway
Think! Put your mind into it just for today
Realize that how you feel is nothing
Compared to what your mind tells you
Emotions are illusory: pure reason is the way
Stop acting like you believe otherwise
Because you know. Oh, how you know!
It's all a matter of remembering that you do

You search for something far more stable
Than mere feelings and mere emotions
You look for something far more reliable
Yet you keep on wallowing in the temporal
You forget what it means to think clearly
"It's not rational", you tell yourself
And so you reject what stares you in the eye
"One is as good as the other"
Famous last words, lies to the self smolder

Perhaps the mind is such a powerful thing
But the heart clearly dominates
You will yourself to think this or that
Yet feelings come despite willing otherwise
Foolish little prattle trying to lock it up
Inside of you? What can you contain?
Give it up! It's an exercise in futility
But then again, so is otherwise

Spit it out! Extricate it from your system
Or else the venom would eat you up inside
You treasure the mind over the heart
Yet ignore what truly makes you yourself
Is it the former, or is it the latter?
In the end, that is for you yo decide

So you walk wounded towards the end of days
The pain clouds your mind; your vision hazed
Make up your mind, or better yet
Make up your heart

It's okay to admit sometimes
That you truly are human

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